>still can't bring myself to play video games

What the fuck are you anons doing all day

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Playing video games.


I might play Diablo 1

Why has this character become a NEET icon when she's in employment as an idol?

Shitposting on Yas Forums.

Yoga and meditation.

>Wont get any time off for the virus because of a technicality

self loathing

She probably homeschools too.

Don't post on Yas Forums. I usually get myself intentionally banned just to avoid coming here. This place is cancer to your brain.

Clicking on all the cunny threads

>>What the fuck are you anons doing all day
Playing videogames

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Name 1 video game th

filthy neet

Playing Animal Crossing and a few other things on my Switch.

I can't bring myself to play video games because THERE IS FUCKING NOTHING TO PLAY, FUCK!
I would give my ass to be able to play Elden Ring or Cyberpunk 2077 already.

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Post on Yas Forums

>tfw NEET with zero energy
>always have a video game on but I can't motivate myself to play

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Stop crying babby.

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she appeals to retards that call themselves neets but are just in unproductive situations (two or three college sessions a day, part timers in retail that only get 25 hours a week, people that think they're "temporary neets" because the coronavirus lockdowns are keeping them from their jobs)

you'd give your ass for a cheese burger fag

Ahhh finally time to work on my backlog
>Install Ori, both REmakes, Witcher 3, LISA, A Hat in Time, Gungeon, Alien Isolation, Deus Ex and Blasphemous
>Stare at them for a minute
>Get drunk and watch Streamers instead

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Rendering my review of that Tiger King Netflix documentary

i wanna do some things with this lolineet

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I can play for maybe an hour or two but I'm always alt-tabbing to do something else. Starting to consider experimenting with certain drugs to up my focus.


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How do I stop overthinking bros

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>Play for 20 minutes
>See literally any amount of thigh, cleavage or discernible hips on a female character
>Alt-tab and fap
>Lose all interest in continuing the game

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>What the fuck are you anons doing all day
I've still got to go to work.

been playing a lot of risk of rain 2

Also this

Seriously, if this isn't a joke please get some self-dicipline. You will feel better about yourself as well.

like what?
It's kinda worse now because I started an antidepressant which makes me drowsy for most of the day. I should get back into playing VNs since they're so low effort.
Wish I still had my vita honestly, I never got to try VNs on that little thing, but it looks really nice

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Same, I couldn’t even play through bravely default because I was fapping too much

I've been at home for 2 weeks, and have probably played 10 hours overall.
Maybe war does change.

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>What the fuck are you anons doing all day
I still have work to do since I'm an emergency worker. So I work early morning, come home around 10 AM, take a nap, play Animal Crossing and funpost on Yas Forums and /ink/, and then go to bed around 7. It's pretty comfy tbhsu fampailambourghini.

i need games that i can spend autistic amounts of hours in

That's a lot of chocolate.

85% alc. and shitpost
6% computer game
4% food
3% personal hygiene
2 % cleaning

Fake NEET.

i try to play but barely get an hour into into it before getting bored and closing the game down. The i pace around the house, browse Yas Forums, smoke a ciggarette, or indulge in any other distraction i can find until i get the... werhewithall to try and game again. The rinse and repeat.

i'm slowly getting through games, but its not like before when i could do 16 hour sessions strtaight. feelsbadman.

playing video games
listening to music
working out
watching movies
occasionally working and studying

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Think about it and you'll see
stop thinking and instead just do things and it'll build discipline which will let you do things without overthinking

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browse Yas Forums
thats really it

Watching speedruns on YT, masturbating with XL dragon dildos and playing the piano, sometimes drawing.

This, and thinking about the good times in the past because I have no future. Thanks for listening to my TED talk.

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He goal is to get constant checks so she can just fuck off afterwards.

Its sympathetic to the would be neets that can't be neets.

Nice meme. You are just lazy and in denial, but don't want to do anything productive.

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t. faggot

>t. lazy dumb NEET

>listening to music
>working out
>watching movies
MFW I just realise I almost never do that anymore.

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I'm lazy AND an over thinker though
But I'm slowly gaining discipline and not being a lazy faggot via routines and exercises so I'm gonna make it
Thank you for your rude encouragement user!

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get back to it user. theres no day like the present.

you wish

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>just got laid off

Kill me.

>work shut down
>get two free weeks off
>get super hyped to play shit
>install a few games, hyped to play
>cant bring myself to play any of them
>open youtube and Yas Forums instead

just kill me, bros...

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are you me? already wasted 3 weeks
but shitpoating here? leave that to me dude
18 hours a day here
imfeel like wasting my life away

that's pretty good if you like it
I used to make $20 an hour but I hated my life by day and was drained by the time I got home
I miss the money and that's it


oh no

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literally how
i cant bring myself to

>posting such personal info on Yas Forums
lmao rip

It's the most mindless and boring job I'll ever have, but the pay and benefits make up for how god awful it makes you feel.

i know, im scared of the inevitable layoffs coming from coronachan

Children are sexy

i used to live in 023 part of federal way on the beach, if you havent eaten at Pops pizza you need you.

Thanks user, I'll keep that in mind

you should be worried more about the 737 lawsuits being enough to bury the company more than corona

the only thing that can save them from that is the fact that the US government pours billions into the company via defense contracts

Guys I can't fucking finish games nowadays.
I'm always hyped for the first hour or so but stop in the end.

In the past 2 weeks I played.

Yokai Watch 2 for 30h
Felt like a game for toddlers and bored me to death after some time.

Stella Glow 3h
Story was shit and gameplay was terrible as well.

Banjo Kazooie 4h I think
100%ed the first 4-5 lvls and felt like I got my fill

Digimon Cyber Sleuth 12h
The game is fucking trash 10h were fucking dialogue wtf?
Training digimon and shit is fun but there is literally no gameplay other than talking to npcs and grinding random encounters which all die in 1 hit.

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> layoffs
Airborne infrastructure will never become obsolete.
Hire brown people and planes start falling out of the sky.

is this supposed to be impressive? 1700ish in 2 weeks isn't that much. Might as well be a camwhore and make that much in 3 days even if you are unpopular.