ITT: Gay characters done right

ITT: Gay characters done right.

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i mean im not gonna deny hes a good character but hes not "done right" just because he barely talks about it. let my man live.

i love my gay boyfriend!

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yeah sure but he was still a faggot about my alliances so I killed him but not because he likes cock

contrast this with the Fallout 4 method of making every character pansexual

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Quit your virtue signaling. ALL gay characters are pandering, no matter how well-written. Trump 2020, piss libtards off.

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everything done in videogames is pandering

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fun fact: in the early development chris avellone dm'd a party made up of the key designers of new vegas. arcade was the character josh sawyer generated, so he's pretty much his self insert.

This post glows in the dark

I'm going to deny it because he's not a good character
Fuck this obnoxious pretentious asshole, he's about as well-written as Rick from Rick and Morty. In fact come to think of it he's literally just a younger non-alcoholic Rick.

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I like gay characters whose characters arent centered around them being gay, so just for that, he was done right

well that answers all of my questions

this but unironically.


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both are protected free speech under the law and many more people have been wrongfully arrested by police for doing the left, while no one has ever been arrested for burning a gay pride flag. Post more bullshit so I can tear it down, daddy.

Originally Fallout New Vegas was gonna have romance options for all the companions, but during development they decided it was a stupid RPG trope and put their focus elsewhere. Honestly I agree, it gave him a lot more humanity. He's just a regular guy who happens to like cock up the ass.

I teared up at the end of the game when he went into the NCR and became a teacher, I like to imagine he settled down with a husbando in some one room schoolhouse

Josh Sawyer vetoed romancing companions because he felt fucking would devalue their characters. You can read it in one of his Tumblr Q&As. Sorry coomers, he's right.

He is only discreet about it before here knows you. After becoming a companion he makes enough references to his sexuality for it to be annoying. He'll also drop his duties as a researcher and follow you if you flirt with him, which is pretty typical faggot behavior.

Except Arcade was just one of the characters Sawyer made that also made it into thegame

God forbid a close friend of yours speaks openly about his sexuality. I think we all know who the real faggot here is.

As soon as I found out he was gay I backed out of all dialog and killed him. Same with the BoS dyke. Kill all faggots.

Lol no you didn't

Not gay.

I honestly couldn’t tell if that was lazy or brilliant.

were any of the other ones nerdy history loving homos though

Don't reply to me, faggot.

Straight men are just gay men who haven't been dicked well enough yet.

They knew you'd only play through that slog once so you wouldn't find out that they all fuck everything.

Then why did they remove Confirmed Bachelo and Chercez La Femme
>no one got arrested for right
You're full of shit as your ass is full of cum.

It's the wasteland, people sometimes travel together to maximize their chance for survival. Doesn't mean you should start making suggestive jokes like we're at an Elton John concert.

Joachim Valentine is the greatest gay character of all time and the Man Festival is the most respectful, accurate depiction of gay culture to ever appear in a video game.

t. homo

Gays done right
>Decent character, just like any other.
>If certain topics are pursued
>"Yes, I'm homosexual."

Gays done wrong.
>"Hi I'm CHARACTER and I'm GAY"
>The characters defining characteristic is that they are gay.
>Won't let you forget they are gay.

Mmm give it to me harder, daddy. Don't you always say if faggots like me got beat properly we wouldn't be so gay? I could use some beating on my little bottom.

He's literally "oh do you know I'm gay" the character

The only thing you're doing is degrading yourself. I know you think you're 1-upping me but really you just look pathetic.

>good gay character
>gay man

>bad gay character
>gay women

>but hes not "done right" just because he barely talks about it

Yes he is you fucking retard. Thats exactly why. Gay people in real life dont constantly bring up that theyre gay and center their entire existence around it. My boss IRL is gay and I didnt find out until he mentioned he was spending a vacation with his husband to me. Why? Because being gay has no relevancy in the workplace, why bring it up?

Its the same with writing. Unless being gay has relevancy to the story, there is no reason to bring it up. In fact, bringing it up is and of itself is bad writing because its not focusing on the stiry. Its fine if a character just casually happens to be gay as well as serving as a character who serves plot purpose, otherwise they were just put there to pander.

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I played through it a bunch of times but only for the mods

The fuck are you trying to prove? Go ahead and rip down the flag off of your local police station and burn it in a public lot screaming about how you want to kill all cops, see what the fuck happens you retard. Jesus did you just see the title and refuse to read even a sentence of the article?

Veronica was a gay character done right

Arcade was not, but he's the only one Yas Forums ever talks about because Yas Forums is full of fucking faggots

What a fucking gay retard

Stop normalising faggots

He's canonically gay.

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He destroyed someone else’s private property. Had he purchased the flag himself and burned it he would face no legal repercussions.

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>"lol im gay btw"
Subtle pandering/virtue signalling is still pandering/virtue signalling, even if it is relatively easy to tolerate.

Yeah I'm gay do you have a problem with that.

>Done Right

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Stopped reading there

>ITT: Gay characters that adhere to my sensibilities
It's better than having them screech their sexuality from the rooftops, but having your character offhandedly remark on their homosexuality offers about as much depth as the former. Are there any games that actually explore the concept in a meaningful way?

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"Canonically" he got drunk with his best friend, put the dress on and went to molest like a dozen of women in one night in attempts to cheer up his best friend.
Also, he is not even a IRL historical figure. He is fictional character from the french analog of "The Death of Arthur".