Have Republicans become the official party of the hypocritical?

Its almost unbelievable to see the complete 180 that most Republicans have taken. They are basically supporting socialism without even realizing it. Free stimulus checks, things like that. They say that they believe everyone is free, but here they are risking lives. I cant even believe people take them seriously at this point.

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Republicans have always been hypocrites.

>They are basically supporting socialism
You do realize the US is already a welfare state right? That's why it's hilarious to see all these nuCommies in the streets

No need to be confused, cucky. You know how you fuckers used the right's love of the first amendment to get drag queens grooming children, when you readily believe it's okay to censor whoever you want and think the first amendment is actually bullshit?

Yea, we're doing that shit to you now too: using your own bullshit against you. Better get used to it.

1. No one ever said Kaepernick didn't have a right to kneel, just that he was a nigger for doing so.
2. A fetus is literally a separate body belonging to a baby. You're using a false analogy.
3. 100% strawman, not worth responding to.
4. Most people don't think that covid is fake, but rather that the effects of it are being exaggerated
5. As for the last two points, America has had welfare/healthcare programs for decades so none of this is new.
6. You're a nigger.

>Republicans are hypocrites

Fed buying high yields = socialization of production, helicopter money = universal income. Apparently it would have been good for stonks to vote in a commie, if you’d done that before the Dow would be at 50k now.

Lol at conservative retards

You can be angry, you can disagree and you can take your business elsewhere. He has the right to do so, I have the same right to stop watching the NFL. Or, at least for me, keep not-watching it.
>My body/Abortion
Abortion is the murder of a child.
>Kung Flu
The elderly should have been locked away(this is called quarantine) whilst the healthy go about their lives and their economies
Shouldn't be covered by government, even for a pandemic
>Stimulus check
Shouldn't have been sent out. The entire purpose of that check was to stop rioting and criminals. To placate them. That is what government welfare does and why government welfare is bad. Its literally bread and circuses.

>you are willing to sacrifice your parents and grandparents for the economy
Ok, Boomer.


Thhhh. Thhhh. I never get republicans. They already publicanned it once, why do they want to republican it again? Thhh. NICE ONE CHIPPA!

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>I don't know whats more pathetic. Taking the time to post these strawman arguments, thinking you clever, or sharing this post thinking this guy is clever. Liberals are truly retarded.

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the hallmark of low IQ leftist thought

anyway, this kind of shit has gone by the wayside lately. The modern left is apparently full of non-white marxist communists now.

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>socialist tweet
>troll post

Slide Thread. Tell Brock he's trying too hard these days.

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So, if you're a democrat, and disagree with any of those, you are a hypocrite as well?

You say you hate niggers but you havent hanged any niggers.

You say the jews are traitors but you are not engaging in a holocaust.

You say you want a white ethnostate but you are not shooting beaners that cross the border.

You say death to commies but you have not killed a commie today.

Hypocrites. All of you.

or maybe all the white ones are just focused on "Orange man bad!" these days?

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No the republicans are the hypocrites. Did you actually take the time to read the posts?

Here’s a serious answer: It’s all hard to understand because you are fucking retarded and you don’t know how to use logic or argue.

No one with power is suggesting the government step in and stop Kapernick. They’re calling him a disrespectful piece of shit.

The constitution protects body autonomy. Abortion is not a debate about a women’s body. Abortion is a debate about whether or not the rights of an underdeveloped human, has the same right to body autonomy as a woman who wants to murder them because they exist in the same space.

The rest of this shit is just you piling on stupid bullshit because you only think in binary.

Remember fellas: it's always the other side that are hypocrites. It's NEVER you!

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Take a look at my country if you want socialism that much.
Commies deserve death and do nothing but waste the country's money.

Maybe republicans are evolving into a better form of socialism that is more National.

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Kill yourself, you stupid Shareblue shill.

I did, but if you're a democrat, and you disagree with the protestors, you're a hypocrite.

What's your country?

Look at the flag

I'm mobile it doesnt give me the name

>the virgin boomer strawman post

1 They should fire anyone that kneels and the NFL should be held accountable
2 A fetus depends on its host, aka, the mother, its not seperate
3 Not a strawman, both are economic arguments
4 The effects are truly known yet.
5 NO student loan forgiveness... months later I WANT MY TRUMPBUX!!

Why couldnt this be the first post.....

Holy shot this thread is full of yous and theys. Fucking losers everywhere


>American liberal education
Newfag shill I...

>american education

Checking your post for more visibility, nice response

Your arguement is so full of holes and logical fallacies to the point where it’s actually funny. Try working a tad bit harder on your bait next time lad. Good luck.

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>your hand is out for stimulus and unemployment
I’m taking my tax dollars back at a time the government closed my business

believe all women....
unless they accuse a democrat

Im generally for abortion because niggers but im not sure that logic is consistent about the fetus

>fetus depends on its mother
This is a disingenuous argument bc not a single liberal is against abortion past the point of viability

The fact that certain being depends on someone else doesn't mean it is a part of that other organism, just that for some reason it depends on it...

> believes that I should be treated the same as a multimillionaire public figure reprinting both state and country
> If her mother cannot retroactively choose to abort her, this argument is invalid.
> We ARE the parents and grand parents. Only liberals have103 year old grandparents.
> “You think spontaneous human combustion is fake, but you wear oven mittens and use a spoon to stir hot food items.
> Who?
> Are they talking about black people now? Because this seems like an attack against niggers to me.

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Checked. Lurk for 2 years before posting again or kys. You’re here forever!

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Well most people aren't the top 1% that are getting most of the welfare so the bottom 50% getting uppity is a bit novel

He looks like his wife's bull gave them both HIV

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Support ME refugees, cheer on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as they tear their countries apart.

People being purposefully disingenuous gets really fucking tiring after all these years. You know good goddamn well the problem with all these strawmen.

The funniest thing was seeing all of meme libertarian boomers and conservacucks happily taking their government handout checks

So much for muh gubmint handouts you'll happily take the money intended to help the poor and unemployed if it's given to you

>the bottom 50% getting uppity is a bit novel

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I think you have a bit of a joe biden problem right now to be talking about hypocrisy

Battle of Blair Mountain is a better example.

fuckin' home run Chippa. Words that rhyme with republicans, GO!

There is just as much hypocrisy on the other side of that coin, it's not confined to republicans. Everyone is a hypocrite, it's simply human nature. Do as I say, not as I do. The problem is that people notice things selectively, they see all the bullshit that "the opponent" does, while being completely blind to the same bullshit being done by "their team". Open your eyes to the full spectrum of reality.

>Implying anyone that has actual non neoliberal economic beliefs would vote for Biden or Trump
We get two choices to vote for in the US. Kikes lovers and Jews lovers. The only thing they disagree on is some stupid culture war BS so they can keep the goyim distracted and divided.

OP is a faggot. Republicans are faggots and Democrats are faggots.

Cool, never heard of it. Thanks