Do you have video game related tattoos?

Do you have video game related tattoos?

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sorry, i'm not a loser

That’s subtle enough for it to be good. Not even recognizable unless you already know the reference.
At least it’s not pic related

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Nope. I had a berserk brand covered up with a boat though

>mario jerks you off now
pretty fuckin badass not gonna lie

I got a swastika tattoo'd on my chest from that one game, Wolfenstein.

quake 3 logo womb tattoo

Imagine getting a tattoo, especially one related to vidya. How autistic do you have to be?

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Would it be based if I got a rune factory 4 tattoo haha

I want a good old quake I tattoo.
Any suggestion? I want the nail

Nah, I have sex.

Peak cringe


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when I punch like mario my thumb is on the other side
am I doing it wrong?

>Arrow in the knee
I take it you're young enough that you weren't already screaming at zoomers for spamming arrow in le knee memes 10 years ago

No, the tattoo is backwards

What's really annoying is its an actual saying that Skyrim, and by proxy zoomers, took and ran with.

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how did the tattoo artist and this guy getting tattooed both sit there for several hours and not realize something seemed off about this

arrow to the knee and cake is a lie have all but died out at this point

>two right hands

Is this a Bioshock reference? I really don't know.

regular tattoos are trashy looking enough but getting a consumerist gamer tattoo truly takes the retard cake

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that's some top tier trolling

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Why would the guy getting paid care

yeah I can't believe they tattooed mario on a black guy, what a fucking retard

You can't even process what's wrong with that image, can you?

Imagine still posting frogs in 2020 like someone fresh off of facebook.

>didnt press enter
What a pussy

newfag lmao

Boy you sure are dumb.

No. If I ever got a tattoo, it would be the words "EXIT ONLY" on my ass.

more like "BONER GARAGE".

The picture is mirrored, you dumbfucks

It's probably a reference to the TLoU2 leaks.

Tattoos just scream, trashy, low IQ, basic bitch normie to me nowadays. I remember as a kid/teen I thought they were 'punk', novel/unique and for high IQ rebelious outsiders. I don't know if I changed or if the type of people who get them (Basically everyone now.) changed but Tattoos are so disgusting to me now. I would never get one.

back to twitter

bible itself is trolling
says to do x and forbids x

You grew up and so did the people around you, and the retards you thought were retards got Tattoos which changed your opinion of people with tattoos.

I'm not a cringelord, no

holy shit i think i have this problem
how do i make it normal? any doctor in the house?

I used to be a straight like you, but then I took a cock to the ass.


I don't use Twitter, faggot. I just prefer 'normie' to 'normalfag', it sounds more derisive to me.
Yeah, I guess. I dunno.

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Based as fuck

yikes oh nono

life is a parody