Ok so how do we stop them

ok so how do we stop them

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fec.gov/data/receipts/individual-contributions/?contributor_name=LENIUS, WANDA&two_year_transaction_period=2020&min_date=01/01/2019&max_date=12/31/2020

kill steam

they own steam now too???

China is totally fucked from now on, so no need to do anything.

just dont buy their games and publicly shame anyone who does.

This. They're likely to lose sovereign immunity next. That's the death knell for china.

support trump in fucking over china, and invest in gaming companies you actually like, possibly get together with other smart and enterprising anons/friends and make good shit yourselves.

don't buy their games, go on streams of people who play them and shit them up (with well-reasoned, well-spoken zingers you sperg), create music, video, and streams that lampoon and discourage people for supporting them and their games.

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The windfall if China retaliates will be wonderful. Once the gubmunt finds out about Valorant's botnet, Tencent will become a bomb shelter company first and foremost.

We probably can't, short of a major economic downturn in China. As it is, no one cares, and no one cares that no one cares.

Should've stopped them when they resurrected Bubsy years ago.

Going back in time and letting japan keep china

Tencent is going to destroy the western video games industry and I for one can't wait.

Vote Donald Trump in for about 20 more years. Until Corona, he was actually winning the trade war with them.

I have my problems with china too but
>support trump

Chinks can literally be stopped in their tracks by mentioning Taiwan or saying "Free Hong Kong", so it's not that hard.

Orange man or not he's the only person in power in modern history to harm China's bottom line. That's just the facts.

that retarded orange clown and his cult of screeching retarded garbage can rot in hell
>choose the (((lesser))) evil
how about no and you go fuck yourself

He's not evil. Gives retarded speaking points as he's not a career politician, but not evil.

evil is subjective, he's trash, his supporters are trash, they can all drink bleach like he advised them
best case scenario is them and china taking each other out so the actually civilised parts of the world can take charge

>evil is subjective
No, evil is never subjective. Evil is evil.

>choose the greater evil because bad orange man

now you're being autistic, hitler was evil according to his enemies, he wasn't evil according to his people, china and trump are both enemies so they're evil in my eyes even if they're not evil according to their supporters, that's what subjectivity means
and no I'm not choosing the, supposedly, lesser evil
how about I choose neither and tell your orange shithead to drink his bleach

>they can all drink bleach like he advised them
I forgot where I read it, but it was a good point: His supporters take what he says seriously but not literally and his haters takes what he says literally not but seriously.

You don't.
If you think steam isn't working directly with tencent for the chinese steam client, you're just fucking stupid. They won, they already control every major company, and have their fingers in the pies of every other one if they don't own majority stake.

Trump isn't evil

You had your chance Europe, you used it to start two world wars in one century. You don't get to be in charge anymore.

okay time to drink your bleach and fishtank cleaners
oh no not heckin jewerinoos! fuck off amerigolem

>its trumps fault some retard murdered her husband with bleach
good meme

>I don't take responsibility for anything
good clown

>fishtank cleaners
You mean the couple from Phoenix? The one where the woman and man took the fish cleaner? The woman lived. She's also an avid Hillary donator and donated to other anti-right parties calling into questions why she would believe anything Trump says, double so after calling him bad names on social media, went to trial for beating her husband back in 2001 (found not guilty), had a case of mental illness and wanted a divorce back in 2012, lost their lawsuit against Deer. This shit is straight from Forensic Files; she dislikes her husband, wanted a divorce, is having money problems and has mental problems.
Court case for domestic abuse: 01071 SMCR099665
Court case vs Deere with history of mental illness: 6:2012cv02063
FEC Contributor list: fec.gov/data/receipts/individual-contributions/?contributor_name=LENIUS, WANDA&two_year_transaction_period=2020&min_date=01/01/2019&max_date=12/31/2020


vote with your wallet :^)

pirate more games

You canĀ“t, stay mad.

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uhh sounds like fake news to me :^)
now drink your bleach

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By doing everything we can to start a war with China

>call his supporters a cult of screeching retarded garbage
>type what you have
listen, either dilate now or fast-forward five years and deepthroat a knife. Either way, keep it down.

>tweet about possibilities of anti malaria drug or some shit
>retard see tweet, reads half the chemical name, and feeds fish tank cleaner to try treat a completely unrelated illness

yep totally trump's fault
are the riots after travon martin's death obama's fault because of his comments after the shooting?

here comes the cult of autitsic screeching garbage, you're not doing a good job of showing that you're the "lesser" of the evils you know

>hitler was evil
Correct, Hitler was evil. Trump is not Hitler, nor is Trump evil.

Who's talking about jews? I'm talking about how you dipshits started two wars that killed off the majority of people with balls on your continent. You unruly monkeys cannot be trusted with the reigns, you have done more than enough to prove that in the 1900s alone.

trump's a kike lackey amerigolem clown, he's literally evil, according to me
>world war
>who's taking about the jews
american education

but he tweeted mean things! thats exactly the same as trying to exterminate an entire ethnic group!