FF1: A group of adventurers restore the power of four elemental orbs and close an infinite time loop

FF1: A group of adventurers restore the power of four elemental orbs and close an infinite time loop.

FF2: A group of survivors of an Imperial attack join a resistance movement and kill the Emperor, only to face him once more as the King of Hell

FF3: A group of youths chosen by crystals set out to restore balance to a world on the brink of destruction

FF4: A conflicted knight and his entourage uncover a conspiracy to steal the world's crystals and discover an ancient civilization on the moon.

FF5: A world is temporally split to seal an ancient evil who begins their plan to reduce everything to non-existence, when a group of adventurers restore the state of the planet.

FF6: A meglomaniacal psychopath throws the balance of magic out of place, scars the planet, and forces a resistance group to destroy the source of all magic.

FF7: An eco-terrorist group tracks the spectre of a former elite soldier under the influence of an ancient space alien who intends to absorb the 'blood' of the planet by summoning a giant meteor.

FF8: A powerful sorceress attempts to cheat fate by compressing time into one moment using the unique abilities of a girl who can project people into the past when she is killed by a group of child soldiers who only became soldiers because of her actions.

FF9: Two Angels of Death are sent to a world to harvest souls to revitalize their dying world. One of the Angels gets amnesia, and saves the world because he wants to bone a 16-year-old princess. Everyone has an existential crisis.

FF10: A dream manifests itself as a blonde fuccboi and encourages a spiritual mortician to end a cycle of violence on the world.

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I don't understand what this thread is trying to convey.

The image is clear: you think FFVII is overrated. What does listing the plots of the other games convey? Do you think they're all overrated? Do you think VII is overrated compared to the others?

Tell me what you're trying to achieve, because I've seen this thread multiple times and it bothers me.

that FFX plot is wrong, it's more like a spirit manifests physically seeking revenge on it's progenitor. If you believe all that ffx.5 shit then, well, I guess that's on you.
Also the ff6 one is missing how the whole like first 40% of the game is the belief that the emperor is the baddie again, only to subvert by having his fucking court jester be the monster.

Haha yes, if you reduce each video game storyline to a a line of explanation then they lose all details and nuance and seem really silly!!!!

Very funny OP, saved to my based folder.

Honestly the way you write the stories make it sound pretty dope tbqh

look i posted my wacky screenshots again!

I fucking miss the simplicity of the crystals.

I'm saving this as a shitpost pasta. It's very good, Well done OP.

I'd prefer if you give me credit when you re-post it.

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Thanks! Can't be too sure that you're not being sarcastic though, given the territory.

Caught your attention, didn't it?

Come on guys, this is a Final Fantasy thread, not a place to practice your wrestling trashtalk.

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arch.b4k.co/v/search/text/FF1: A group of adventurers restore /

Reposts will never be "fun"
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Why doesn't Square try the Junction system again? With a little refinement, it could be awesome.

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Play Bravely Default then

ff storylines went to shit

bravely default sucks and doesn't have the level of simplicity that I want, it's crystals (but actually the crystals are really dumb overly thought out nonsense lol subverted!)
4 light warriors was bravely default but way better, better gameplay system, better story, everything. But it still wasn't the simplicity of the crystals.

>FF2: A group of survivors of an Imperial attack join a resistance movement and kill the Emperor, only to face him once more as the King of Hell
the ones who face him as the king of hell are not... survivors.

what's there to refine? It was already great

didn't the remakes have all the dead party members fight a heavenly emperor?

I like 8, too, but it isn't without flaws. The one problem that hasn't been solved with 8 is casting spells reduces stats, which discourages spellcasting, and encourages hoarding spells. If there were limits for drawing magic, and a wider variety of magic to junction, I believe that the system could flourish.

You've held on to an unfunny copypasta for 5 years?

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>dead party members

This. It's cool to see how different each FF game is. OP is missing 11-15 though. Among others.

Which ff's are the best and should be played? I played 1 back years ago on the gba but didnt know where the fuck to go once i got into the fire level, have played 7 for the first time this last year and it was cool, but i got bored around the time you get to red 13's village, and am currently loving 11 after trying 14 and hating it.

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11 is you as an explorer discovering that you can have an influence on the world and assist in stopping world-ending threats (Without being a generic chosen one). 12 is IM CAPTAIN BASCH FON ROSENBURG. 13 is a bunch of people branded with the sign of an elder god type monster cursed with visions of their ultimate fate, trying desperately to stop it. 14 is U R CHOSEN 1, 15 is a mess.