Bring up emulation

>bring up emulation
>instantly cause seething anger among 50% of Yas Forums

Why is this such a contentious topic? I see more rage directed at the concept of PC emulation than piracy I'm general. Is it all collectorfags mad that their multi-thousand dollar investment is pointless?

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I wish you'd use a better example than an emulator so bad it makes you want to get out the original console

As expected "muh PCSX2 sux" faggots coming out of the woodwork.

Cry more faggot, while I play Shadow of the colossus with actually stable framerate and any resolution I want
>b-b-but muh noname trash is glitchy!!!
Shut the fuck up


It works perfectly for all the games I use on it, and for the few that doesn't it usually works after some fast troubleshooting from the forums. I have no idea where this meme that it doesn't work came from. But here's an even more useful emulator that fanboys on Yas Forums will rage at.

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I like owning the games and have a ton but I don't like keeping a crt arouns just to play some old ass ps2 game for a little bit and my friend stole my ps2 to sell for heroin so I just emulate when I feel like playing an old game and don't give a shit or notice the differences. unless of course the game is running like shit obviously but that doesn't really happen now. even if I want to replay a game that I still own the game+system for I just download a rom/iso real quick and play it.

it does, it's a garbage emulator
emulators that have litanies of toggleable hacks just show that the compatibility overall is very poor
sure runs good, but is barely functional, runs at 40 fps, has to be toggled into software mode for fmvs, has objects that don't render, and etc

there's lots of good emulators, even for recent systems
but n64? ps2? yeah those emulators might be old but they're still immature and inaccurate

Nintendo emulators have whole legions of autists to perfect them, you can't hold everything else to their standard. PCSX2 can play every big JRPG and most action games from PS2, really all the issues it has are the more obscure titles because they need a little fine tuning that no one has done yet.

its the younger zoomies I don't know why but emulation triggers them hard, so do mods. they're little brand loyalist consumer cucks.

kek you should try /vr/. They'll make 50% seething look like amateur numbers.

That doesn't make it garbage. Show me the ratio of "games that run on acceptable FPS without game breaking issues" to "games that run on unacceptable FPS and have game breaking issues". If the latter outweighs the former, I'd see a point in your claim.

>and my friend stole my ps2 to sell for heroin
You better have avenged your ps2 and made him suffer.

I don't know. Emulation is good, though, big fan.

Times when emulation is good:
>It's an ancient console with emulation totally figured out creating a seamless user experience from the original
>Acquiring it physically is obscenely overpriced or impossible
>Playing a game with a hack/alteration to add replayability and/or QoL features

Times when emulation is bad:
>It's a modern console/game you can get for cheap either physically or on Steam/GoG/etc
>To not spend money because you're poor
>To brag to people with enough money to buy their games

nah but never really talked to him again. I did however buy a ps2 slim that scratched a bunch of my discs :)

They hate it because big daddy Nintendo is making a killing selling them roms

They'd rather pay for their garbage games

I remember posting there years ago, what went so wrong?

emulation & piracy are great, just don't pay money

you're just affirming what i said in the post

less popular games have issues, because they're less popular
n64 still has issues, so it's not a point of it being a nintendo system

and interesting example of quality emulation is cps1, which for a while was considered the best it could be, but then FPGA based hardware emulation came along with all the decapping projects and revealed that hey, cps1 software emulation WASN'T quite perfect yet
and now they've addressed what wasn't perfect and refined it to be better, they didn't just give up

cps1 is a much more primitive system than the early 3d systems, it's unreasonable to expect things to be ironed out in a few months time, and there isn't the benefit of decapping and FPGA based emulation for anyone to learn from for it right now, but it'll get there eventually
it's just not there now

modern interpreters like we see for switch and ps3 are a lot more interesting and less hacky, and a lot more effective too
but what those are doing isn't quite what is available for poorly emulated systems

>That doesn't make it garbage
one man's trash is another man's treasure, when your standards are low

Please see for the correct interpretation of emulation.

No idea. At some point though /vr/ became garbage.

We're infested by shills and brand worshipers.

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>when your standards are low
>emulator that can run most games with the exception of the unpopular few is low standards
Unless you have a binary view of standard and quality.
[citation needed]

errors being present is binary
there are errors present

i'm not going to make a big deal out of it, since i'm not the one that is going to be fixing the error
i don't care that much about a garbage emulator

>be buyfag
>get vidya stolen for heroin
>get discs scratched

kek what a piece of shit. 90% of the library has graphical or performance issues even after referrencing the fixes on the wiki. i'll just softmod my 15 year old ps2, no thanks dumb faggot OP.

Some social engineering company has been paid to stigmatize emulation.

What's a good alternative PS2 emulator if that memeulator is so bad? Or is it the only choice?

cool theory man

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How do i solve these problems?
Crashes on the prologue
>Ratchet Deadlocked
Ratchet gets stuck on the ledges on the tutorial mission
>Neo Contra
Crashes on the 1st mission
>Wrath of Cortex
Screen messes up in the levels Droid Void and Crate Balls of Fire
>in General
Can´t move diagonally with the analog, only horizontal and vertical in some games.

>cool theory man

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Only retards and corporate shills have a problem with emulation.

>Buy modern games so I can play them when they're new and have fun
>Back them up later when emulation becomes viable so I can play portable games on a bigger screen or older games on a softmodded portable
>Get to back up my progress and save data that way too

It's good to be a buyfag and emulationfag

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Forgot to mention playing Wii/GC/Wii U games in 4K is pretty fucking neat

Because you’re enjoying the fruits of their old console without committing to owning one. You aren’t part of the tribe but you get to eat their berry paste recipe, and the whole point of joining the tribe is to get the chance to have some of the paste.

neato meme dog

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PCSX2 is literally the worst mainstream emulator and their devs are made fun of by every other emulation team.

fake news

MAME restored my love for video games

how are the things on the left positive