Fire Emblem Heroes

So, you did summon our one and only Emperor, right?

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How long is she available for

May 7th.

I haven't played this in a long time. I just log in and free summon trash.

Skilllist for her.

>armor march powercreep

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Banner units

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37 orbs.

+Res, -Speed. If I pull a few more orbs I'll keep pulling, but I'll just enjoy her for her insane kit.

free pull, didn't get, didn't care. I'm glad they're pushing so much 3h crap in heroes so I can save my orbs.

Not much of a powercreep when armors usually stick together to buff each other since having only armor unit is usually a death wish unless it's someone like Surtr/Hector

Pulled one +atk -hp, and damn her attack at lvl 40 hits fucking 65, this is just ridicule desu

No because I don't support lootboxes, even when they're re-branded as "orbs"

Gacha games are fucking full time jobs and she comes from a perfectly playable normal game.
I'm just enjoying the fanart spike.

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no I tried to get Naga instead

I took a look at my friendlist and it's all people that haven't logged on in 4+ weeks. I only log on for my daily and even that's starting to become a hassle. Where did it all go wrong?

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Pulled 2 greens in the first session and called it after that. How was your guys' experience with the Abyssal map?

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It's same skill as Tiki but without buffs, thats hardly powercreep since amors generally want keep near team.

I don't care about my Eir now that Peony exists. What kind of units would care about Mystic Boost?

Keep story shitters because quest still need them.

I'm saving for Dimitri and/or Rhea.

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I hate it, and I'm not sure if I care enough to keep clearing Abyssals now that they've buffed their stats so much.

These "Your units are in an awkward position, your movement is heavily restricted and here's a billion reinforcements" maps are just really tiresome. It's not as bad as Eirika's, but it's frustrating to try get through.

I tried with about 100 orbs, got 2 nagi and one celica, no Hitler-chan though, oh well, saving the rest for dimitri, who will probably be next months legendary

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Wasted 140 orbs for one Hrim

>don't really care for the banner, I have all the good shit from blue, and I really don't like using armors at all
>get a L!Celica on the free pull
>figure I'd throw a few more orbs to for shits
>next thing I know I'm down to 50 orbs
>get nothing for my impulsive behavior
This happens every other banner. I can't break this shitty habit.

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>Where did it all go wrong?
When legendary heroes became a thing. That is when the game started to go downhill.

She's pretty bad so no

You did got him right?

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Yeah, not even sure why I rolled for him and Peony. I have all the lights and fires that I could want unless I need to be top of the meta.

Crumb is king of fire damage atm tho and peony just exists as stats stick due passives.

>this is our golden week celebration
>20 orbs(less than last year)
>15 free rolls on a fucking picnic rerun

Where did it all go so wrong

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Who /nino/ here?

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Yes, but she came -Def so I dropped my 200 orbs in hopes of getting a merge, got 2 Nagis, 2 Celicas and one Naga instead.

At least she is +Atk