Do you remember your first PC and the games you had with it?

Do you remember your first PC and the games you had with it?
I had a Windows98 with Nesticle and some games like Worms Armageddon, Age of Empires 2 and some DOS games (some mario game, a lamborghini racing game and a Pac-Man clone).

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everybody cites AOE2, you didn't play that shit for more than 3 games max.

I remember every video game I've ever played

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owned*, not played

>everybody cites AOE2
yeah for me it was the first AOE by the time the second game came out I was balls deep into SC/BW for my RTS fix.

but for first game on PC? fuck if I remember we had two huge containers of DOS floppies that I can't remember any names of.

I'm not sure. I've been playing computer games since I was little. There was some racing game that had a vehicle with 6 wheels. A demo disc with a bunch of games like Mechwarrior and some night time car rail shooter. Random other childrens games. These are the only physical ones that I have.

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I had a pentium with win95 and a voodoo, i was 8 and it had
>doom 2
>magic carpet 2
That last one is still one of the best games ive ever playes

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I don't remember the PC specifics but that was in the era when you had to run windows 3 through DOS. the first game I played on it was Day of the Tentacle and The Lion King

family PC
they were using Windows 98 by the time that I was aware enough to be using it myself

for me, it's pic related
finally re-bought it on GOG a few months ago and finished the last few tracks that I never could as a kid

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I don't, I was born in 94 and we already had a computer at home.

>wolfenstein 3d
>Prince of Persia (DOS)
>Mortal Kombat 4
More shit but I don't remember much.

Pretty much any game from Shockwave. I was young at the time and wasn't allowed by my pops to do much else on the PC. Other than that it was Disney's Paint Studio.
Funny story about that, I actually went and launched that program about 10 times till the PC crashed, just because I wanted to see what would happen.

Some Win 98 family PC with Roller Coaster Tycoon installed fresh from the cereal box.

if you never used MS DOS you are not actually a pc gamer

first one i remember was a 133mhz pentium with windows 95 and dos.
It had a 4x speed cd drive with a caddy type tray.

played just about every shareware apogee game possible.

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We had a 486dx2 (like basically everyone else) and I played loads of apogee games. Bio menace was my favorite, commander keen 4 was up there, but the game I put the most time into by far was wolf 3D. My mom played it with me, she loved it too. I still play it once or twice a year, I could probably beat it blindfolded at this point, I know every map, secret, enemy placement by heart on every difficulty.

Commander Keen and Tibia is all i remember.
Also the key puzzle game.

roblox. early 2010s. home.

Parents bought our first PC when I was 11, it had Windows XP and its standard games. Then I got Worms and Harry Potter 2.
Before that, I used to play old vidya at a friend's place, I don't remember much of it.

Had played doom wolf 3d, spectre karateka and some adventure games previously before family get our own PC which came with croc and incoming

akshually you giganigger, I played it a ton
the online lobbies back then were on what was basically a web page with a bunch of circles and you clicked a circle to join the game

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Windows 95 has the best start up sound fight me

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>Then I got Worms
Did you get rid of them?

It is objectively the best, it was also composed by Phillilp glass. Next best is Windows ME.

I love the Windows NT boot sound.

My first PC was dosshell and Windows 3.11. Basically the stuff I was playing was all that old stuff you'd expect to find on windows at that time, as well as heaps of dos shareware and CD demos.

Kept me endlessly entertained though. Must've easily spent over 100 hours on shareware Wolf3D.

Mine was a Windows 95 in a VCR-like case that you connected to your TV via scart. It had The Incredible Machine and Thinking Things on it.

My pc was from my dead grandmother
I remember it having some stick figure game on it. Started out you were in a city, all looking like it was drawn in ms paint, I think you were framed for murder or something and then you had to run across the country escaping the cops or something. I have never found any info on this ever. Can't remember half the other games that were on the PC either.

incredible machine was so fun, just fucking around and looking at physics

I might download that now, there's not much else besides powder game

Windows 94
Tarzan, Worms, AoE, Red Alert 1 & 2
I also had a bunch of Swedish games that were collections of contextualized minigames.

Fuck, I meant W98.

I don’t remember the exact set up but it was similar to this. I played lots of Mechwarrior 2, Dark Forces, Doom wads, and x-wing/tie fighter.

Windows 98. I had a bunch of Lego and Playmobil games like Lego Stunt Rally, Lego Rock Rider and Hype the Time Quest, also some Disney shovelware. The game I played the most was AOE2 for sure.
But I played more with N64

contraption maker was made by like 3/4 the original team of incredible machine, it's also worth trying if incredible machine alone doesn't c ut it for you.

Earliest version I remember using as a kid was Win95. Then Win98 and then XP. Father probably had DOS on the side as well, for work.

What games? It had some shitty mini games, and one version of Need For Speed. Beyond that I don't remember.

Windows XP with a bunch of those old cd's packed with shitty flash games, later on my dad got me Far Cry and Counter Strike 1.6

good times