ITT: 10/10 character designs

ITT: 10/10 character designs

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>not showing feet

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posting Kaneko designs is cheating but still

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Shes from discipline right?

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If only the game was as good as its designs, man i got baited so hard

She's from Great Deceiver. An Eroge VN.

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Do you guys determine 10/10 character design based on whether or not it gives you a boner or something?

Witches should never have shoes on

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very tits

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Post Lucie

my girls

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mate just roll with it and have fun

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I mean I don't see how it being able to give boners would detract from it.

Not exclusively but that is part of it for female design. If she gives me a boner, that must mean I really like it. Simple logic to follow.

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Wait, so lady in sexy clothing = 10/10 character design? This is why no one considers videogames art...

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new splatter house game when?

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>This is why no one considers videogames art
Good. Cause they aren't.

make way, fags

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Literally who?

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what's this game again?

What is it with Empress' artstyle that makes me want to bust a nut so much?
It's more than just the tits.

I dunno it's from some obscure Nintendo franchise

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Boku no toilet dockfucker

I tried to play this game but it was so repetetive and I really was looking forward to Vino.

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You got to be fucking kidding me lurk more

you know it to be true user

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Literally, who ?

Biberu Buracku

Thanks mate is starless


So trash it's iconic
Makes me wanna coom
sc3 was better

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he has the smile of an angel

penis inspection simulator

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I don't know either man. Just the way the women are drawn, especially the mature, milfy ones, are just sublime.

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Says absolutely everything about his character visually. He's indifferent, distant, stuck up, dignified, awkward and even his glancing eye looking derisively at a target off screen says everything about how he treats people and what to expect of them.

The slicked back hair of desperation to be taken seriously, the white gloves to keep himself at a distance from others, the hand on his chest as if to say he only ever relies upon himself. Its still one of Omega Force/Koei-Tecmo's best designs and best characters they ever added to a franchise.

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>mfw haven't fapped to an eroge of the same calibre
Goddamnit Sei, you ruined my dick
Either make a sequel or an hero

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fuck off bitch, it's about 10/10 designs, not about if you know a character or not

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And the character behind said design is also likable as fuck.
>Cheerful and supportive
>Sprinkles his speech with Esperanto
>Stops cracking jokes when your life is in danger and shows genuine concern for you
>In spite of his horrifying appearance, he doesn't let it dampen his spirits and tries his best to make everyone's lives better
>Expresses righteous fury when you discover that a planet blowing up was an inside job by a coward who was trying to appease the villains
>Gives out free stuff.

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>cooming on Lenneth
How dare you


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Honestly same, I dont think I've ever fapped so much to anything in my life, just staring at them clothed makes me kinda hot

i forgot the name can i be forgiven once


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Try out Warlock and Boobs [boobsgames], Zombie's Retreat [Siren's Domain], soon™ Daily Lives of my Countryside [Milda Sento], S.H.E.L.T.E.R. [Winterlook], Roundscape Adorevia, Venture Seas. Maybe at least one will stick with you.

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based as fuck Musou bro

YoRHa commander from nier automata

My wife Viska.

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>english crap

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Sadly Japs are too ballsackless to make any good shota getting dominated by big tiddy girls games these days, which is surprising.