Monster Hunter

>all he does is autistically screech
What the fuck is his problem?

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Maybe if you stopped and listened to him you’d know, ya jerk

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That's basically all we do here too, what's the problem?

He has a pebble in his boot

he's in World
Poll regarding if you use mods, and what kind, you may pick multiple options and there's even one for not using mods at all.
This is for curiosity sake.

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I fucking swear they put AT nami into this game purposely to showcase/taunt players with how fucking atrociously awful the clutch claw system is.
>try to grapple its head
>it moves everywhere and the claw isn't hitscan so I miss
>try to grapple the head
>the wings are xboxhuge so I get onto the wings instead
>it does its wingswipe attack and I get knocked off
>try to grapple its head
>I grapple onto its front legs instead
>try to grapple its head
>capcom brilliantly thought that there would be about a full second delay between getting onto its head and being able to do claw attack/slinger burst
>it does a forward lunge attack and I get knocked off

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My dick was harder than the difficulty of AT Namielle

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I don't use them, but I'd kill for a mod that extends the shiny drop duration before despawning. I hate having to get away from fights in the Guiding Lands just to collect materials

If my screams were ear-shatteringly loud then i would autistically screech all day too.

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back to your dead general, faggot


>Variant of a retard monster screeches like a retard
I wonder...

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brute tigrex more like rude nigrex

>beat all optionals
>waiting for AT Nami

>AT Nami comes out
>clear AT Nami enough for all the new gear that requires the ticket
>nothing left

I'm so butthurt Alatreon got delayed.

You are just bad my man, git gud.
AT is so easy to wallbang, I did it 5 times in the same quest with an user, and boy, sure it was fun

>finish iceborne story
>farm raging brachy for weapons and armor
>all the items to augment weapons and armor are ???

do I seriously have to grind fucking guiding lands areas to max level just for the parts to augment all my shit? why did they lock augments behind this faggotry?

For GS, someone told me you only need Focus 2. Is that true? I've been running 3 the whole time.

MR kulve and AT namielle were so bad that I lost motivation to play for a long time. And then they went and delayed alatreon for who knows how long. Capcom just telling me to pay better games.

What is the best looking Hammer in the game? What about HBG? LBG? It's time to layer my Safi shit.

Also, am I wrong in thinking an un-layered Taroth Support actually looks OK with Ruiner nerg parts on a gold frame?

I wish that there was a mod that let you vacuum up shiny drops by walking over them

then I wish Capcom took inspiration from said mod and released it in-game somehow, like how they took inspiration from the "All NPC in gathering hub" mod when making the Seliana gathering hub

Would you rather farm streamstones instead?

Yes, you need to grind GL for augment shit and tempered augment shit. Equip 1 Geologist jewel and all the shinies the monsters drop will count as 2 drops instead, making it less of a pain in the ass.

It's still a huge pain in the ass.

you just need MR 100 and you can use someone else's guiding lands.

Brute Tigrex was more of a menace in 4G, I remember shitting my pants when that bastard appeared.

Here in IB, just feels a threat when you are in the arena. Wish they introduced Grimclaw Tigrex, would be an awesome fight.

Just woke up, how is AT Namielle, hunters? Is it hard as fuck like it's supossed to be? Anything I should be prepared for?

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Brute Nigrex is the easier of the two it feels because when he roars, the hitbox is so retardedly small, you can just go apeshit on him and he does the move non fucking stop so it's free damage.

If you have Earplugs for whatever reason or you run Guard or use LS Foresight, it's one of the easiest endgame monsters in the game.

>You are just bad my man
> with an user
Okay sure thing faggot. I bet you used temporal and rocksteady mantle too. I also don't have to get used to this fight either, after getting 4 tokens from 2 solos, I don't need to do this obnoxious quest many times to get everything.

Fuckton HP, it will take you around 15+ minutes in the first runs. Doesn't get tired easily and triggers stun faster than normal Nami

Like a slightly stronger Nami
Equally as fucking boring

Regular namielle with higher hp. If you farmed it's tempered version a lot in GL for health augs, then you will zero problems against AT version.

2 at the bare minimum but 3 is the best.

No dumbfuck dingo, only Glider Mantle+
and Temporal Mantle (haven't upgraded it), it is about knowing when the monster is tired.
Weapons like GS, Hammer and SnS triggers easier exhaust when hitting al parts.

wonder why did they add explore barioth instead of red rex

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Start a new hunter. There's 3 save slots.

Master Rank GS sets can fit focus 3 without any issue (no sacrifice of any actualy mandatory skills)

With how many fucking skills and slots you can put in a modern GS set there's always something you should cut before Focus 3.

In High rank Focus 2 was used because it provided the highest increase in charge speed per point and your whole set had 7 slots in it, mostly level 1. Most MR sets have 14-15 slots now and 5-6 of them are level 4's which are basically 2 slots.Fuck, in the last thread there was a dude that I built a set for that had Masters Touch, full Crit Boost, Crit Eye, Weakness Exploit, and you can still fit

- Agitator 7
- Evade Window 5
- Health Boost
- Flinch Free 1
- Coalesence 1
- Airborne
- Fortify
- Blast attack 2
- Latent power 1
- Heat Guard