How come zoomzooms can’t understand the true concept of SOUL?

How come zoomzooms can’t understand the true concept of SOUL?

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Anime doesn't deserve such a monopoly on the 2d waifus desu

Maybe first you should consider the monopoly that anime has on your words, cuck.

Amazing how much better the design on the right is.

Photorealistic artstyles are incredibly boring.
Lurk for a week before posting.

>being this new

this but on the left actually

Truth. Only SOULLESS w*sterncucks will disagree.

Shitty bait.

good god, the election really fuckin screwed this place, huh? can no one recognize bait anymore

>merely pretending!

I'm not new you nigger, I actually know how to use 'cuck' unlike you. This is nearly my 3rd year


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SEETHING he got baited, lmfao.

OH YA I LOOOVE manfaces and Goblino genetics! Pic fucking related, probably your waifu since youre so used to SJW-fueled disgusting faces with zero tits.

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That's because the only people in the west who take on art now are gay or trannies.


left: a waitress
right: waitress for closet trannies to roleplay as

You have that the other way around. Left looks like cute realistic design while right looks like generic sameface anime girl.

>I was merely pretending to be angry
The absolute state of R*dditors

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>everything is either el goblinos or generic anime waifu #98769473582766198764783

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why do all anime girls HAVE to have bangs?

The right is so fucking souless
Generic anime girls have no fucking soul

Wow. so creative. If you w*sterncucks played something ACTUALLY simulating to your brain, like Xenoblade or Monster Hunter then you might actually reflect that in your posts. Seeing as how that's easily Basedjack 15 of probably 100, you clearly only play shitty zoomy westernshit like Nu-Doom or Dragon Age.

there is no soul

Why can't we have both? I think a gacha with everyone drawn like on the left would be nice. If for no reason other than a change of pace.

Because it utterly lacks in SOUL. Something, as the OP said, you ZOOMZOOMS do not understand.

Imagine having such a trash opinion.

They're both fine though.

I can't tell retards apart from baitposters anymore.

They both look good, just depends on what artstyle you prefer.

Oldschool Wizardry style is dank.

Cute animu girls are also dank.

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>>I was merely pretending to be angry
No, seriously, you should just off yourself. Not in reality, dear me, I wouldn't want to be responsible for a young boy's death. But remove yourself from this site, at least for a few years.

>visuals and huds that make battleborne look tame are """""stimulating"""""
wanna play with my keys kiddo?

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Rent free. Have sex, incel, then maybe you'll be on my level. Until then, stay off MY Yas Forums.

The fact that you paired that .webm with your post just shows how much modern SJW agendas have melted your brain, lmfao. Do you even own a Switch...? Have you even played a single Pokemon game? A lot of developers look to the Pokemon series for innovation, but I guess you didnt know that either with your face buried deep in Tranny goblino garbage.

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Not vidya. Take it to r*ddit, tranny.

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cringe cope dilate unbased seethe yikes, cuck

Lol, you didnt even do the order right, newfag. Shows how much you've "lurked" here, huh?


Lurk moar, newfag. Youre still fucking up the order.

>muh back flips,
>muh glowing clouds of diarrhea,
>muh anti gravity
>muh "press x not to die"-tier hud

anime is trash. jrpgs are cancer. you are literally a child. irrefutable. i win.

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Honorable mentions:

Stay mad, w*sterncuck. Enjoy your shitty games with SJW agendas, meanwhile, I'll stay in my JRPG fantasy wonderworld. You are the literal definition of sour grapes.

Why do trannies love anime girls so much?

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What game?

human girls reject them
cartoon girls don't

those labels are reversed, weebshit is the epitome of soulless

you like those "annie mays" huh? well you'll LOVE this!

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>Stay mad, w*sterncuck. Enjoy your shitty games with SJW agendas, meanwhile, I'll stay in my JRPG fantasy wonderworld. You are the literal definition of sour grapes.

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SJW tears taste so good!

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anime is a gateway drug to crossdressing, being a tranny and all round waste of oxygen

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Yas Forums is an anime website
now post the infograph to cope, cuck

imagine having such a based opinion.

>actually supporting feminist controlled vidya
Fuck off and leave. You don't belong on Yas Forums if you genuinely side with muh strong independent womyns, or the SJW agenda.

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>he plays JRPGs
That explains your mental illness

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anime is not real art, most artist that started drawing manga wish they never did

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shouldn't you be tending to your ax wounds, trannies?

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>he plays WRPGS
That explains why he only likes men. Literal SJW gay fantasies, lmfao

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>obsessed with trannies
Yup, checks out! You're DEFINITELY an election cuck!

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citation needed

>he unironically thinks that ai play any type of rpg
Lmao @ ur life, retard. Go back to your """"""games""""""

i voted hillary btw :^)

t. can't read
Read it over once or twice this time! I know it's hard for you, but maybe this time around something will click... Oh, that is, if you can get your thoughts off of SJW agendas, you sheeple

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>i voted for hillary!
imagine being so proud of this that you wanted to post it online. IN THE WORDS OF GOD EMPEROR DADDY TRUMP:


Cool thread

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The left one remember me those 90's klai games like new horizon that use western art and look pretty good

not my fault your kind (or weebs as i like to call them, weebs, trannies, same thing) came pouring out of the woodwork like the rat faced abominations you are.

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It shows.

>continues to post trannies
lol, like fucking pottery.

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To me, they're the same picture. Not in art style, but in what they're trying to communicate.
Y'know, a bar maiden being cute.
I'm not saying that just any artstyle could get this across.

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i voted trump btw :^)

imagine being an outcast in a sea of outcasts
that is what the "anti-weeb" Yas Forums poster literally embodies, your values and beliefs are fundamentally misaligned to the culture of the site
a complete abortion of a person and a detriment to any board you post on

Wait.. oh no

>but in what they're trying to communicate.
>left, some ugly mutt
>right, makes my peepee hard
Just try to fap to both pictures. Which makes you cum faster? The one on the right is the correct answer,

there. i posted a picture of you. happy now?

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What they're trying to communicate is a cute barmaid


You shouldn't upload a picture of yourself and claim that it's me.

Pic related, it's me by the way.

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Being aroused by cute barmaid is part of being a cute barmaid

Less looks much better

>Photorealistic artstyles are incredibly boring.
And the same old tired animé style isn't ?

the right is the most soulless looking thing ever. horrible example

>And the same old tired animé style isn't ?

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