I can buy only one. Any thoughts?

I can buy only one. Any thoughts?

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AC: Origins.

AC Origins is a finished game

if you don't already know I'm not gonna tell you


MGSV, very obviously.

Buy a better game, faggot.

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keep saying it

WE obviously

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If you haven't played any other MGS, then go with V. You won't know what you're missing

buy factorio

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Mgs v


starcraft II is on salr rn, just saying

Both games are based on cheap gameplay loops, but I guess, even with not finished story, mgs has somewhat good game design in comparisson, unless you are interesting in compulsive item gathering, which makes you totally a big fag

AC:O will give you 2 days, mayne a week of fun
MGSV will give you maybe 2 weeks, perhaps a month of fun
SCII will keep you entertained for a fucking decade

trannies wish they had the mental capacity to play factorio

not on steem

MGSV is boring as fuck
AC Origins supports Ubisoft


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keep sneeding it

so fucking what


Pirate both

show flag

Buy MGSV if you enjoy the series or like stealth games. The versatility of the gunplay and the way you can approach levels is fun but people aren't lying when they say the story is nonexistent. It feels like there parts of the game are missing and it overall feels really hollow compared to prior entries. Buy AC origins if you like egypt and climbing shit i guess?

I actually just pirated Origins and its pretty great.
Dont buy Phantom Pain cuz I think the money is going only for Konami and they dont deserve it.

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>starcraft II
Shit game, fuck off.

That's what I thought too. Where I lived. Most of Konami games where exclusive to Console which is crap.

assassins creed origins if you are a tranny

if youve played literally any ubisoft game in the past 10 years, youve already played origins. MGSV is okay, but you could do better.
Just save your money for the summer sale when theres actual games for sale

Get Metal Gear Rising.