Are random battles a bad system?

Are random battles a bad system?

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Yes they break up the pace of the game and get rid of player agency. Having a world map with avoidable "random" encounters like earthbound or dq11 is perfect.

Fucking yes

>Random battles
>turn based battles

The longer normal combat takes the significantly less enjoyable the game is due to random encounters.

its literal filler

I’m still of the mindset that TWEWY has the best encounter system in any JRPG.

Nah, I don't mind them at all.

I enjoyed it until Taboo Noise were fucking everywhere.

Depends on the game. Random battles are a way to force you to spend resources, they work in games were you have limited access to items but are pointless if you can buy and carry as many as you want.

I'm playing Digimon cyber sleuth at the moment and it has lots of backtracking and random battles in areas with low level enemies which makes the game far more tedious than it needs to be. It's crazy that people on Yas Forums say it's better than Pokémon

Yes. I used to not mind them but I find them more and more annoying as time goes on. I don't mind unavoidable battles but trying to cross a room and getting randomly interrupted 3 times by shit monsters that do nothing except waste my time is the worst.

This shit was solved years ago
It's pure Japanese autism as to why they haven't gone away there. Just like the fucking fax machine.

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Depends on the frequency and challenge
Jrpgs are fucking atrocious because of the nonstop encounters with weak enemies as well as having drawn battle animation sequences, they only exist as a time wasting grind

Nah, they're a method for pacing and draining your resources, but they definitely can overstay their welcome very easily. Especially when you need to run around back and forth, like a JRPG with large open dungeons to explore, in which case on map encounters might be better. sounds like a solid example of shit getting outright tiresome.

That said, there's a definitely a level of tension and urgency brought with random encounters. On-screen enemies can usually be juked, and end up making you feel like you fucking own the place with how free you are to navigate somewhere that's supposed to be hostile and crawling with enemies.

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I like Mario y Luigi system where the monsters are in the overworld perfectly avoidable and the level curve is tuned for the amount of exp you get by killing everything in the map as you progress.
Bravely default giving you full control of the encounter rate was a pretty fine addition too.

Nah, I like it. Having the encounter rate slider in BD was nice though

In bravely default and second, you can choose if you want random battles or not.


Not at all

That was nice. Sometimes I just want to head from Point A to Point B.

>not using your stylus to drag them away from you and hold them in place while the actual battles you want load
Come on, user.

This shit was seriously the best. Unless there are rare spawns SaGa style, or new enemies upon return, being able just to opt-out of combat when you're well above it was amazing. You could even crank it up if you needed to grind, instead of slaving away to default pacing. It's honestly ridiculous that BD and TWEWY's quality of life options aren't the standard for modern JRPGS.

>It's honestly ridiculous that BD and TWEWY's quality of life options aren't the standard for modern JRPGS.
Not only that, Octopath and Default II dont have it despite being the same developers


I'd much rather fight battles than shimmy past containers and ducking under rubble.

Wait a fucking second, of COURSE! I can just drag the black fuckers to the edge of the screen over and over again!

This guy gets it, each type of combat encounter system has its drawbacks and virtues, and you might even wanna mix styles in a single game in different parts of it depending on the tone and atmosphere.

I don't have any issue with random battles as long as the frequency isn't too high. It can get to be a problem if a game has a ton of backtracking or the battles are slow, like Legend of Dragoon.

I remember playing pokemon as a kid, I would always tell myself "Why would I ever want to use a repel?" Now I don't go anywhere without at least 5 in my bag and 10 of each potion type available.

I will never play Final Fantasy 7 because of random battles.

WHO THE FUCK LIKES TAKING 5 steps, and fight a random literal who enemy that you either retreat so you don't have deal with its bullshit or you kill in 2 hits because you got stuck on a boss.

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>Are random battles a bad system?

Random battles

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No, they can add tension to dungeons if designed well and the whole process of frustration results in the release of it afterwards for a more satisfying experience overall than just choosing when to fight.

Add ass long intro in to battle with animation and all, all fucking time, played FF IX lately and it was fucking torture.

>what are cheats that turn off random encounters

The pc version lets you turn random battles off and also lets you disable the intro camera. Why people purposely play worse version is beyond me.

Not if used properly as a time pressure to discourage dawdling like they were in old school D&D

Default II surely will, these demo test windows are always iterative. That team loves letting people touch the game and tell them what they think so they can adjust it to a great refined wine.

BD1 vanilla in japan had like four demos with surveys, and then most of the QoL was added in For The Sequel.

>in a turn based game
Yes they're a bad idea. Otherwise I don't mind.

>just turn off the gameplay bro!

>random encounters

Random battles are perfect for first-person dungeon crawlers like Etrian Odyssey, but it's better for most other RPGs to just have the enemies on screen. However, that leads into the problem of the enemies being way too easy to avoid most of the time, so you get retards who skip all of the battles and then get their ass handed to them at the boss. I think Chrono Trigger and Mother 2/3 are the only games to do enemies in the overworld truly right because they're very hard to avoid most of the time, plus it helps create a more natural difficulty curve because the devs now have a good estimate of how leveled the average player is.

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>turn random battles off
How does that work? You never fight anyone then?

Except they're not 100% avoidable.

If the monsters move then they're just as shit. Especially since that movement generally involves coming after you specifically.

The simplest solution would be to allow exp gain through other ways besides combat