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>Daily test target of 100,000 likely to be hit

>Black african brits face triple virus death rate

>Social-distancing at airports is impossible

>Newspaper wins first round in Meghan privacy case

>David Icke removed from facebook

>Greggs does a U-Turn

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>Coronavirus can cause hundreds of deadly blood clots in the lungs, study finds
/cvg/ was right again. we have been ahead of the curve since the outbreak

Thank you based tripfag

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Make sure to clap for the NHS 5 times a day!

>Have you had red spots on your hands, blisters on your torso, or itchy wheals? Dermatologists warn they could be a sign of the killer coronavirus
the virus mutated again


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>Make sure to clap for the NHS 5 times a day!
>only 5 and not 50

burn the heretic




>CVG MYTH: COVID-19 makes men infertile
There is no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 can cause infertility. Tests find that the virus is undetectable in the testicles and sperm:

>CVG MYTH: COVID-19 has antibody dependent enhancement (ADE)
There is no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 has ADE. Attempts at re-infection elicit a robust antibody response:

>CVG MYTH: You cannot become immune to COVID-19
Though we cannot be sure how long immunity lasts, antibodies titres are found in recovered COVID-19 patients and all known coronaviruses confer at least some degree of temporary immunity:

>CVG MYTH: COVID-19 mutates rapidly and there are multiple strains
COVID-19 has a relatively stable genome and mutates slower than influenza. Reports of multiple strains reference negligible genetic differences that have no effect on virulence or immune response:

>CVG MYTH: COVID-19 contains HIV
Early debunked reports suggested the Novel Coronavirus genome contained HIV-like sequences. This HIV-like sequence refers to the virus’ spike protein, its mechanism for binding to ACE2 receptors on cells. Genomic analysis suggests that whilst the novel RNA Coronavirus mimics HIV’s binding mechanism, said mechanism is an independently arising protein of a different kind and does not entail a HIV-like pathogenesis:

>CVG MYTH: COVID-19 destroys the immune system
Whilst COVID-19 can attack T-Cells, no evidence of viral reproduction in them could be found. Lymphopenia is common in viral infections and T-Cell counts should recover post-infection: html

Ethnic minorities in England and Wales dying from coronavirus at higher rates than white peers, study suggests
By Zamira Rahim, CNN
Updated 1243 GMT (2043 HKT) May 1, 2020

Covid-19 deaths twice as high in poorest areas in England and Wales
Most deprived areas had 55.1 deaths per 100,000 people, compared with 25.3 in affluent areas
Caelainn Barr
Fri 1 May 2020 14.31


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first for Polizzi

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You didn't write PBUH after RNHS you fucking heretic

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The absolute state of british nationalism

>Japanese island is hit by a second wave of coronavirus after ending three-week lockdown when cases fell to single digits - as infections soar to 135 in a week
this proves that lockdowns can't be ended until at least 2-3 incubation periods pass with 0 new cases.

why don't they use the more accurate descriptor of non-white? minority is a relative term

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>He's growing stronger lads

The main stream media ignore
And cover up

Trafficking to the rich and famous

Hundreds of Christians killed in the middle east

Internet censorship

Mass migration

Yellow vest protests

Eu defense Union being built by the EU for 2025

New world order

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Failed trying to reset my sleeping pattern, night night love you all

>Stay at home
we don't want you here
>Protect the rNHS
it's ours not the whole planet's
>Save Lives
lower crime

we should use the government's own marketing tactics against them

Especially in London ffs. They just need to keep the angelic nigger narrative alive without touching on the fact that there may be other reasons bamers are getting coofed.

so never then?

That's brilliant m8.

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SERIOUS QUESTION LADS! (can tell the burgers are going to have a field day with this)
how seriously are fishing liciences enforced, i got some tackle from a house clearance a while ago, i live in a very rural area, wanted to do a bit of pike spinning while im bored shitless, not done any in about 20 years since i was about 10 and no one gave a fuck back then, but a fisher mate said people do report it and they do enforce it with nasty fines

worth the risk or dont bother, because like fuck am i paying for a fishing licence

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not enforced

Hi Sussex/italanon or whoever else is creative writing practice this larp.

Stream from Mark Collett regarding PA later - .

