I will now buy Half-Life Alyx

I will now buy Half-Life Alyx.
1000x better

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Why would someone spend such an autistic amount of time on detailing the fur in such quality, but then waste it all on the most generic ass canine design you can possibly make?
Let me guess, this was a commission from the usual furry that has has a high paying job but no creativity whatsoever.


why is every furry rich af?

what makes you think every furry rich? the fandom is filled with hundreds of thousands of poor fuckers barely scraping by

Why would anyone draw that?

for money


Fair enough

All furries are jews and all jews are rich from all that money grubbing they do.

jews created furries, they arent furries themselves

I wish i had dmt to try

They're not rich. Just retarded. I used to think twitch whales were all rich, until I found out most are broke.

>3 or 4 years ago on twitch
>Constantly have some stream as background noise while I study
>This one guy constantly donated $50+ to some girl who openly had a boyfriend
>People in chat would joke about him just sending her his paycheck directly
>One day I find out from a mod that the whale is actually some 20 year old Uber driver in Hawaii living with his mom
>Instead of saving his money and moving up in the world this bot was giving his money to some girl on the internet

fucking simps man

Okay, so when do we get to start killing furries irl

please do, im a furry and furries really are the worst people

>babby's first false flag

they are not rich, while normal functioning person with a job spends their money on family, house, car, clothes furries spend all their money on fursuits and degenerate commissions, living or rather existing, on what's left

There are unironically a lot of furries in high up, influential places earning a lot of money. I should know, I'm one of them.

thats not reasonable if the actions required to bring equivalent happiness in another person cause suffering to someone else

More like 99% of them are willing to burn their money.
There legit is that 1% though that are rich as fuck.

What's the fucking point?
It's just a human with fur

They're mostly white people.
If you give white guys no women, kids or something like that to spend money on, they invest heavily in dumb hobbies or fetishism.
Most black people I know, even those who've managed to escape the clutches of the ghetto are still paying a significant chunk of their income on stuff like their parents demanding a cut, or some obscure auntie or whatever who's raising 13 keeds and needs help.

It's like guys who own $5000 miniature train sets, or entire cockpit flight simulators. They're always just white guys without dependents.

what is this meme?

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only white people have financial freedom?

White boomers are culturally conditioned not to ask for help, or accept help from their family because "That's socialism" and it shows weakness.
Blacks and Mexicans have no such restraint and expect children to pay back what they "Owe".
Society is built on the assumption that an individual supports themselves, and not their entire family. So, it tends to be whites who have excess spare cash.

>is a furry
it adds up

two nukes wasn't enough

put f*rries in camps

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I. Hate. Furries. They're so fucking horrible all around.

>He says while posting much worse eastern art
I prefer kemono but get some fucking taste

Rule 34 when?

You have to be 18 or older to post here

There there, stop repressing it.

They all work in tech and live alone.

where do you think a chunk of your paycheck goes every week?

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Into my savings?

I don't know, a lot of places. Where do you think?

Furries aren't all bad but furfaggotry should be punishable by death.

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Because we tend to be college educated

>only expend effort on things I deem worthy of it

If you watch a Half Life: Alyx playthrough instead of playing it yourself, you’re technically playing from the perspective of Russell.

He's talking about leeches.

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why contain it

White people want to be anything but White nowadays because they have been conditioned to believe that being White makes you quasi-genocidal or something. They can't be Black, Asian, Spic, or whatever because that would appropriation so they are forced to make something up; like furrydom, LGBT+, gamer, etc.

Haven't you ever noticed White people's fetish for "authenticity"? Constantly latching onto other people's culture to make up for their own purged racial and cultural solidarity.

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I'm really enjoying it so far but who made the decision to not have any melee options? I want to smack zombies and headcrabs with shit.

Fur like that isn't that completely bullshit hard to render if you have the proper brushes and technique.

If we are talking about traditional tho yeah fuck that shit.

I am a white male like to be thought og as quasi genocidal.

Other races should know the magnitude of the danger I represent.

I run with the pro natsoc themes and people tend to quiver when you point out we would have the whole solar system by now and your bithered abotu what?


basically this
know a guy who hates drawing furry porn but is too good at it, and his one customer that keeps coming back is literally devop for apple

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Watching niggers talk about white people makes me laugh. Go get shot by the police you low IQ wastes of life.

I'll get on it tomorrow night, after I get drunk.

imagine finding out you have HIV at a furry convention.


this is why you bully your friends
if you're friends are at risk of faggoty behaviour it is your duty as a friend to set them straight

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This is true. My friends set me straight recently, a female co-worker at work was flirting with me because she liked my baking skills and wanted me to bake stuff for her, and the attention I was willing to give her. Then she would do the whole "I'm not flirting" schtick. If sticking your ass out and asking me what I think of it isn't flirting, then idk what is. My buddy set me straight, though. Glad I have good friends.

my god i just can't stop hating furries