Good games > bad games

good games > bad games

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Then why do all the normies play objectively bad games?

Wouldn't they want to play good games, unless bad games > good games?

>liking good games

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normies are shallow and pedantic

what are some good games?

literally all the games that are not bad games

MMOs are shit.

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Counterpoint: There are games that are so bad they are good, and games that are "just" good but otherwise boring.

>not liking kusoge

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Jackie Chan

>liking games

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only retard in the thread right here

Games you don't like.

>There are games that are so bad they are good
reddit opinion

its amazing how many contrarians are on here. i've seen overwhelming support for shadow the hedgehog (vidya gaem) even though it's literal shit.

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good games are SOULLESS
bad games have SOUL

My opinions are facts you dumb faggot

>good games > bad games
Pic-related would disagree with you OP.

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>i say the Japanese word for something that can be easily said in American

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>in American

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counterpoint: dark souls

nihoniggers need to learn that their 3 different versions of scribbles are inferior to the english lexicon

what the fuck is a "coup so gay"

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lineage 2 chronicle 4

>gaming likes

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Bad games can be fucking hilarious though. Don't be angry at dogshit, laugh at dogshit.

>in american

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