Why do modern pagans think that ancient pagan Europe was some kind of ancient version of the neo-traditionalist values...

Why do modern pagans think that ancient pagan Europe was some kind of ancient version of the neo-traditionalist values they preach today where men would fight degeneracy and abstain from hedonism and homosexual relationships? Do they really believe "traditionalism" was a thing in societies that worshiped transgender semen drinking idols?
Why do they claim that Christians weren't some kind of valiant defenders of family values when Jesus (who rebuked the title of rabbi for himself and everyone else) told them to protect their homeland and honor your family, but most of all love God? Most Christians were tortured for decades and never denied the miracles they saw Jesus perform.

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>Jesus tells you exactly why people do what they do
>act surprised when you see it play out

Christianity is a semeitic jewish foreign invader religion. Enough said.

didn't read anything you wrote
How do you come to terms with the fact that jesus was born to the tribe of jews, was born in the land of jews, and was surrounded by jewish customs and peoples for near his entire life. But was somehow pure ethnic european of course.


The fact that you think that truth matters less than what part of the world it originates in shows that you are a retard. Enough said.

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>didn’t mention jews were the ones who wanted him dead
Why would they sacrifice their own when they have plenty of goyim around?

I care mostly about keeping blacks and Jews out of Europe everything else is secondary.

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Because it isn't the truth you buck-toothed goblin. The Roman Empire was doing very good prior to Christcucks running around preaching their lunacy similar to how the 5g, anti-vax, and flat earth fags do today.

Nice try but Jesus didn't just randomly choose Jerusalem. It was thousands of years of Jewish history and culture that made that the spot.

It would be a completely different thing if him emerging in Israel was irrelevant.

Pagan vs Christian threads are made by the same people who make Christian vs Pagan threads, the kikes.

>Pagan vs Christian threads are made by the same people who make Christian vs Pagan threads
You got proof for that?

FUCK, even Orthodoxy is infiltrated and weakened.

Of course it's an American...

>everything is infiltrated and weakened
Have you ever thought that this is just the natural state of Christianity?

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Why do modern cock suckers like you insist it wasn't?
Oh. That's right. Because you fear this ethnic Cultural resurgence more than Hitler himself, and your only defense is to attempt to mock, insult, and shame what you know it going to rise up, and hang you from your own intestines for your many crimes against our Volk.
You are so fucked.


Christianity is the original "Thug Rap" that infected the Aryan Nation.

He was the first kike to call out the pedo rape culture of his own inbred people. So, like always, you fucking vermin framed him, and tortured and killed him to silence and hide the truth.
You know this.
Stop asking retarded rhetoricals, yid parasite.
We all know your lazy games, neanderkike nigger.
We are coming.

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Yeah I really hate how Yas Forums tries to claim that orthodoxy is based when it's a lie they are the same as the rest.
It's also one thing that I really hate about Christianity how they always lie and never tell the truth.

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>the "swede" who still thinks he's anonymous.
The mating call of the frightened yid.
We're done "proving" to you why we're going to hunt you down, and hang you by your own intestines every damn day, jew.

We've moved on to your sentencing. Of which, I just mentioned above.
This is all settled already.

Why are you here again?

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I don't understand why a bunch of people want to make Paganism a movement. My whole goal in returning to an indo-european faith was in reaching back as far as I could to the gods my Slavic ancestors likely worshipped. I live in a modern house, have technology, and dress normally, yet I can still appreciate nature and the old traditions that I can dredge up from history books. It isn't complete and never will be, but it isn't like there is some doctrine saying you cannot come up with new traditions.

It isn't a purity contest either. Shouldn't latin americans and africans reach back to their old gods as well?

>>the "swede" who still thinks he's anonymous.
I'm not?

Europeans deserve Islam.
Allah akhbar

You're a filthy anti-christian kike and your day will come soon.

The vikings themselves turned to Christianity, why would we follow a bunch of swedish cucks who let their women get fucked by somalis return back to paganism??

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Christians going around calling people kikes is the most hilarious part of you people. It's 2000 years of cognitive dissonance.

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Agree with your points. Paganism is a retarded religion/ideology to follow that embraces the worst parts of germanic roots. The time frame to aspire to should be around the time of Bismarck or during WW2 where german resolve and industriousness and discipline was at the forefront. It showed their advances in science and economy, while the pagan times were uncivilized fucks who just robbed and looted others.

Modern pagans are retarded, and anyone who thinks they're anything other than just hippies v2.0 who sit naked in flower patches and are neets is retarded too.

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Well geuss what that's the nature of man, if you guys actually had balls you'd have fought to the last man instead of surrendering. The germans gave up like a bunch of bitches in Stalingrad because of your cuck general von paul and because of that i now have to watch irish women get fucked by niggers and faggots running around my streets

>Paganism is a retarded religion
don't know who the biggest retard is here desu

Christianity is fundamentally egalitarian, when everyone is under god, this sets a precedence which over the centuries develops into a drive towards the elimination of all biological distinctions between men.

Does this look like a LARPagan to you?

