Uh oh, it's a dead rogue from Diablo 2 haha

Uh oh, it's a dead rogue from Diablo 2 haha

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For me it was the illustration in the game manual.

The art had those tendril thorns as the only things hiding the nipples and crotches of those demon rogues
What was some good shit

Wow, is that THE Dead Rogue from the hit Blizzard game, Diablo 2?

Is she okay haha

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RIP brave rogues haha

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Looks like this user has succumb to Diablo's will.

when I was 12 I used to be sad when I saw them because maybe if they were alive they would want to be my girlfriend

oops i misclicked silly me haha

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Always cool to know that she turned into Blood Raven

>Having thoughts like that
Learning disability?

'member when normal and healthy sexuality was celebrated in videos games?
i member.

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No, being a chad.

Diablo 2 is shit play Path of Exile

It has been 8 years user.

imagine doing that to someone and putting pp inside while still alive eww thats sick hahahah

oh no i keep dying i hope they leave my dead body alone haha

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it was different time

If D2 is shit then PoE is liquid diarrhea, take your fucking skillgems and useless passives and shove them right up your gaping, chinese owned ass.

you can keep your chink shit

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Why are dead girls sexual?

How does a corrupt rogue become corrupt

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t. bainlets who can't understand depth

at least post the superior one

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They knew what they were doing.

Thats hot

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Ha ha, wouldn't it be weird if you got turned on by those crow things the first time playing. That would be so embarrassing

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It lives on in indie and jp games

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>Corrupted Rogue
Would it consider rape?

[Missing image due to network-ban]

For that scene yeah
Unfortunately for the rest of the game no

I think this will be up your alley, user.


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>play hitman contracts
>get a massive boner killing hookers on the meat king level

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Why was Johnny Depp and Robert Z'Dar in Might and Magic 6?

Path of Exile is shit play the superior ARPG series that Demon's Souls started

Diablo 1 is the best Diablo game the rest are all fucking gay particle simulators

PoE has the depth of a puddle it's literally reskinned Asteroids, you're a rotating model in the middle of the screen that has to zap all the objects flying at you from offscreen before they touch you. There's only 1 build in the game, it's the spawn hitbox capsules as big and as numerous as possible in 1 click and every encounter boils down to this.

Loot games like PoE's level are the true cancer of the gaming world, at least shit like those poker machine games knows what it is and so do the people playing them.

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Women are for loving and cuddling. Rynoa is for degenerates.

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it took me a bit to realize what kind of thread this is and i dont appreciate it guys

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FACT: Modern diablo 3 > diablo 2

That spike is brutal

You're wrong, but you do you.

>tfw slaying those slutty undead rogues as a 9 year old just to hear them moan in agony got my little weewee hard

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