Animal Crossing New Hybrids

Which flower configuration is better, Yas Forums? You should be able to solve this.

Don't tell me you've got a pink thumb...

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First for coom villagers are the only choice that matters

what? shut the fuck up

Perhaps this thread won't immediately die. Or maybe it will? It's a mystery!

All villagers are for cooming

Rocket moved into my recently vacated plot overnight.. I'm furious, I thought I had time to roll for a villager I wanted.

Frog has the catch dialogue

so all villagers?

You havent truly reached coomer tier until you've made custom wall designs

Reminder that until you fill out every possible clothing item in the photo studio catalog, you cannot be said to have truly 100%ed the game

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This guy was one of my starter villagers and I just noticed today that he's half orange

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>do x patterns with red and white mums, roses, and cosmos
>only the cosmos bred pink children


Guys, I have the urge to make porn of my playable character even though he is a boy. What should I do?!

why on earth would i do something that autistic?

Anybody have any of this COOL GAMER SHIT? If you let me catalog/buy it off you that'd be fucking neato. I'll even pay you!

ask me how hard I'm laughing

Redd's in town
Dodo is 1KQVK
Quaint and Scenic forgeries available, if someone wants them

I only let waterbug catalog my rare items

Villager claim thread now.
Claim your villagers or get cucked!

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what the fuck that's the same color as the inside of his ears
he's hairless from the neck down


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i ain't giving up my two lucky cats and my moai statue

How clear must your night sky be to get shooting stars?
I know they can still occur for about an hour or so randomly even if celeste isnt in town

I've got a green billiard table, got any cool shit to trade 1 to 1?

What’s your golden trout strats? Does it spawn in both ponds and rivers? Does “clifftop” just mean elevated or does it mean the highest point? I’ve been baiting in multiple spots and haven’t found one yet.

No clouds at all

>can't remember which roses are seeds and which are bred from other flowers
>plant a bunch fresh and start watering them trying to get blue roses
>rains for three days straight
>my original questionable roses finally produce a purple after a few weeks of trying
Alright, I'm 6% there. This would be easier if I had more than one friend I talk to to water my flowers (and I haven't asked her because she wants to spend a lot of time bullshitting together when I prefer to do quick visits or play alone).

That's fine. Someone else may not give a shit about them and would prefer to cash it out.

Saharah is in town come get your fine eastern carpets

Boomer is making a music stand. He's east of the airport, over a bridge.

Watering my hybrids above the southeast beach and a little below the secret beach would be much appreciated. Left watering cans out for those who would like to help me out. Bulletin posts are appreciated as always.


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organized anons RISE UP

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That one weird streak cloud can actually sometimes be present and you can still get shooting stars. That particular one can reset if everyone enters a building. If it doesn't reset then it's probably not the same cloud.

Hey, if the user from hallusland is still lurking, thanks for getting us out of our sticky situation with the turnips. Enjoy the gardening service!
You even helped out waterbug user.

shits clear for me rn, is it just random then?

Stop making this thread

To be a true gamer

I've gotten several
Just used a middle elevation river. I don't think ponds work, ponds and rivers have completely different fish selections.

Do you play terraria?

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You looking for anything in particular? Billiards table goes for 77k at Nooks. I can give you that in bells or something comparable.

>ordering vertically rather than horizontally
shiggy diggy

not making it a fortune cookie
it's like you don't care

>Ordering them in such a way that they wouldn't fill an entire row
Shiggy diggy yourself, mate.

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>weird streak cloud
Isn't that an airplane vapor trail from a visitor leaving your island?


can make you the deer statue and let you catalog 1 of autographs, i have that green shirt too

Rate my villagers. C and D are on the chopping block. Not sure on who I'll take from the top. There can only be one Uchi but I haven't decided. Not sure if I'd let go of Sherb for the flamingo either.

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Anyone know if there are ice skates in the game? The figure skating outfit is pretty cool but no shoes seem to go with it.

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>you can't wish on stars if its cloudy
Sounds legit.

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Judy claimed!

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>want rare item that looks nice as a decoration
>make your island look like absolute garbage for months on end to get it
so this is the power of autism...
just water your flowers and enjoy a few new hybrids now and then like a regular person.

My bad, already got one of the deer heads. Forgot to remove that. Which autograph design is it?

Do it. I don't blame you. It's the sexy poses that the villager does in the wardrobe

I can't unsee it much but They'll always be pants for me

Anyone want Megan? She's in boxes in my town.

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dude looks fucked up

I picked up multiple inventories of bait from Pen and burnt through almost all of it trying to catch this fucking Marlin. Fuck this fucking game.

I have the chalkboard, fishing flag, and flashy slacks but all the wrong variant

Does anyone have the black kitchen island? Been trying to contact people on nookazon for an hour and no one is getting back to me


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Man, I wish I could have Raymond

Not as a “heheh le MAID XD” but to bully

paintings are claimed

>Letting Megan leave

I got Megan a couple days ago and I’d give my life to protect her smile

That's a bummer. I have the other chalkboards and fishing flags. Just looking to complete the set. Need that specific color of pants so I can autistically cosplay Kiryu.

The fuck is raymonds personality/decoration style anyways?

a Fireplace, Antique Wardrobe, a Summer/Spring model train set, Ironwood Cupboard, or any bathroom items are things i've been looking for

Glad to see someone that loves Dotty too. I was legitimately happy when I saw her on the top tier, right under god tier.

I have the slacks and a zen stone (not the recipe though), you have any red lily seeds?

I swear Marshal has a caffeine addiction

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So why did everyone believe it had to be a clear night?

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How to fix the golden tools: if you’re going to keep them breakable, give them ALL an extra perk.

>Keep watering can the same, but watered plants have an extra reproduction bonus on top of the usual one
>Shovel: Can translocate trees without the need for fruit
>Net: Wider capture range? (Admittedly having trouble thinking of a perk for this one)
Slingshot: Presents shot down with this have an increased chance to be a rare item
Fishing Rod: Built in bait lure, so when you cast the line into water with no fish nearby, one will spawn (bait no longer needs to be used)
Axe: Chops down tree in one hit, knocks all three pieces of wood out at once

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