Good move of Nintendo incorporating black characters in their games

Good move of Nintendo incorporating black characters in their games

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Based and ebonyfilled

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When the Yakuza entrusted Nintendo to the banker, he was given freedom to make the changes he wanted to see in the company. Nintendo lacked curvy females and women of color.

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Asking to be colonized

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>Needs the numbers to be upside down so she can read what they say
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is this the damn son album?


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Hell yeah

I lost my login info years ago sadly but post it out of nostalgia

Yeah twintelle is hot, but where are the Gerudo women?

it's the same artist, you dunce

based AND redpilled

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The entire Legend of Zelda series

Those aren't black people. Black people are ugly. Those are just colored in anime characters.

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No more shitskins.

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Right is actually cuter

an american types this

An american types this

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These aren't white characters, either.

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Shame they don't do anything like real life black people, like stealing or killing. Talk about racism

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what the fuck

Lenora is black

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Based Yusuke

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>revised Lenora
>the apron is just off

Little did they know one thing black women are offended by is being single whore mothers

>Oda Non

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Why do retards constantly come into these threads and bitch about "They're not real Black! Real Black women look like this!" Or "White women are better, how can you like black women".

Nobody fucking cares about real black women and nobody cares about your retarded preferences.

Keep posting 2D Brown Girls. That's the only reason anybody is even here. Fuck your autistic bitching.

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Robaato is a trash artist with a trash personality. Unironic chuuni gamer.

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Feminists were up in arms thinking this was a jab at nigger women being unanimously nannies for white children

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Different people have different tastes. You'd know this if you went outside

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It's the pajeet shitposters, user. They do this all the time and have ruined Nessa threads as a result.

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I thought she was the mom of the house growing up? There's one episode where she goes out in a lavish dress then runs back to kick Tom's ass when he and Jerry fucked up the house.

>Olivia got no doujins

Paajeets need to worry about India where dogs get raped in the streets than a brown thread

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She was, the episodes with white families had different artstyles

To be honest any season where Tom wasn't owned by a black woman was shit

Especially the godawul 70s animation

>right is drawn it like shit on purpose
nice one

>She is a heavy-set middle-aged African American housemaid who takes care of the house in which Tom and Jerry reside.
>Rembrandt Films produced 13 Tom and Jerry shorts and they were released from 1961 to 1962. Director Gene Deitch stated in an interview that he opted not to use Mammy's character in the 13 shorts, as he felt a "stereotypical black housekeep" character "didn't work in a modern context."
>MGM Animation/Visual Arts, under the supervision of Chuck Jones, created replacement characters for Mammy in the Tom and Jerry cartoons featuring her for television. These versions used rotoscoping techniques to replace Mammy on-screen with a similarly stocky white woman
>This time, Lillian Randolph's voice was replaced with that of Thea Vidale, who re-recorded the dialogue to remove Mammy's use of potentially offensive dialect.

You mean the edited versions where they took her out of Tom and Jerry because it was supposedly racist?


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I've done it once and shall again someday. btw, source on the bottom left image please

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I want more Nicki Minaj inspired like Twintelle. She's fucking amazing. Minaj is the definition of a concept that's amazing in 2D but the idea is played up in enough characters.