Great or almost perfect game got fucked over by one patch, update, or DLC

>Great or almost perfect game got fucked over by one patch, update, or DLC
What's her name, Yas Forums?

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Minecraft btw
you know which patch

cmon Yas Forums

Cube World

thats a nice decade of horizontal progression and story-focused content you've got there
shame if anything were to happen to it

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Hunger is a good system, fuck off

The Bannerlord update for Warband

i don't get it.

overwatch was genuinely enjoyable before blizzard decided to work their famous balancing magic on it

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It doesnt fit the game at all

>Oh, you wanna pick this character?
>Hmm, gee, I don't knooow, you might wanna pick this character, your team might get upset :(
Fuck this shit, man

came to post this. Making Overwatch some overly-competitive shooter with balance changes that scream "we want the moba audience" was a painful and slow death for the potential it had.

Tribes: Ascend

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Star Wars Galaxies is the most obvious choice.

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Fuck, Tribes too, you're right.

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Vermintide 2
the game was already in shambles but winds of magic just hammered a stake right into its heart, revamping the combat for literally no fucking reason and leaving so many other systems that needed changing for years completely untouched
fuck fatshark

TF2's free update.

What things needed an update instead, then?

lootbox bullshit
crafting bullshit
hero power bullshit
hat bullshit
not implementing the weaves/seasonal bullshit
dedicated servers
actual mod support
they also could have just not fucked with the combat because it was fine the way it was

whichever update limited the amount of heroes in overwatch.
having a game with 5 torbjörns was fun.

Yeah, 1.9, flight ruins almost everything.

It wasn't great, exactly, but Stellaris was permanently ruined in the update that cut out two of the FTL travel options so all civilizations were stuck with a single option.

Warcraft 3

I only played stellaris after that patch, how did it affect FTL travel anyway? What differences did the options give?

Originally there were three options.
>Hyperlanes, a bunch of fixed routes between systems. Fast, but you could only travel the game's pre-generated routes
>Warp, a lot slower than hyperlanes but without the movement restriction, so you could go anywhere directly.
>Wormhole gates, the fastest method in theory, but to actually perform wormhole jumps you had to construct a gate for your ships to go through, and it had a fixed range so you could only travel as far as you could finagle your gates.
The update changed it so that you could ONLY use hyperlanes, fuck variety, because the mentally retarded developers thought it was more important to have a "balanced" game than a 4X game with options and variety. And just since you said you lacked context, all the balance problems they tried to fix didn't go away with those changes, they just became significantly worse to deal with because you now only had a single way to handle them instead of four or five.

But how can you use wormholes when you need to have visisted a system to construct it?

You can jump TO a system without a gate being there, and you can travel back to the gate you just used without a new one. The gates were basically hub points. At least as best as I can recall. I don't remember everything about the old system, but I do remember wormholes were the most fun.

>unga bunga left click spam = good combat

Sins of a solar empire used hyperlanes only and it worked fine, why is it so bad with Stellaris?

SoSE based its core gameplay around tight, combat-focused expansion. It was made with only hyperlanes in mind. Stellaris was meant to be a sandbox with the intention of endless permutations of the technological focus of your civilization. The variety of strange things that could happen while exploring was a vital piece of the early game, and the differences in how different species traveled became important in the mid-game as you started fighting wars. Stellaris crippled both of these stages of the game.


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I wouldn't say one specific update, but Operation Health in Siege was the start of the end.

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It fits it perfectly. Just play creative mode if you don't want any actual survival elements in fucking survival mode.

Vermintide 2

Tf2 and overwatch.

Appeasing comp fags never fucking works.

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Bayonetta and cloud were stupid.
While characters like Rosalina and Zero suit were stupid Bayoneta was one tier above the rest and cloud ruined doubles and the quantity of people who switched to him was dreading.


DOTA 2 7.00

Vermintide winds of magic

All you had to do was add fucking beastmen,weapons and maps you cunts

A recent patch in ff9 deleted it from your steam, square rolled back to a several year old beta with broken saves and even more audio buga

Ragnarok Online

I still think about the game, and the good times a lot.

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Hunt: Showdown

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What the fuck.

I miss RO

Warcraft 3 reforged, purely because it also fucked up the online capabilities of the original

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Overwatch is proof that balance patches shouldn't exist

yeah those female hunters were unnecessary

i think your hippopothamus have autism

I really dislike the addition of the clutch claw in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. It gave the creators the excuse to make all the enemies have twice the amount of health unless you continually break the opponent for the entire hunt.

Its an elephant, and he's in musth.

I'm glad I didn't buy it but holy shit I was still disappointed. So much wasted potential and the spineless dev will never fix the game

7 days to die, they removed skill progression based on using the skill and instead replaced it with an mmo tier 'kill zombies to become better at cooking' bullshit

what happened

It really is an up and down for that game.
I still have a hard time liking the new way planets are handled, but the fact that they finally touched Diplomacy got me back into the game for a bit.
I really can't decide if I liked the flexible, but unpredictable early and mid of the old versions or the standardized and boring, but fair of the new expanding.
For now I'll try to stay with new starbase system, but old planets.

How did you miss it?
The alpha was abandoned after a few minor patches and left with glaring issues and now he released ba beta after like 6 years and left it without a single update and with a whole ton of new issues.

overwatch is such a fucked mess in the sense of balancing. buff one character slightly or even nerf the characters hard counter and the entire team comp meta is thrown on its head.
i remember when they reduced winstons head-hitbox size by 15% and that alone made him a must pick, until they buffed reaper again

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The last dlc for Binding of Isaac. Haven’t played since the day it came out so maybe it’s better

Yeah this too, although i mostly got burned from Afterbirth (though i did 100% it). I never got the one after that.

Basically game was in alpha many many years back (2013) and people loved it. Game could be downloaded but was taken off the web because somebody started DDoSing dev's website. Dev was very inactive and didn't post updates on the game's progress. People gave up hope and were sure the game was dropped but surprisingly the dev dropped the bombshell that the 1.0 would be releasing in late 2019. People got hyped up and the game was somehow shit. Unfun gameplay loop, unexplained removed features, barely any new additions to what was already in alpha. Dev is a maggot who gets sensitive when people criticize him and supposedly the reason he never updated his progress on the game was because it stressed him out or something. People were calling him out as a scammer unsurprisingly. I doubt the game will ever get updated again and the issues will stay the way they are.

TL;DR Basically it's worse than it was in alpha