Have you played her game yet, Yas Forums?

Have you played her game yet, Yas Forums?

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>non-japanese vn
no thanks

whens the sequel out?

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Fucking years ago. It was barely a game. A lot of the features advertised were stripped out. They made a MINT considering where they are located and they've yet to release any new details about N1RVANNA except it'll be just like the first one, which is a hard pass for me.

is it a h game?

It looks like /u/ garbage so no

I tried on 2 separate occasions but couldn't stomach the bizarro all-female and gay version of Yas Forums the game has and how the protag isn't very relatable despite the story being told largely in first person perspective
also the first time I played I fell madly in love with Jill and was scared that post-vn depression on top of that would suck greatly

Comfy game desu. I pirated it on PC, loved it so I bought it on PS4 and play it often. Also I'm aware that the dev is poor and lives in Brazil but I'll pirate the sequel if this is the font and UI used in the final release.

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VNs aren't games. I liked the idea of virtual bartender but the story was too uninteresting so you just keep spamming next for hours upon hours and never gets good.

played it for like ten hours, comfy, might finish it some winter day

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>moved to Florida ten years ago
>winters aren't comfy anymore
Florida is cool in other ways but I really miss bundling up in five blankets next to a fireplace during a blizzard.

>Shitty old school graphics
>Barely any gameplay
>Tries to have relatable characters but fail at it
>Jill is unlikable
>Terrible ost
>Only people who like it is coomers or faggots who never played another VN title before
Fuck your thread, it's a MGS thread now
What a thrill

With darkness and silence through the night

What a thrill

I'm searching and I'll melt into you

What a fear in my heart

But you're so supreme!

I give my life

Not for honor, but for you (snake eater)

In my time there'll be no one else

Crime, it's the way I fly to you (snake eater)

I'm still in a dream, snake eater

Someday you go through the rain

Someday you feed on a tree frog

It's ordeal, the trial to survive

For the day we see new light

I give my life

Not for honor, but for you (snake eater)

In my time there'll be no one else

Crime, it's the way I fly to you (snake eater)

I'm still in a dream, snake eater

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what an embarrassing post

That's a really bad UI compared to first.
Can work in other games but the first was perfection


Extremely based user

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I like it. It's first game soundtrack I've enjoyed in awhile.
I don't normally play VNs, was expecting more gameplay but I bought it blind.
I haven't beat it yet desu
My dumbass didn't save enough for rent and don't really want to replay it right now.

go to sleep denyal


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is this game actually well written or is it just nothing but anime girls talking about how much dick they sucked? I'm not interested in this game if it's exclusively for coomers


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yes i did a few weeks ago and got almas ending so im happy


I bought le Limitedrun physical version (psvita) long ago

>no good porn or any doujins
Good game.

finished it a few weeks ago, might replay it down the line

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It's okay, but it tries way too fucking hard with lesbo shit and it just screams men made the game, or transbians.

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Nobody can please you faggots anyways

No, the writing is pretty bad and the story is boring. People like it for the cute girls and music.

No because I don't play bad video games

>all the characters are lesbians or whores
im good thanks

>terrible ost
nice bait

>shitty people who live in the words worst city are whores and degenerates
Who'd a thunk it?

Yeah, but it has a cute robo loli. That makes up for everything.

No sexy loli - no buy

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No, I'm not a tranny.

Still waiting on my switch copy. Wish i bought it physical on Vita instead.

But yeah it's pretty good.

>No sexy loli

Bro, you off your meds or something? The game is nothing but sexual gay tension, even if it were hetero I'd find it embarrassing. I don't play VN games, I only played Vall because a friend recommended me it and figured why not. The game's glaring flaw is how sexually fueled it is, it's seriously on Mass Effect sex scene tier with how pathetic it gets.