He bought 300 Turnips?

He bought 300 Turnips?
Dump it

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>first price of the day was 186
>decided to settle since the week was almost over
>Second price of the day is 638

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My turnips were 199 yesterday evening
My turnips right now are 184

I have to say that definately my turnips must have been way higher in the morning.

Don't look at your prices after you sell :(

>not using the wizard

out of sight, out of mind

How are fluctuating turnip prices contextualized ingame?

I never bother with Turnips in any AC. Too much of a hassle and I don't visit villages.

never look at your prices after you sell.

Invest in Izabellecoin

they dont give you any reason, the racoons will just tell you how much are they paying for each turnip for the current time.

>he sold?
>pump it

>put down a plot for a house and go through a few mystery islands before finding a villager I like
>put down another plot the same day, 3 mystery islands in a row with no villager

Have I fucked it? Am I going to get stuck with a rando when I wake up tomorrow?

I been with an empty plot for the past two days and shows no indication of anyone moving in.

You have two cycles per day and the entire week is predetermined.

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are you still finding villagers on the mystery islands?


>He didn't wake up before noon
>Time to split

Anyone got a good price for turnips? Like 300 and up? Please share dodo code.

>Buy at 104
>Mon: 50/46
>Tue: 42/38
>Wed: 95/100
>Thur: 154/203

Wizard says I should sell now. Do I cash out or try to ride the spike?

what is the wizard


Turnips at 555

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Who is this guy? Can I just get a quick rundown?


On the way

Do I have to buy the game for this?

He's the Bog.

currently selling nips at 621 a pop
cash out now while you have the chance
dodo code: LF71V

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She's Daisy Mae, granddaughter of Joan who established the Stalk Market


Sow Joan established the stalk market. She has since retired, but her granddaughter Daisy Mae took up the job instead.

woah does this game have a market?
I may just buy this

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Lol, got cucked by alpha

On my way user, please don't close.

On my way, and we have the exact same island and same house location, even same camp


Please sweet user, let me in

i'll reopen once my current visitors clear out

Thanks again, I'll remember the gesture when I get a good price.

Cool board game user we should come back later to play. When everyone gets there turnip share that is

Thanks man, I really apriciate it

>Nooks bow to the boars
>In contact with Gulliver
>Rumored to possess time travel abilities
>Control the village with an iron fist
>Own paid off houses all over the world
>Direct descendants of an ancient royal bloodline
>Will bankroll the first villages on Mars (Boardangrad will be the first city)
>In the process of terraforming Pluto as their personal planet (can move river exits)
>Owns basically every turnip editing research facility on the planet
>First designer villagers will be boars
>Both grandma and granddaughter are said to have 400+ IQ
>Ancient tanuki scriptures tell of two angels that will descend upon the village and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them
>These are the Boargdanoffs
>They own leaf R&D labs around the world
>You likely have Boargdaleafs in your pocket right now
>Every villager has the mark of boar implanted in them at birth
>The boars are in regular contact with Crazy Redd and Lyle,forwarding the word of Blathers to the Farway Museum
>Discovered the coelacanth
>They learned fluent Animalese in under a week
>Ankha allows them full access to the evidence of Atlantis in her pyramids
>Nation states entrust their bell reserves with the granddaughter. There's no bells in Ft. Nook, only Ft. Sow Joans
>The grandma is 67 years old, from the space-time reference point of the base villager
>In reality, they are timeless beings, existing in all points of time and space from the Big Bang to the death of the universe
>They have been able to access the SeaBassic Records since birth, and have spoken about what they saw while they were newborns
>The Boars will guide the village into a new age of wisdom, peace and love

i feel like a degenerate for selling yesterday on some southern hemi/time traveller's island for 500 a pop. made 800k but i'm thinking of trashing/donating the remaining 400k.

>you can get animated wallpaper from Saharah
Holy fuck, Stormy wallpaper is amazing

You can only recruit one villager per day. Wait until tomorrow.
Also RIP your 6k miles.

how long does it take for a random to move in if you don't want to spend money on nook miles tickets?

>300 turnips
try 300k worth

I'll take it, I am in deep with the loan tanookis

>tfw sold at 608 yesterday

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>he actually is doing turnips
>not doing the chad tarantula run when flick is in town and earning a shit ton of bells via hard work and effort

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>He sold

>not doing both

>implying i'm not doing both
dumb anime poster

we're open again for a bit longer
code: LF71V
gonna wrap things up here in about 15 mins

>he seriously is gonna waste tons of cash just for stocks
not gonna make it

>not doing tarantula runs to fuel your turnip madness and walk away with 20 million

made enough cash this week that i may never need to farm money again
enjoy your spiders though

>not retiring a week in and having mountains of nook miles to throw tickets at beggars trying to get their waifu villagers

literal plebeian, make way for your betters

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On my way, thanks user

that doesn't match my price, and i bought at 103

is it even possible to get prices of 500-600 withot time travelling? is everyone with those prices a dirty cheater?

thank you user. sorry don't want to mess with the message thing cause it will cause interference.

Constant interference...

Yes, it's possible. It happened in my town and I'm not a time traveling nigger.

Getting interferance, with the nook phones

There's millions of people playing this game, so naturally some will get those prices
most are probably TTers, though


got a fair bit of incoming traffic, gonna close the gate here shortly so visitors can do their selling

you're a mouthbreathing retard

of course it's possible. what does time travelling have to do with it? it's random chance. the freaks on discord, reddit, gamefaqs and most of the gooks on twitter are time travellers yes, but that's just coincidental

You guys are going to crash the economy