Why did you all stop posting libertarian shit?

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this is an npc nigger board

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Based GreeceBro gets it

That's coming dangerously close to telling me I need to post libertarian shit. Don't fucking tell me what to do.


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>trying to tell Yas Forumsacs what to do or not

I rekt all their arguments with my superior knowledge on economics.
Those McNuke, loli loving, offroad motherfuckers can take their shit to some garbage flyover nation for all we care

Those are 2 questions faggot

projection the post

Why are you asking this?
Are we being detained?


libertarianism doesn't work when your society includes radical authoritarian communists.
therefore we need to embrace fascism to kill all communists before we can become libertarian

cope the post
>that level of reading comprehension
jesus fucking christ

Libertarianism is cowardly asking the system to kill itself. The system will never agree to this, and thus it needs to be destroyed and replaced with something better.

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Thhhh. Thhhh. Why you guys call yourselves libertarians? Cos you guys like books or sumthin? Thhhh FAWKIN KILLING EM CHIPPA!

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Destroyed forever beyond recovery by ancap memes.

This is the real redpill

fuck off loser


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>give me liberty...
>give me
fucking nigger

>Why did you all stop posting libertarian shit
They are too busy licking the boot of the government

libertarianism is a dead end ideology that reduces all human interaction to material concerns. its completely worthless

I think most of them graduated to either natsoc, doomergloomer nihilist, or political apathy

They grew up

Fascists and Commies voted the same way before the war

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we all just talk about BTC on Yas Forums because making money is more important than talking about niggers.
personally i've also been shitposting extra on /r/libertarian because all the bernie bros there are REALLY funny when they get angry

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Lol. What a mental stretch gymnastics grasping at straws cope post

You do realize that requiring family values and removing parasites, hedonists, homosexuals etc. and curtailing its influence is an underpinning of fascism. The reason fascism puts checks on big business is because big business propagates degeneracy, atomization, and hedonism.
>a healthy, virtuous, free society
>unchecked big business
pick one

Fucking brains of Burgerland here

Turning to nanny government is not "graduating" or "growing up"

You want government to solve the problem and I view government as a source of the problem

If we each had our way in separate lands we could accomplish the same goal by these opposing means

Just dont associate with them

Wouldn't price tend to go down if there is lower demand?

fuckin based

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Because we learned about niggers and Jews.

NatSocs ENABLE jews. NatSocs are a jews greatest ally. Figure it out faggot

the halvening approaches. bitcoin will add a 0 in the coming months.

Why would one want to be libertarian?

The government isn’t bad. It is a tool that can better society. Bad people in government is what makes it bad.

Most of you were open borders libertarians and let all of the stormfag refugees in and now its become another shitty wignat forum where stormfags circle jerk each other.

t. closed border libertarian

we all grew up

We're here. Flirted with fascism briefly until this recent Covid bullshit.

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Because Yas Forums has been raided by commies and cucks.

name one thing that government has actually improved?
>inb4 muh roads

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Libertarians grew up, realized their ideology was unrealistic, and converted to national socialism, civic nationalism, or in some rare cases a variety of leftism.
t. ex libertarian

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Libtards got owned by facts and logic

The prognosis of collapse of system and widespread violence including political.

Well they uphold law and order.