A random Yas Forums user writes a better story than the actual writer

>A random Yas Forums user writes a better story than the actual writer

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Do you think she lurks here?

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no, I don't.

Maybe. I hope so, because she gets the love she deserves here.
It's a fucking travesty that Cuckmann kicked her out.

I hear she essentially fucked around on Uncharted 4 in the mocap studio almost all the time and did fuckall as a director for the project, which is why the whole thing had to be redone


>t. cuckmann
Post source for your bullshit next time.
She directed 3 great games before 4 was in play, why would she just suddenly drop the ball on 4? She was kicked out.

She was kicked out because she was holding back cuckmanns bullshit and he didn't like it. They chose him over her.

4 games*
forgot she directed Jak 3

would be shit in practice
i think there's middle ground between this super safe and predictable timeline and the tranny timeline, also bring back multiplayer

yah, I ban heem

I just want a story with likeable characters, intersting story, and some themes and ideas that make me think.

I don't want mystery box bullshit with shock value twists and political brownie points.

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The only way they could've done this good was advertise it as a sequel with a new cast, get to know abby ,her crew and her backstory but not show anything to hint at Joel and Ellie. Then have some part of the game featuring your crew getting attacked and firsthand see the amount of havoc and causalities THEN show it was Ellie ,Joel and their crew and have a big twist reveal.

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>Generic muh revenge story
Wow, wonder why he hasn't already been picked up as a writer.
Playing the game through as Abby while tracking down some nameless big bad only for it to turn out it's Ellie in the third act would be infinitely better

There's good ideas for TLOU2, they just chose a really really bad one

that writing is so bland and generic

The actual writer is an Israeli Jew(literal spawn of satan) so yeah anyone could have written a better story.

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TLOU2 should have been about me using the go into game machines to bring Ellie to the real world, make her submit to the cock and marry her

That story is actually worse.

>still playing as Joel
>not playing as the agent tasked by the Fireflies to hunt down Joel and bring in Ellie
>have a squad of Fireflies with you tracking them down
>experience the terror being on the receiving end of Joel stealth killing your squad one by one
>final showdown is you vs Joel but eventually you get the better of him and kill him through attrition
>his sacrifice manages to buy Ellie time to escape

yeah but you need to play a roided out tranny and watch ellie make out with women.

This modern obsession with "likeable" characters and predictability is what makes writers turn on fan expectations and leads to things like this and The Last Jedi. It's expected to make people like you guys mad and causes a ruckus but at the very least it isn't super generic like OP or whatever green text trash you nerds are going to post on this website. Buy my game

That's really bland. You've warped so hard from the shock value of TLOU2 that you applaud something that makes Mario look like high literature.


>Its different and subversive so its good.

>Kill off Ellie's girlfriend immediately at the start of the game
>Ellie is a completely reactive retard the entire game that doesn't do anything on her own, she only reacts to things other characters do to her.
>Make it a specific plot point that Ellie learns that Joel lied - which is something SHE ALREADY KNOWS, again, making her a complete idiot.
>She's just a lame-ass damsel in distress for the second half of the game.
>Brushing Joel's selfish actions from the last game under the rug for muh murder spree literally just to repeat the climax of the first game.
This is like the only thing I could possibly think of that'd be even worse than the shitty game we're going to get, so good job on that front.

I liked and sympathised with joel.
He killed all the fireflies and didn't want to deal with that bullshit.

Holy shit that would've been amazing.

>better story
>all cliche as fuck plot beats everyone has seen a thousand times before

Can't believe you guys are making me defend the edge of us 2 but you guys are not as smart as you think you are.


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Actually yeah, this is how you do it. You need to build up new protagonists even of they oppose the former ones. Halo 2 nailed it.

I was disappointed that she didn't say NICE KNIFE when Dina attacked her. I'm glad I watched to the end.

writing complete stupid garbage because you think it makes you oh so original and subverts expectations is what you do when you're a 13 year old writing your first fanfiction

If you're an actual good writer you can add subtle wrinkles to the tale and misdirect people a bit, only the worst hacks come up with this shit, hell good writers deliberately foreshadow events to begin with.

All this "They'll never see this coming!" and "This will make them so mad!" bullshit is just the weakest mask for insecure writers who are up their own asses. That's how you get timeghosts and "it was all a dream"

the correct usage of tropes and story beats consistently makes good stories, user

thats so much worse

Agreed, which is why the story in the OP is complete tripe.

Are you retarded? The story we got is literally a "generic revenge" story.
There JUST SO HAPPENS to be some daughter from some guy that Joel killed that just AUTOMATICALLY knows that Joel is who killed him. AND SHE MUST KILL HIM.
Literally brainlet tier revenge porn.

The only reason to make a sequel featuring Joel and Ellie as the main characters again was to know Ellie reaction to the events at the end of the first game, the trailers even tried to sell that idea but they fucked up everything, even the leaks shows that Ellie already knew about everything and dindn´t really care at all making all the traillers and the marketing pointless

And yet still 1000x times better and makes more sense than the trash that we're actually getting.
Not every story has to have a "crazy twist" just for the sake of shock value

Naughty Dog stopped being good when they stopped doing Mascot games.

Why does every story have to be completely outlandish with retarded twists? What is wrong with simple stories, albeit predictable? If it's well told then what is the problem?