Anons, just LOOK at these nurses dancing with a cadaver. This is appalling. Investigate. NOW.

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I am LITERALLY shaking.

absolute heroes
OP is a cultureless swine


You are a disgrace! That could be someone’s grandfather you fucking monster!

So glad I'm dating a qt doctor instead of a scuzzy nurse slut

clap for the heroes srsly

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The joke, although poorly done, seems to be the black pallbearers meme and they are carrying a dead CoVID19 instead of a casket. Probably should have done a box instead of a person

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great song

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Is that real? Provide a source.

OK, question answered.

Archive shit like this, lads.

Dunno, this seems like a nothingburger to most of us. You might gain a couple of followers if you went to reddit? Most of us wouldn't care if they fucked that body, dancing with it is nothing.

I wish it was real, in the sense of that being a dead person
but I have my suspicions after watching the video again.

Maybe it was a black man who died. In Haiti or some African countries they dance at funerals. It's not meant to be offensive

It’s obviously not an actual cadaver But another nurse dressed up. However they should clearly face disciplinary action. If you are a nurse and think this is a good idea you shouldnt be one. Hardly a laughing matter.

In a way i am glad they make these videos, cause they are clearly horrible nurses who hadnt been found out yet.

You have baited the bait. Truly a Yas Forums oldfag

Nah, in there's another nurse, it seems. It's disgusting nonetheless.

that's what I meant, there's just too much blue and not limp enough
I just wish it wasn't

US has the most deaths and these fuckwits are dancing...

Numbers are starting to make sense.

Africans seem like fun people when they're not invading white countries.

Why would anyone want to dress up or go outside. Yuck.

>Lose your job due to lockdown
>go to gibs office to get money
>get infected
>go to hospital
>die because nurses are busy making tik toks
>have your body paraded by nurses in another tik tok
>sent to incinerator afterward
>people clapping for them
>"Thank you for your service"

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Based and redpilled


Toneposting never really got its due time in the sun

I hate it. I think it’s cringe.

You’re a fucking pussy.

Fucking based!

Don’t arrest them.
Strip them of their nursing license.
They can make Tiktok videos by the fryer at McDonald’s