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>D&C threads are mafe to conquer and divide WN, NS and Fascists.
>You got proof for that?

Imagine thinking modern paganism has anything to do with ancient European values and culture


fetishizing of the natural and temporal

None of those values and customs offer a way to transcendence

Even the pagan philosophers of old saw the sham that was “human excellence and striving”
A way of exalting ourselves as something more when even the lowliest creatures could outdo us in speed, strength, power, etc.

Look at How something like the coronavirus has brought man and society to its knee

A full blown catastrophe of biblical proportions would reveal us to be as naked as we really are despite our insistence on denying it

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I can smell most these pics in the collage.

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mutts truly are worse than canadians, posting quality from these judaeo negrified abomination is abhorrent

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jesus was a jew anyway. that's been known before Yas Forums

>Ecumenical Patriarch and Patriarch of Moscow represent all of Orthodoxy
They're both wannabe papists. Research Patriarch Neophyte of Bulgaria for instance.

Runes are also from middle east, as mosy gods fagabs clain to worship.

Modern paganism has sprouted from the minds of self-appointed individuals (see varg) who make it to be whatever they want it to be. No reference to anything but fragments and pieces with which to project their own values onto. But who are these self-appointed druids? Are they not men? They are-like us-prone to the most incredible error.

You will know them by their fruits.

>Holy Nihilism
upload the epub friend

Christianity has done less for transcendence than any Pagan ideal did.

The faults of Paganism pale in comparison to those of Christianity.

It's kinda funny kinda sad just how fucking deeply and profoundly stupid christcucks are.

They just don't get that their stupid cult was built on the foundation of violence. Christianity simply cannot thrive and most certainly cannot grow without violence. It absolutely requires violence - look at the past. When christcucks were free to use violence, the cult was at it's peak. Once they lost the ability to violently force jesus onto people...something amazing happened. The growth came to a halt...

They just don't get that making posts on forums will NEVER "convert" anyone or change any minds. They NEED violence and without it they are simply powerless, rofl it's great to watch the cult slowly die as they can no longer force you to worship jebus.

Poor dogg. I hope he’s ok

>Christianity was built on the foundation of violence
but also
>Christians are weak turbopacifists
Cry me a river.

Nothing but one flavor of subjective moralizing with a patchwork mask of “tradition”, which is supposed to give it an air of authority.

Enough said

Nice DnC thread kike.

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I think the hangup is that its too difficult to live in accordance with christian principles and so the movement towards paganism is seen as a way of escaping that struggle. Let us instead embrace our most natural inclinations and imbue them with some sort of cosmic significance, right? That seems to be the operating principle for the modern pagan movement.

>what is The Cloud of Unknowing
Also most modern technology stems from Christian inventions like the first computer.
What transcendence is there in paganism? eating shrooms and worshiping transgender demons?

It's the great Judeo-Christian God hoax again. They change the name of the Jew god Yahweh to God.
Godan ( God or ᚷᛟᛞ ) is the chief god among many others in the polytheistic Germanic pantheon. God is not a title, it is the Lombardic ( shortend ) name of Godan, or more commonly, Wodan. God is named after the Germanic god Wodan ( ᚹᛟᛞᚨᚾ ) and the Norse allfather of the gods, Oðinn. Like it or not, the name God doesn't come from Judeo-Christian origins.
The name of the god of the Judeo-Christians is Yahweh. Jews and Christians believe that their god's name is Yahweh. Jews and Christians worship Yahweh. Yahweh is the name of the god of the Bible.

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It is not that simple, basically Horse-ridding warrior Gods are indoeuropean.
Cow breeders fertility orgy Gods and godesses are middle eastern in origin.
SheBear/ Motherearth worshiping is pre-European [existed before Proto Indo European warriors came].

Christianity is dying. You're being replaced - get used to it.

both pagans and christians deserve gas
secular deist master race

>"Whites are dying. You're being replaced - get used to it"
Imagine unironically using jew rhetoric.

Weird how you compare Jesus to Babylonian baby killers and the people who continue to do the same today. Jesus is the truest form of revolt against the modern world. Have fun doing sodomy and aborting your kids goy.

Well that's the tradition it shares with Judaism, except Jews are more subversive than violent.

Christian apologists will cite its innocence as a justification for violence despite its attempts at subversion which they accuse Jews of.

What is the resurrection?

You’re all- and many christians are-so materialistic. The ship will continue to sail even if it has been dwarfed by larger and more dominant ships.

The christian life and story is partly one of endurance. Christianity will endure no matter how small of a cultural square it is relegated to.

A whole lot of kike fear on display in this thread. Boy they are scared of pagan resurgence. What did (((they))) think was going to happen as the global population wakes to their evil ways.

Pic: ironic captcha

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As if syncretism didn’t occur within the pagan religions and customs.

hello my fellow burger mutt. maybe in whatever strip-mall 4% white hell hole you live in, christianity is being replaced, but the largest growing demographic in this country outside mudpeople like you are mormons and amish.

Wtf I'm a fedora tipper now