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About halfway through DQ 11 and it's so fucking good. What's the comfiest town in an RPG?

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I don't know about town, but Oblivion was pretty comfy, Skyrim too maybe.

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Should I get Romancing Saga 2 or 3?

I liked 3 and got bored of 2 but I'm a casual

>try to find pictures of breath of the wild cities
>they all look like muddled shit
maybe this game was garbage and Yas Forums wasn't being contrarian

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It's like they turned the gamma too high, game is ugly unless you play it on cemu.

Budehuc Castle with all 104 characters recruited

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Your castle in Suikoden 2. Watching it grow as you get more people is maximum comfy.

My money is on Argentum from XB2
Between the fantastic music, being the starting area and being this nice, self-contained floating port town populated with mascot creatures and having kind of cute, small versions of an air-port, farms, schools, hotels and inns, residential quarters and merchant quarters, it feels like the kind of place where you could hang out for a couple of days and relax during a layover

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Looks like a really bad unity 3d game from 2013

Chorrol is comfiest town

I love the look of Xenoblade 1 & 2's worlds but holy fuck the gameplay and story just suck for me I can't get into it. The towns are really unique though.

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It's hard to beat Cassardis for comf.

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Doubled based.

DQXI delivers what it promises which isn't bad, but is not good either.

I loved bravil cause it was always raining.

I've never played one before so it's kinda nice to play a jrpg that's just simple and fun. I really like the world, most of the party members, combat/skills tree. My only real complaints so far are the music being repetitive.

Ni No Kuni is pretty fun. I wish you could get monsters in your party like the first one.

What is the absolute comfiest time setting for a rpg?

But there's just.. nothing. There's no personality, it's just a fishing village with an inn. I love DD but Cassardis is wholly lacking in character.

Pic related

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God dammit. I wish I could play DD for the first time again.
Just exploring the world with absolutely no fast travel just made it feel more like a big adventure.

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>become God of the world
>come back to Cassardis
>mfw this plays

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Walking around any Oblivion town while Harvest Dawn/Auriel’s Ascention plays, nothing will top this as peak comfiness

I would trade you experiencing DD for the first time for experiencing Chrono Trigger for the first time again. DD did absolutely nothing for me.

>12 yr old
>Fell asleep playing vidya again
>Dad will be mad you left the tv on
>Pic related is blasting
Where did the fun go Yas Forums?

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The game has a massive soundtrack but so many songs only get used once or twice for some reason
Anyways if you like 11 try out some of the others later.

Which ones in particular? I think I'll run with 8 since it seems the most similar but any others?

For me it's Flanoir

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Suikoden games really nailed the home base aspect. I like how it grows organically and you aren't choosing what to expand or anything. So it's not really base building as such.

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What game?


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Golden Sunnnnnnnnddndnd

I'm not buying it again Todd

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Thats the problem with Dragon Quest. The compose puts out the bare minimum number of tracks then fucks over Square by having them use midi files because MUH SYMPHONY TICKETS

>Enter desert level
>No desert overworld theme
>Same 3 town/plains/palace themes play throughout the game
>What little variety they do have is godlike, but used once the entire game
What the fuck we're they thinking?


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