RE 3= bad

>RE 3= bad
>TLOU 2= bad
>FF7= bad
Looks like Alyx is going to be GOTY 2020.

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Not so fast. Alyx is definitely a good game but...

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It's only gonna get GotY because it's just Half Life.


TLOU2 is going to win GOTY and nothing you say will change that

>Release gimmick filled VR version
>Drop pc version a month later without telling anyone
>Pcbros gonna Valvdrone
>Breakdown was a superior FP Half-Life than Half-life was.

The game has no fucking gimmicks.

>Phone poster is too poor for VR

It's a genuinely cool game. Didn't need everyone else to trip out of the starting gate and land in a pile of shit.

>MFW I enjoyed the game but realized shortly after that it didn't release with the SDK they said was gonna come with it on launch even though modding half life is so much a part of it's identity that people are literally jury rigging content creation tools for Alyx just so they can mod it

How the FUCK did Boneworks get a Ravenholm custom map before Alyx did?

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valve time, they're too busy updating that stillborn piece of shit artifact too.

probably underaged

This is very poorly made bait

Sweaty I think you're forgetting someone

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Boneworks has custom maps?

what song?

Multiplayer too, though it's very early stage and needs lots of polish.

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The Only Thing They Fear is You. The Mick Gordon mixed version.

>*teleports behind you*

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>becomes the new new vegas
cyberbros....we did it..

doom Eternal already beat Alyx though

haven't heard much about this game, is it even that good?

P5R was released this year as well

Pretty good. Definitely worth the game pass subscription. Fast paced X-com is pretty fun.


Still better than most games this year

Now if only boneworks had fun enemies or guns


I seriously hope it wins GOTY guys, I really do. It was a fantastic single player game. You just don't see games like this released anymore, it's one in a million. Frankly the last game like it I can think of is Portal 2. Imagine it bros, it's December. Game Awards are live. Valve takes the win at the end of the show for GOTY. Gabe and a few of the other legendary old guard walk up onto the stage to accept the reward, Gabe speaks a few words about how excited the team is to see VR being accepted so well, then it happens....
>"we have one thing we'd like to share with you guys."
>stage goes dark
>trailer comes on, we hear Gordon breathing in the HEV
>Lambda shows up with text fade in
>Half-Life fucking 3 finally announced
>crowd goes insane
>internet crashes globally
It's gonna happen, I can feel it in my bones.

At least in boneworks I actually have to fight for my life in arena mode, in alyx even on hard difficulty the combine are retarded and stand in place while they pelt you with suppressive fire, and literally have an animation so they can stare at grenades that plop at their feet instead of running away from them and making cooking an actual consideration. Part of the reason I want the Alyx SDK to come out is so we can start seeing some combat rebalances or at least more clever uses of combine placement that aren't catered to VR casuals to make fighting enemies more fun and engaging, once that happens I can legitimately finally say I have more fun with it than boneworks. Until then I prefer the floppy zombies and holographic roller ball assault teams because I can at least physically interact with them.

Alyx combat WILL surpass boneworks one day, but Valve has to give us the SDK so we can get maps that aren't tested by valve testers, I.E. actual retards that rival game journalists in terms of stupidity.

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Only reason it has high rating is Valve bonus, old boomers who don't understand video games anymore and the high price of entry.

Not so fast. Eternal is definitely a decent game but...

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