Be honest.....who here has beaten this game?

Be honest.....who here has beaten this game?

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I'm old

I did a few years ago. It was actually kinda fun. I've been wanting Thunderbird as a boss in a 3D game ever since.

I beat it on GameCube a few years ago, it's pretty good

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How could I forget about Horsehead! He should be remade too.

I made an attempt but honestly after beating 1, I just wanted to get to Link to the Past. This was about three years ago. (Never had it as a youngin')

How the fuck did kids beat NES games back in the day

I did.
Although I did use a guide once for the part you have to walk over the sea. This one and the original are impossible to beat without a guide. Especially the first 1, there are 3 dungeons you will never be able to find without a guide.

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I beat it, though admittedly with a Rom-hack that allowed me to save at the Temples.
It's simply not worth it otherwise.
It's actually pretty good when you're not getting pushed into lava.
The Great Temple was really cool and Thunderbird has an awesome design.

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We didn't, mostly. We'd just bang our head against one of them for months and occasionally miraculously finish it or, more often, get a new game.
t. closer to 40 than 30

I did, on the VC of 3DS.

lot of time and skill.

I did, as a kid. Toughest hurdle for me were always those caves south.
Fighting Dark Link without trying to cheat was pure kino, still amazes me how they were able to program that kind of enemy on the NES
Pretty amazing and unique game for that time

It's not that hard as newfriends make it to be. The only hard part in the game is Desth Mountain and since it's so early I bet many people got filtered there.

Beat the GCN version again last November and then went back to the true Platformer/RPG adventure kino, Super Adventure Island II

you'd pop those fuckers in every day and try. Fuck this one though.

I have. I even have the game in the NES bookcase.

I beat it when the Zelda Collector's Edition on GCN came out. I did use guides though IIRC.

Nah I just tell people I beat this and the first so they think I'm an OG fan even though the first Zelda I played was OOT (never finished it either). Nobody calls me out for it either

Game Genie for games that were unfair.

I did on the Wii U years back when there was nothing else to play.

did it on the mini nes, took an afternoon'ish

I had the game as a kid. Kids could not beat this game without a guide. I had no guide.

I did, and I preferred it to the original Zelda.

Me. Still one of my favorite Zelda games.
I made it through almost the entire game without a guide, but used one for the Great Palace and one other spot. Played it for years as a kid though, and spent lots of time wandering around aimlessly figuring out where to go. The game felt like a huge adventure, I didn't have anything similar at the time. Didn't get Zelda 1 until way later, only tried it once when my older brother's friend brought it over to our house.

i did on wii vc. shame this formula will never get another chance.

I beat it when I was a kid. I got all the way to Link's shadow and couldn't figure out how to beat it. It was actually the one and only time I called the Nintendo power hotline. The faggot I talked to said he couldn't outright tell me since it was the last boss but gave me a hint. He said keep a low profile, which of course meant stab the legs while crouching. I wish I could say it was worth it but my mom beat my ass for running up the phone bill.

Beat that shit and TMNT when I was a child.
The final levels on both games were frustrating as fuck but I was too young to rage back then, instead I remember being actually scared when shit got too real. I kinda miss that.

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Me. I actually really liked it but it took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out that I had to use thunder to beat the great palace guardian.

I've beat it a couple times. I like the concept but overall it's a pretty flawed game. I really dig what they were going with the sword combat, how there's actual dueling with high and low stances, shields etc. It's just a shame it's so easily cheesed with jump attacks and how near every boss can be beaten by just crouching in a corner

Also it has some of the laziest sprite tiling I've seen in an NES game

>Stuck at the invincible knight
I should pick up this again.....

>the original are impossible to beat without a guide
I won't speak for 2, but the original has just enough in-game hints to beat it without a guide. Literally every single secret dungeon entrance has a relevant hint.

Shit son, the only time I call the Nintendo hotline was for Zelda II as well, I was really shy and embarassed too when someone actually started asking what I needed help with, it was some random shit palace I couldn't find my way in and the guy was actually helpful and I made it the boss but whenever I got stuck again I remember thinking "yeah I'm not calling them again". Felt embarrassing I guess. Also turns out it was a pretty expensive call as my dad later found out.