Ps5 or Xbox

I got a bad ass new tv. What is my best bet?

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Nintendo Wii

A vhs player asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssqaa c

cable tv

Wait and see what they showcase in the next few months, then decide on wha tyou like and are willing to spend.


Why would your ass need a tv?

Most reasonable answer.

xbox x has better hardware than the ps5. the only reason im getting a ps5 is bc of ghosts of tsushima, cyberpunk 2077, and godfall. i hope they aren't ass.

Xbox. Every multi plat will be on it and you get Games Pass so you'll play more games.
The PlayStation 5 is less powerful and the numbers show that the exclusives are some of the least played games on the system.
Do you know if your new TV is 120hZ? Microsoft won't stop talking about how their system can do it and there hasn't been a word from Sony.
Oh and the backwards compatibility on Xbox is insanely more developed. Not even comparable really.

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PS5 for exclusives, probably.

Get an Open Source Scan Converter and play old games systems through component and SCART cables.

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Ok PC fag.

shit, op
I got a new 4k tv too, what model did you buy ?

What does that even mean?

If you have a PC that you play games on, almost certainly get a PS5. Microsoft have been moving more and more of their games to PC lately, it's a very clear direction they're heading in. literally all the games i cared about came to PC so I sold my xbox one.

If not, I'd probably get whichever is going to have the most backwards compatibility

I’m probably going to get laughed at but it is a Samsung Q70R 65 inch. It’s the best tv for gaming I’ll probably ever be able to afford. I love it so far. I have not had Sony since ps2 but I really love Xbox controllers

The new controller for PS5 feels like an xbox controller though.

Trumpbuxx came through


>Samsung Q70R

Shit man, wasn't that expensive ?

I paid 446 euros for a 50 inch

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Euro what is this currency? a type of sea shell?

I got one for $999.99 from Best Buy. Trump bucks came through for me. I’ll be able to upgrade next pandemic maybe in 2054

dont buy either of them because neither will have games for at least a year

Just develop games at home.

Recommend the tv whole heartedly but... when the screen is all black and there is like one loading icon like the little island in animal crossing the bloom is fucking insane. The blacks look good but the screen is not at all glare resistant.

good for you user, just hope you're ok with your savings

I don't really have any opinions about consoles though, I'm sticking with xbox because all of my games are already there. It'd be a shame if I switched to ps5 and lost everything

Is thought about just upgrading to the Xbox one X edition boo goloo or whatever it’s named just for the 4K

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Badass new TVs support VRR and 120hz. No better time to build a PC for it friendo.

Same with me and PlayStation, their backwards compatibility is still kind of a mystery though.

Watch My Life in Gaming on YouTube they'll explain everything. Basically there are certain cables that are the ONLY good way to get acceptable quality out of old game systems, and it ONLY looks good if you use it through a converter to make it look good on your TV.
Unless you just use a CRT

thanks user.

I’m trying to find out if the Q70R Samsung supports the 120hz but not seeing it. Does anyone know?