So, which one?

So, which one?

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Full beard Bayek


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Origins was better.

>Protag on a more sympathetic revenge mission(being forced into killing your son by your own hand)
>Setting much better. Ancient Egypt setting was based as hell and exploring it was fun
>Odyssey VA for Male MC was fucking atrocious
>Odyssey dragged on way too long, and the world was way too big.

Bayek was based.

>finished origins
>couldn't finish odyssey
bayek is cooler

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Both are forgettable, but at least Alexios isn’t a cuck.


Just decide on what setting you like more. If you don't like the ancient aliens stuff go with origins, it's not that present.

I swear he looks like Papa Nier. Slap on that mask thing he has and you have Nier Replicant. Am I the only on seeing this?

Dunno, couldn't get to know Odyssey's character because I was to obusy grinding out multiple side missions and collection quests between each story quest.

Bayek. He's actually a well written character.

i try to get away from origins play odyssey and like alexious more, but i always end up going bayek

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Orgins is actually a an assassin creeds game

Odyssey is a greece simulator

Of those 2? Origins easily

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>playing assassins creed

Origins was better but would have been nice to have the skills and abilities from Odyssey. I finished Origins but couldnt finish Ody because it was just too damn big and boring.

>No More levels/duplicate loot items:
>No more superpowers/mythological god battles:

Social stealth is also coming back, shields are coming back, as well as expanded environmental stealth

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you know if you remove the sailing from ACIV you'd get a pretty boring and typical AC

>Fake kang vs MED BVLL

>you know, if you remove major component, it becomes less

Good thing it wasn't removed then.

They're both lootshit.

I wish the had removed the sailing. It was obvious the team didn't want to make a fucking AC game they just wanted a pirate ship sim.

If the new asscreed vikings is not anti Christian then I'll choose that hero over these noones

Sadly they're both pretty horrible people, but I'm pretty sure Bylek just wanted revenge. Aren't the assassins supposed to be heroes in Ass Creed?

>Aren't the assassins supposed to be heroes in Ass Creed?
lolno, they kill people for a living to advance their own goals, they're not "good"

i'm sure they'll shoehorn some shit in about hating the church and he was the only one against it in the end or some other retardation

Origins is so much better it's not even a contest. I hope Valhalla is good but I don't have much hope.

Did you not see the trailer? Christians are literally evil for defending their borders against marauding doctors and lawyers.

Yeah, but you have to play as a Viking so that makes it shit by default.

They kill hundreds of people in every game without thinking. They’re not heroes at all.

Faith has been restored.

Holy fuck this game is sounding based. Please ubisoft don't fuck this up like everything else you make.

Most AC games present the idea that neither the Templars nor the Assassins are heroes. They're both secret orders that are fucking up the world in their own ways.

Should I play Odyssey before origins?

No. Origins first. You will appreciate it more when you see how the next game butchered it

>>No More levels/duplicate loot items:
>Levels are no longer a thing. Your character is now measured by ‘power’ which is tied to the skill set of your character
wow sure doesn't sound like levels
>>No more superpowers/mythological god battles
>It’s heavily hinted that we’ll see Odin and potentially some other gods of Norse mythology in the game. An example given was Ratatoskr (a squirrel) that you’ll see in the game.
gives me the big hmm

They're literally making out that Viking were a bunch of dindus. They WUZ HONRUBLE AN SHEIT

The one that doesn't have a forced female protag-

Well I mean it is true that for the most part they were normal people and farmers. Just normal people and farmers who'd go on autismal murder and stealing sprees in far off shores.

... No? Are you retarded? There's an assassin in their midst, trying to be noble.

More like they try to, then they fuck it up by having templars be cartoonishly evil.

Well yes the mythology is still present but they say it'll be more subdued like in Origins. In that one you don't literally fight "real" Mythological beasts, rather they were in dream sequences and in Non-canon "Animus glitches"

Also the interview explains the character sees things and believes they are signs from the gods i.e. sees the Ravens in the tree and believes Odin is with them. So subtle almost hallucinatory stuff like that will be fitting.

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Depends on the game. AC3, as much as I hate it, had them be more reasonable than Connor. Same with AC1, Origins, Rogue, Black Flag too. The rest were Saturday morning cartoon villain tier though.

Sometimes i'm jealous of Muslims.
Not that i like their religions or anything, but contrary to us Chrisitans, they literally defend their religions like crazy, and mocking theirs get insane backlash, even terrorism (i don't approve that though)

Meanwhile, Christians can be called pedos, people can openly mock God or Jesus, and even players in sports hardly even show their pride in Christianity like the Muslim do…

Take for example our NT. Aside from Giroud who openly shows his Christianity (and got YET AGAIN criticized for it), who else is? i bet you Lloris, Pavard, Lucas, Varane etc... are all Atheists.
Meanwhile you got guys like Pogba, Sissoko, Kanté, Fekir etc... who literally shove their Islam on your face and get away with it… Why?

Why? Why can't we protect Christianism as the Muslims do?

both are for retards

Ok, so I'll play Odyssey First. That way I'm likely to enjoy it more as I don't have something better to compare it to.

Stop shilling this dogshit ubisoft, no one here plays your shitty "games".

so what you're saying is, you didn't lie, you just stretched the truth enough to fit the narrative on Yas Forums

whatever, they're paying you, its not enough.

>Orgins is actually a an assassin creeds game

>Odyssey is a greece simulator
Is that why it's actually a good game?
Asscreed is a garbage franchise, and Odyssey is the only one that has kept my attention to the end.
I'll probably play the next one too though because Vikings, and there will be more naval shit which is the best part of the last 3 games.

Your logic is backwards. Just play the good one first. If you enjoy it then Odyssey is still 80% the same, just with 20% more bullshit that will be easier to get through when you're accustomed to it.

Origins is also much shorter, like 40hrs vs Odyssey's 80+.

>to get the real ending you have to subject yourself to playing as a woman for 10+ hours.

>Ancient Egypt setting

It wasn't Ancient Egypt though.

Did you watch the trailer retard? The templar guy spent the first minute of it, saying how bad the Vikings were. Then going back to the Vikings perspective to say oh they aren't so bad

I don't know what you're talking about. There's a difference between fighting a literal Cyclops to open literal Atlantis for your immortal Grandpa -VS- A main character who is highly religious and simply sees what he wants to see. With a few dream sequences for good measure

The gameplay of fighting those bosses is present either way, sure, but context matters greatly in a game like this.