Well Yas Forums?

Well Yas Forums?

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a) girlfriend, or bitches as i call them


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adult bayonetta as mother, loli bayonetta as girlfriend


C) of course.

Isn't C just the logical conclusion of B? Obviously that.

C, obviously

C, obviously

A. Why would anyone want the others?

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C is the only correct answer.

What's her pussy situation like?


C of course, any other answer is falacious and homosexual


why the fuck does Yas Forums have such an Oedipus complex?

finally, a fucking heterosexual thread after yesterday's debacle.

Because I don't want to fuck my mother? You are fucking disgusting.

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Yas Forums isn't chad enough to realize that mom / son doesn't hold a candle to twins.

C because it stands for cunny


Because Yas Forums is full of incels whose moms are the only women who have shown them any affection

at least one user in this thread has a high intellect

Because Yas Forums is just tired and wants to be smothered.

Project harder, man

my femdom oneesama.
>ara ara user you came already? ufufu

Does he mean that Bayonetta becomes my mother, My mother becomes Bayonetta, or I become Bayonetta's son?

it's a pretty common phenomenon

Ah, you are a man of exceptionally high culture

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No thanks, I'd much rather be with Luka tbqh

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Because Yas Forums is full of retards who've watched so much porn it takes wilder and wilder shit to get them off.

It's not fun. I accidentally had sex with my mom and it hasn't hot and it completely ruined my family. I've barely talked to my mom or the rest of my family for nearly 8 years

If you wouldn't fuck Bayo if she was your mother, you don't deserve her as your girlfriend

Toss up between 1 and 3, preferably 3 but definitely not 2.

You know damn well you can't just leave the story at that, asshole.


Doesn't mean it applies to everyone who are into milfs

How do you """ACCIDENTALLY""" fuck your own Mother, what the fuck are you talking about

Project harder.

b because i lost my parents when i was young and i really want a mom

>I accidentally had sex with my mom
You can't just drop this one and not elaborate.

maybe if you were better in bed your mother would still love you

none of the above

Meant for

Nigger what

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>accidentally had sex
What, did you trip after getting out of the shower while your mom was around and somehow you ended up inside of her? Did you not know it was your mom beforehand? Are you Oedipus Rex himself?

> I accidentally had sex with my mom

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my condolences, can't imagine life without my mom

Fine you thirsty fucks.

>mom and dad had a fight
>she slept in my bed
>she usually just wears a one piece dress around the house with no underwear
>go to sleep
>wake up in middle of the night
>she's drapped over me
>feel her pussy up against me
>was semi-lucid and thought I was in a dream
>begin to rub her pussy
>she moans a bit
>so fucking horny
>mount her and start fucking
>she wakes up
>doesn't say anything and puts her arms around me
>oh fuck
>realize what I did
>try to go back to sleep
>our relationship has never been the same since

because they want mommy/son relationships
taking a random woman and saying she's your mother won't make her your actual mother, its just roleplay

you motherfucker

>"""Accidentally"" btw
Yeah bitch, right.

Nice larp incel

Doesn't sound accidental at all

>its just roleplay
Go back to Discord you disgusting mentally ill Tranny, we don't want your kind anywhere here.

you literally just got horny and fucked it, you're an idiot

>didn't even give his mom an orgasm as a thanks for raising him
that's why it wasn't the same

I would have said the opposite myself.
Nothing better than a motherly assertive loli and a strong (but hiding her cute side) gf.

lmao, even if it was an accident, you still apparently wanted to fuck your mom in this dream you were having

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I'm getting old. It took me way too much to realize what you did

>I accidentally had sex with my mom
dude what

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Obviously, the third one.

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neither. absolute disgusting looking goblina.

3 obviously

Jesus user. Why the hell did you not talk about it?
>hey son about last night
>damn mom fuck off I was having a lewd dream and woke up horny
>yeah ok lets pretend it never happened

>my dicks accidently slipped into my mother's vagina and i didn't know what to do

Iam so fucking jelly why coudnt my mom be a pedo god fucking damn it

C and D

nice bait

D, everytime.