Hopefully they address the woes situation again as this feels very strange

it's a constant victim narrative and it's a lie. every race law created in this country is for the benefit of non-whites but still they complain. the only solution is segregation then repatriation. mass brown migration into such a hate filled racist nation as England is clearly a humanitarian crime and must cease immediately. it's time to create laws that benefit the indigenous population for a fucking change.

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could use relevant graphs next to each part.
>stay at home
pic of niggers landing on shores
>protect rnhs
pic of rnhs malpractice and sexual assault cases
>Save Lives
pic of murder rates by niggers etc.

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It's a creative writing fag honing his craft. Hence the reference to pike spinning while allegedly not knowing how seriously fishing licenses are "enforced". Board is plagued with them/him.

What are covid numbers today lads? Just want lock down to end desu.

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Oh, more PA fucking about on YT. Can't wait. Let's not do community outreach, no no no, we'll leave that to Griffin et all while slagging them off.

Tom it’s time to stop now, you’re 22 and need to go outside in your town of York

300 odd for the whole country. The economy has just completely tanked though. Look at the FTSE 100 and have a look at indeed at jobs in your area. This meme needs to end tomorrow.

>black women kill more ppl than white and asian men despite lower population

kinell, i knew the lads were bad.
who are the girls killing? babies?

>savile town
wonder why

its not creative writing knobhead, what sort of creative writing are you fucking reading
do you know anyone who fishes without a licence??

i like this, "RNHSPBUT" (peace be upon them) has a nice ring. gonna use this. eventually it will become just what they're called.

reminder that this plasma treatment is going to kill people and it won't save a single person. this virus has ADE. the last thing you want to do is add antibodies into a patient's system. hancock has blood on his hands for supporting this "treatment".

Another 427 die of coronavirus in UK hospitals
Faye BrownFriday 1 May 2020 2:55 pm

we're nowhere near the peak of the first wave. new daily infections have been holding steady at 4k per day because they're barely testing anyone.

>this virus has ADE.
why are you worried?
you an yer mam av already got ades

Super lads you are, all of you

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>barely testing anyone.
rNHS workers aren't taking the tests.
we're near 80k/day in capacity but only 50k taking tests.

doesnt matter yet anyway. no point testing during lockdown. better to save them for track n trace when lockdown ends.
we'll be doing 5-10 times the amount of daily testing as s korea at that point.

People should calm down corona virus is a scam its time people question the government to find out the real agenda which is to change society using a lock down to justify the changes like getting rid of small business and increasing mass surveillance and changing financial system

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>CVG MYTH: COVID-19 stays latent in the body and can reactivate
The Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 is, unlike the DNA viruses HIV and Herpes, an RNA Virus. There are no scientifically known mechanisms by which RNA viruses become latent. Whilst it is true that the virus (like SARS) can persist for many weeks in patients, the body should ultimately clear the virus. Cases of ‘reactivation’ are most likely false negatives and mark the temporary failure of the immune system to clear small pockets of the virus after the main infection: (1/2) (2/2)

>CVG MYTH: COVID-19 infects and hides in the central nervous system
Whilst in very rare cases COVID-19 may infect the brainstem, this phenomenon is seen in other viral infections, including in influenza, and is known as encephalitis:

>CVG MYTH: COVID-19 causes permanent lung damage
Whilst it is true that lungs can be damaged in some severe courses of infection, this is a common phenomenon in respiratory pathogens and particularly in pneumonia. Non-atypical lung lesions recover in-line with pneumonia recoveries and Ground Glass Opacities often disappear spontaneously: (1/2) (2/2)

>CVG MYTH: It is impossible to create a Coronavirus vaccine
Whilst there has never been a Coronavirus vaccine in humans, bovine corona vaccines exist and some success has been achieved in creating a vaccine for MERS. Experiments with vaccines in China already demonstrate that immunity can be conferred on monkeys via vaccine. Previous attempts for SARS and other common Coronaviruses were discontinued due to lack of need or want: (1/2) (2/2)

The history of the Savile family in Yorkshire is pretty eye opening if you take the time to read into it.

A look into what the whole “removing BAME from front line medical service” means

Also female nurses literally cannot help themselves regardless of the country

can I request any good information on London demographics?

looks like diversity is a weakness after all

>the UK competently doing anything

Oh it absolutely is a strength, we’re just not included in the “our”

Based nigroes, kill pigs!
>Vidya is gold
Moment ‘vulgar’ thug spits blood into police officer’s eye

we need millions of tests per day, minimum.