"user, I'm trying to help you. I want to make your dreams a reality."

"user, I'm trying to help you. I want to make your dreams a reality."
>shoves a giant tentacle up your ass

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Reminder that P5S villains>P5 base villains.

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what if that IS anons dream?

This is Akane, say something to her.

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>Want to unrape people
>Uses tentacles
I'm getting mixed messages here

>shoves a giant tentacle up your ass
H-how did you know that was my dream?


Someone can spoonfeed me in the "Joker the rapist" meme, please?

Isnt that a Futurama special

He would no longer want that and have a normal kink.

i mean if you think about it he was trying to make everyone's perfect fantasy right? someone's fantasy was definitely endlessly raping/getting raped

The new main villain of Persona 5 wants the entire world to live in a perfect dream world, a dream world where Kamoshida didn't cum inside Shiho on a regular basis. The meme points out that Joker would prefer to live in a world where Shiho got fucked rather than in a world where she wasn't and is free from rape ptsd

Guy in OP can change reality and make people's wishes come true/undo trauma in their life (including reviving dead relatives) and the phantom thieves stop him so that they can live and have the chance to face challenges and grow. The implications of that mean that anyone who Maruki "unraped" is now raped again, kinda because of joker.

So does this villain actually do anything wrong or is the moral of the story literally "bad things that happen are good"

In one of the bad endings he takes away joker's will to live and we see him sitting in his bed, room full of cobwebs.

Bad things that happen are good, how else would Yas Forums exist

don't question the phantom thieves they are incapable of doing anything wrong

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His dream world is supposed to be this perfect place where nothing bad happens and people's wishes come true, but as you explore it you get shown that it's actually a pretty shitty due to how he occassionally gets peoples wishes wrong and how he straight up has people die/cease to exist if they are in any way the cause of some form of grief.
Oh and he manipulated a girl into thinking she was her dead sister insyead of actually trying to help her overcome her grief.

That actually did help since it helped her connect to Joker. Many of the things Maruki were illusions yet gave some sense of peace of mind and as the hideout showed, Haru even got to feel like she was a daughter again.

So why didn't they ask him to fix/optimize his utopia instead of tearing it down completely? Now my virgin gf has has 10000 dicks inside her again. Thanks Joker.

Wasn't the main villain literally a god? Did they just remove that part?

No, they added a new villain after Yald.

That's pretty stupid, it makes his whole thing meaningless.

Not really, I think it was done in a smart way. Yald is gone, and Maruki quickly takes his place before the cognitive world unfuses with the real world.

>A utopia dreamworld where people are killed if they go against it
>A hellscape reality where people suffer THEN are killed if they go against it

Guess Atlus took Phil 101 then stopped after that.

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He would probably just make it so they had a different fantasy if that were the case, seeing as raping can bring harm to another which he doesn't consider true happiness.

>Dreamworld is bad because wishmakers are too stupid to specify enough to avoid a monkey's paw.

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How the fuck do they top the Satanael bit? It was the perfect climax for a game like that, having something that follows it makes it feel flaccid.

Everything he offers is in exchange for giving up your free will and ability to live life how you want to live in exchange for living the path set out for you by him. It's just a natural extension to the themes of the base game except instead of having a big evil God that's easy to disagree with being the one in control it's someone who's actually kind and well-meaning. The point is just that the PTs want to live their lives on their own terms no matter what.

Why was he the villain?

The climax of the new dungeon was better for me personally, it scales things down a lot, but it still executes on it really well and feels a lot more personal than the Yaldabaoth fight.

heh sounds like communism to me

terrible bait

Start at 38:20

Also, this is the final calling card scene

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A Lawfag wouldn't get it.

Can you fucking stop with the maruki spoilers? I'm not even going to play royal anymore thanks to people like you

Maruki is hands down the best and most complex villain in Persona, his palace is the best dungeon in Persona, and his final boss fight makes Nyx look like joke because it's a billion times cooler.

You can take a steamy bath with Akechi

A more ideal world would be if Maruki just set safety nets while you get to explore using your free will what's within those safety nets. It'd be no different than how modern society has safety nets like hospitals and law, just because you'd suffer less doesn't mean you lack free will within those boundaries. And if you don't want those safety nets, you should be able to opt out of them just like in modern society. Morgana mentioned some would actually benefit from Maruki's world if they consented to it. Maruki was not wrong in his ideals, he just was imperfect at executing them. But just like the first hospital, it takes time to improve new tech. Why the PT didn't just help Maruki improve his new tech is not addressed. Why is old reality better? That's like saying unga bunga caveman society full of parasites and rape better because it's natural. No it fucking isn't, if you go by that logic, the earth is supposed to be some volcanic hellhole because it was that way for billions of years before life appeared. What's natural is that things evolve and change. Being stuck in old ways is unnatural and hinders progress.


New Palace blows the vanilla ending out of the water.

Came here to post this