How the fuck can these people seriously call them ISIS

How the fuck can these people seriously call them ISIS

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What kind of a faggot wears a mask?

>bunch of virgins with guns taking off their frustration by larping as tough guys
The only real difference is the guys in the desert actually did something.

I don't get it... Aren't vanilla beans black?

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Incel State of Israel and Sexlessness

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In some ways they share similarities with isis but not nearly as extreme... yet. Probably will never be, well see.

They are both working towards jewish interests

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>vanilla isis
I kekd. Bretty good desu

Imagine if they started shooting people like ISIS. It would make all these faggots really rethink all their shit talking and jokes.

Vanilla ice cream is white you autist.

>implying these cucks would shoot anyone

its Michigan, dude, theyre probably wearing them for warmth

You're right. Atleast ISIS were successful for a short period of time. These fucking memelords couldn't control a backyard let alone a pseudo nation state in the desert.

She won't be so cocky when she's in the slave market of Austin

>the absolute state
Why can't leftists stick to their own buzzwords?

I prefer to call them Yeehaw Taliban

I can't tell if you're talking about the US military or isis since they both work for israel.

It was over 60 degrees yesterday

yeah haha, thats why international news outlets are reporting on podunk Michigan

hahahaha yeah. nothing to see here

It’s beautiful. Citizens with better rifles then half the worlds militaries taking a stroll through the statehouse, like they own the place. Because they do. And it’s all legal. That’s based as fuck.

If people reminded their governments that we could just kill them all more often the world would be a far better place.

coming off a 30 degree night and with chilly winds

Funnily enough I kinda hope there is an actual revolution in the US because the system could use a shake up and these LARPers have been talking shit for decades about how they're gonna rise up. Time to see if they have the balls.

Well whatever I'm not one of those anti mask retards, I have been wearing a full face respirator every time I leave the house since early February

Day of the cope is coming, don't you worry.

>what type of mega chad wears a mask
The type that will kick your big wobbly bottom Meister soon to be gasping fatty

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>What kind of a faggot wears a mask?
Cops that don't want to be recognized.

And yet they failed. Threw a tantrum and failed. Now they're going to have to wait longer to spend half their paycheck at bass pro shop :(.

They won't. This entire thing is political theater funded by the Devos family

>day of the cope
Doesn’t take much to turn cope into rope user.

She can moke them all she wants but in the end they are the ones holding guns while she is in Twitter talking shit.

French vanilla ice cream is brown.
Vanilla bean ice cream is mixed.

>bass pro shops
They got some nice fishing gear though.

Nothing happened because they were zero threat.

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>And yet they failed. Threw a tantrum and failed.
they didn't fail though. the MI state legislature voted against the governor's request to extend the lock down.