Comfy animal crossing


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Today I put down the plot for my camping villager, put down another plot and got a villager from an island, and put down a third plot. Villagers aren't showing up on islands anymore, is it one plot sold a day from this point forward?

Find those eggs, friends?

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anybody got any spare egg diy recipes they don't want? I'll take 'em.



I'm a hacker fag and haven't activated this bunny update yet. Lots of people are complaining about it.

What exactly is the problem? I might hold off on it....

I was surprised myself, but as it turns out it's actually possible to terraform the peninsula and create a little cliff for your lighthouse.

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>playing since release
>hasn't rained even once

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bros I thought we'd be safe in the island

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>She knows

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Stitches wants a large cardboard box by the end of the day but I don't have the cardboard boxes to craft it. Someone please help. ;_;

i need lots of clay, i just went and hit all the rocks on the island and got like 40 eggs and 3 clay, fuck off with your eggs already

I had no idea villagers could visit eachother.

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My hearing is permanently damaged, bros... I can hear the balloons' whooshing sound at all times even with the Switch turned off. Sleeping has become the most difficult thing to do in my daily routine. Pray for me.

Creep ass nigga

Got flashy kimonos and beards as well as virgin hats.

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I post mine but no shops, plus boring island haven't done alot yet

You want some steamed buns before taking a dip, user? Show me your cute projects!

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but my actual house is there

Its ok, he knows

was wondering about this earlier, ty user

Samurai bro


Is there any hope future events won’t be fishing seacandy or shooting down sky weeds? This shit is so fucking gay and it lasts so long.



Dodo: 80TM2

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You just know.

>take screenshot
>turn off switch
>take out microsd
>put in reader
>take image
Might be worth it more to just make a burner twitter

>put houses right next to each other, maybe put a fence between them
>most likely put some gay ass pathing you stole from from the trannies at Twitter in front of them
Whoa, lets stand back and admire your galaxy-brain IQ and planning, nigger

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Anyone with white roses at Nooks?

Update on the search for Snooty

Stitches showed up twice
Chevre showed up twice
Fucking SNOOTY showed up twice but I'll kill myself before Snooty is my snooty villager.

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gates closed for now, will repost when opening

blyat gang

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Can you decorate villagers' houses? Or can they only do it themselves? I have a bunch of indoor stuff that would match their styles

>tfw immortalized as wearing a cock hat

bless you boys

>not choosing chevre

you fucked up, user

Does buying stuff in another person's Nook's Cranny contribute to getting their store upgraded or the one back on your island?

I have three boxes in the recycle bin, you need those?

>on the search for Snooty
>SNOOTY showed up twice

What? Is there a villager literally called Snooty?

goodman new fag

>my last two island villagers
>bree and zucker
I am truly blessed.

I miss fishing Red Snappers and Barred Knifejaws for bells
Now I just don't bother with medium-sized shadows
Big ones are always C+
And the southern hemisphere lost most big fish that sell for a lot

commie blocks, yes or no? I like how much space you save if you have them

i want zucker so bad, gonna spend some tickets tonight to get my last two villagers

Any lucky faggots who have Apollo?

Im so sorry user

i do

Did some rearranging in the bathroom, is this superior to ? I'll post the opposite angle next.

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Can't wait for Halloween

Yes! I need 5 in total, so that's a huge help. Anything you want in return?

My dodo is F7JVK

How the fuck do I place something in the middle of a stone table outside? It always goes to the edges.

Amiibo card or just lucky?

man i am so happy i got zucker last night and to top it off my 10th villager is elvis. im happy

I require those beards
and some new glasses

Hey hosts. Please close the gate after a few people. And please camp the bird so you can close the gate
I was rolling for Raymond but I couldn't resist when I saw zucker

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Fucking Samuraianon, you better open that gate right and tell those niggers you got staying with you TO LEAVE

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for that guy who needs the imperial bed and cherry blossom branches for shell furniture, my code is G1NNS

Is there a reason for the high end stereo in the bathroom? Seems kinda out of place

Yes. Kill it with fire.

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Nothing in particular, I’ll be over

Look at him go.

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Who's house is that?

Yeah, pink angry looking anteater.

I got him as a random move-in.

I put it there before I had more rooms. Might move it downstairs.

Is this smirky ass rat cool? I already got a mouse and I’m kinda waiting for pietro

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>Reneigh is doing tai chi on the rocks at the beach.

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It's Zucker's!

Congats friend!

Don't give up hope user!

>he got the space dandy rat

sorry bro

needs more plants and a screen. just seems so empty with everything pushed against the wall with nothing in the center

i would change the wallpaper

that fucking villager holy shit
go for it, you seem to like wacky ugly shit like that

Yes if you give him a Tuxedo.

Trash rat, eject him posthaste

Bro you said you wanted snooty, what fucking gives?

Host here, thanks again for stopping by fellas. Good times. May you find many artifacts in your travels.

I love the museum

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>Hey hosts. Please close the gate after a few people
Fuck off, faggot. Don't wait to deal with the cutscenes? Stay your ass at home. Don't try to fuck over everyone else trying to join

>fishing EGGS doesn't count towards the 100 fishes in a row to get the Castmaster miles
>but if you fuck it up you still lose the count


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Gift to them or send through letters

Likewise user. Hope you enjoyed the bulletin I put up

Are there more villagers like that?
Is there a villager called Normal?


Is it possible to trade villagers with another player and if so, how? I kicked Axel out and I have been trying to look for Vivian but I only have 2 tickets left.

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