It's been seven years since 2013 when this first reared it's head out. Are you still mad Yas Forums?

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Were you a day one buyer user?

a very specific mod has given the game its money's worth, so no

Why are we getting daily starbound threads?

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Thanks for reminding me this shit exists
That they killed a puppy for this
That they formed a company to leech off of other successful indie devs from this
Fuck you
The only way to stop hating this game is to convince some other clueless retard to buy it and play it
I need to buy it for my one friend who loves Terraria and Stardew valley
I'll tell them it's a collab maybe they'll buy it they're pretty dumb

What mod?

release on consoles already!!!

because Yas Forums is actually a great place to do market research

I will never, ever not be mad. First time I got completely lied to and jewed by a company besides aliens colonial marines. There is only one thing I can thank it for, and it's that because of it, I didn't fall for no man's sky

bigfatties probably

it's ok with mods

Nah. I still occasionally start it up for degenerate purposes for about 10-15 minutes at a time, before I realize there's nothing else to do. It adds up little by little but it's still nowhere near Terraria's. Even despite the vain attempts at the mod trying to tie itself into actual gameplay, you can never hope to polish this turd.

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Change of pace from sòytendo and Gachashit that's up every hour.

The a huge Irony is No Man's Sky got better with eveey update. Sure launch was terrible but now you can gwt some enjoyment out of it.

What's with all the Starbound baiting threads lately?

Big Fatties is for chads.

chuckleheads love shilling in Yas Forums, wonder if they've got another trainwreck of an update in the works just waiting to be BTFO by a minor Terraria patch once again, like the trash-tier bounty hunter update last year

Unfriendly reminder that chucklefucks actually got more people to fall for this scam last year by deliberately including an exploit for a steam sale.

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They got as much as many donations as Richards Surgery money, 13k. How does it make you feel Yas Forums?

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>That they killed a puppy for this

I like the game, some things could have gone better and there was some lost potiental, but I enjoyed it overall. Some people didn't.

they adopted a small dog for their new manchild care cente- uuuh i mean office in london, posted an image of the dog sleeping just outside of its bed, which was also right next to an extension cord. and that was the last image we ever saw of it. know puppies like to chew things, a lot, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened.

Never forgetti little rosie.

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>No mentions of this on the internet
At least post some fucking proof

if only an user posted the image i described to a T in the post just above yours.

I was never mad over Starbound, just dissapointed.

i spent 20 dollars on this
yes im still mad

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sure bud


It's not even the same fucking breed of dog. Damage control harder, chucklefuck employee.

Not the same dogbreed you fucking retard lmao.

Lol sure bud

prove it :)

What's the story? I love Terraria and played Starbound year or two ago, it was pretty fun.

they adopted a second dog after the first one got electrocuted you dumb fucks, jesus christ if you're going to explain shit at least not be a retard about it like fucking christ

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>white labrador magically turns into white terrier
Don't feed the chucklefuck shills, even if the dog was the same breed but a different color they'd just go "haha prove dogs can't change colors :))"

prove it

>white labrador
go get your eyes checked pal

It's like Terraria...except it got shittier with each update with an added bonus of a crap story written by a woman that killed whatever type of roleplay you can have.

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You may think pic related are two different dogs, but they're actually the very same dog, because they are both white.

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im sure someone has all the anti-chucklefuck shit but i don't

>you're wrong
>i'm not telling you the correct answer btw
small indie damage control team

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why does this dog discussion happen every time

>everyone who disagrees with me on this video game board must work for a video game company
kek keep on projecting bud :')

>complete silence for three years
>suddenly it's a different breed and about a year old
>user this this is perfectly legit
there are no fucking words

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Because Chucklefuck killing a dog is one of the many grievances everyone should have of them.

cute deflection, unless you're going to name the puppy's breed, this conversation is over.

what else is there to talk about? how starbound was a pathetic revenge project and never truly had a chance? about how all of the games worthwhile mechanics were stripped down one by one until nothing remained? about how the decent story was swapped out for some extremely generic tripe?

imagine sending money to a person with the promise maybe you or your grandgrandchildren will eventually see a good videogame, and instead seeing them spend it on a puppy they end up killing/mysteriously vanishing. and also the videogame is bad.

So are there any ERP servers left or am I going to have to go trolling for pixel booty and akward animations on f-list

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the photo on the twitter account is from september 2014, roughly three months after the puppy ones

GOD i love avians

No, it's good
haha spaceship go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

>no curly fur
>then curly fur
>floppy ears
>then no floppy ears
I'm not even a dog person but even i can tell this isn't the same dog.

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>no curly fur
look closer
>floppy ears
what is growing up

>sci-fi game
>everyone is using fucking swords and spears that aren't even themeatically appropriate
>Retard Tiy cancels gun overhaul because he thinks guns are lame
Lmao what a fucking retard.

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>People don't use swords in sci-fi
you underage or just retarded?

I was gonna guess birdcocks.

>features removed
>story removed
>promises not kept
>planets are pointless outside of being resource givers, contradicting the core of the game
>b-but muh erp
no, its shit

>land on a primitive planet
>people use spears
there's lots to pick at in starbound but that's a brainlet argument right there

i don't remember asking, bitch nigger

shouldn't have made your post then, cocksucker

the base game was good, but the linear story kind of ruined the fun of the game just turning it into another terraria with boss fights after boss fight to mark progress.

i think lore could have been done more subtly through gameplay and allowing the player to have a chance to stumble onto randomly generated lore areas/dungeons as they explored new planets

The base game was only good back in the alpha/beta because it didn't have a shit story to handhold the player through every single situation. That and the survival mechanics were better.

>planets are completely void of any meaningful/lasting content and become worthless the second you're done with that tier
>nowhere near enough structure/dungeon variation so exploring planets becomes a waste of time after you're done with its tier
>planet types are linked to tier which adds on to the same-y-ness
>procgened monsters are basic "rush to you and do contact damage", or presets. more same-y-ness
>monster taming system is incredibly shallow, another system that is there just for the sake of being there. essentially a collectathon
>same with fishing
>farming is useless because it's easier to just buy food directly from vendors
>base building is absolutely worthless because tenants pay you with garbage
>money is worthless because everything of meaning use the game has to offer you is procgen'd
>unnecessarily long crafting times, you literally just wait until a bar fills up. god forbid you try to craft large amounts of items
>shoot gun five times, twice if shotgun or sniper rifle, once if rocket launcher, run out of mana- sorry, i mean "energy", run around like a headless chicken for an arbitrary amount of time because using actual ammunition and reloading said actual ammunition is for schmucks

Pre-release was entirely where it was at, enemies had to manually strike you with an attack to damage you
>Penguin boss to get cores
Also two things I digged for a while

I still miss being able to start a game and immediately explore the galaxy with coal though, I felt really fucking gypped when I just wanted to play the game and had to force my way through a long tutorial up until that skip mod came out.
Still doesn't feel as soulful as it did back then, though. I really, really dig the pixel art and the shading used in the game because it can provide some really nice, cozy environments, but I always had more fun exploring, and was content with the smaller amount of randomly generated terrains/shit to see
Just a damn shame that it all fell apart