Let's have a thread for fighting games made in the Z-engine

Let's have a thread for fighting games made in the Z-engine
You know, Skullgirls, others
They're worth discussing, maybe there's some news or something

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Mike Z gave me constructive criticism so it's automatically shit

I heard there's gonna be a new character in the mobile game

I just bought skullgirls while it was on sale for $2.99. What am I in for?

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>other Z-engine game
>Leaves Early Access
>No sale

I refuse to use discord. have they mentioned a sale anytime soon?

a fighting game with some fanservice but not as much as it had on release

If anyone has a key for the OTHER game, please email it to me at [email protected] I'd really like to try the game now that it's finished.

Huh, I thought I'd heard that but now I can't find anything about it, other than that Fukua came out last month. If that's what they were referring to that's pretty fucking weak, but I still think I remember hearing about a real new character and it getting confirmed it was going to end up in the real game too. Hmm.

Apparently they made some pretty significant netcode improvements somehow though, and it was already pretty great. And the improvements should be extended to other Z-engine fighting games as soon as they're fully stable.

Pretty solid tag fighter, cool character designs, fairly easy basic gameplay but extremely complex and punishing top end. Single player is pretty weak, honestly the other fighting games in the same engine do a massively better job at single player/casual content.

I'd like to try Other Game but I feel like it's gonna be hard to talk about, here or elsewhere
documentation is gonna be a bitch

I tried OT’s story mode today. Was genuinely surprised at the difficulty, really enjoying it so far. I’m stuck on the second chapter’s final boss, but I don’t feel like giving up.

Documentation is actually pretty good, there's a mizuumi wiki page for the game with a decent basic overview of all the characters, system mechanics, move data and some beginner combos. Better than a lot of more niche anime games have. And the tutorial is solid.

Other than that it's mostly the thread on /mlp/ or the discord, at least that I've seen. The thread is pretty decent most of the time though. Better than the average /vg/ general, although that's not saying much.

That was actually pretty great
Only a couple things were a little past the line of fun bullshit into Too Bullshit Mountain area birds fuck off forever even on the highest difficulty with only shitty not-my-main Ari combos.
Humour was mostly on point, rarely cringe. Dialogue flows pretty well, never feels tiring to read or overstays its welcome.
Boss Fights are really neat. Most have one phase where it's a fairly normal fight, then a gimmick mode that forces you to learn the tricks but plays fair once you do, which is how I like fighting game bosses. More like a platformer boss fight at that point than a normal fighting game boss, which is good since fighting game boss fights are usually fucking garbage. These felt reasonably well balanced and I got a good sense of progression as I learned their stuff over a few attempts and never got stuck for long enough to get frustrated.
It was bigger than I was expecting, but not by much. There's enough stuff that I'm satisfied, I was definitely worried all the wait was going to be for like an hour of basic content. Still need to find at least one secret everywhere except the fog, and actual spoilers herebeat phase 3 Oli+Fred for real to see what that does.
If this was all their was I'd be pretty disappointed though, but if they really can do another 5 or 6 chapters on this level it will easily be the best single player ever put in a fighting game, nothing else would even come close. Here's hoping they're faster with the next release.

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Honestly, all the time and effort they put into story mode was absolutely worth it. The fun little tidbits you can find around each area, the collectable secrets, some really creative boss fights, and the goddamn fucking banger music. It's exciting to know that there's more coming.

How do I get into that game without evoking the pony-people?
Because it looks like a solid fighter.

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That email broke again so I'm using a new site now. [email protected]

Same as every other game
Buy game, play game, ignore fags
Honestly pony shit in general is basically dead now anyway


when is Skullgirls going to be $5 or less on switch
it's constantly on sale on steam and random sites but it's $25 on switch and hasn't gone on sale once

Try to not talk about MLP or any other MLP related game like this one.

Btw thanks for show me your pony shill thread, fag

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Imagine literally spending all day on /mlp/ because you hate ponies

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This ban is the most retarded thing this website has ever done, literally nothing of the current build relates to mlp. I guess we should just ban any game with horses now to /mlp/ just like any post that isn't a twatter or e-celeb post should be banned to /vg/?

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Boy, I sure do love skullgirls.

>People are still seething over a decade later
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I was playing west coast to southeast asia on the SG ggpo beta that recently came out. Smoother than most matches I've ever had in the same state in SF5, only one single time was there rollback that affected anything. The netplay is criminally good it should be on every fighting game.

I'm addicted to marecock. Oh, and Skullgirls is okay too I guess.

It's weird over there. Why do Bronies got to make everything so fucking weird?

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