Tobacco use and Nicotine replacement

Sup Yas Forums,

How are you doing this cozy first of May?

Is smoking Cigarettes / cigarillos / cigars redpilled? Does it boost testosterone and fights of covid19?

What's your opinion on smokeless tobacco?

Is vaping gay? Let's discuss

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Take a pic of a fat cloud


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Everything you just mentioned is gay. Except vaping, which is extra gay.

i vape its great
cigs suck i wish i found vaping earlier so i could have quit cigs earlier

>Is vaping gay?
Nah, but buying one of these toy-looking mods sure is. Is it really surprising that suckling on a plastic toy like a manchild.makes people look down on you?

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My experience smoking cigs for three years:
>Voice is noticeably deeper (not just scratchy from smoking, literally deeper pitch)
>Way less bitchy and moody, have a more masculine approach to confronting stress
>Less feminine distribution of body fat
>Hack up gigantic pearls of phlegm every morning for at least the first hour of waking up
>Constantly dehydrated with a scratchy throat
>Walking up flights of stairs is pathetically tiring
>Spend at least $7 a day
>Constantly feel like something is caught in the back of my throat, obnoxiously try to hack it up all day long, nothing ever actually dislodges from throat

Does it boost testosterone? Based on my anecdotal experience, probably to a slight degree. Is it worth it/redpilled? Up to you.

Vaping IS gay. There is nothing to discuss about it.

Vaping is gay but juuling is based. Everyone I know who isn’t a fag juuls

This. I smoked ciggies for 25 years, then a pipe for 7. Within a week of switching to a vape, I haven't touched either for 4 months. Yes it looks stupid, but not as bad as the alternative

Pipe smoking is master race. Vaping is absolutely gay.

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Once I started smoking 5 packs a day I found it boosted my testosterone off the charts. Now I'm getting pussy 24/7 and benching 400.


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Yooooooo what flavor

>redddit spacing
>Non-political topic
Yet another spam thread

Your post screams pure onions and denial

The word juule itself sounds incredibly faggy. Just smoke a pipe bro

How common is this outside of Europe?

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Sweet white grapes

I switched from cigarettes to snus a year ago and I haven't looked back since.

Drink water

Blow a smoke ring user

Tobacco is great for you.

It improves cognitive function, testosterone levels, depletes cortisol

That's why it's so heavily scrutinized in the west.

Admittedly cigarettes and vapes are trash. But better you smoke something than nothing at all. Children should even smoke

they closed the fin-swe border like 1.5 months ag or so and i have just 5 unopened cans of snus left...fuck. im gonna do illegal tornio river crossing to buy snus

lmao why does your vape have a raspbery pi/arduino screen attached?

These kind of posts should be on Yas Forums

Essen mein shiza

They sell that at the cornerstore, so pretty common

Actual pleb

I smoke a pipe.

Smoking anything else is third world...except Cigars but smoking cigars is a literal metaphor for closet BBC sucker!

Thanks to EU ban on actual snus. The "chewing bag" is just to get around the law, tho snus is much wetter

I can't :_(

All tobacco products contain nitrosamines and carry the potential risk for cancer. Vaping, while it does indeed look gay, is the far superior choice for nicotine consumption. Certain flavor concentrates also contain some pretty nasty chemicals, so do your research if you care about your health. Also, nicotine is not a drug I would suggest anyone get hooked on. Its vasoconstriction properties can cause serious long term effects. It will literally starve your brain of oxygen and make you dumb.
>t. 11 year vaping veteran

Better than a pipe

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Yas Forums has become default discussion board since Yas Forums has been taken over by mostly tranny porn

>sub-ohm freebase

Take the Salts pill. Much better hit and delivery from nicotine salts- also much cheaper since it’s basically the same price per ml but much stronger.

>>Spend at least $7 a day

Vape. A $20 bottle of nicotine salts juice lasts me like 3 months.

jannies-in-training need to chill tf out lately. anything related to the testosterone/androgen epidemic is Yas Forums content

Yeah over here the real stuff is banned as well still better brands like White Fox and Killa are available. Skruf tends to leak too much for my liking.

Juul is amazing

Juul pods are absurdly overpriced though. You can but your own juice (needs to be salts) and refill them yourself very easily. Literally 10% the cost and you can get many more flavors.

I did JUUL for a month. It was a good substitute, and I didn't crave cigs. But I hit that fucking thing like a crackhead in peak negro season, and I decided in the end it was probably canceling out any benefit because of the increased intake.

>we are eating my shit

Wew lad

I fucking hate salts. Too bad it's nearly impossible to buy high strength freebase now. Most shops only carry salts and 3-6% freebase for "cloud" vapers. I prefer 24% freebase in a stealthy device. I hold it in until there's no visible vapor on exhale. Clouds are gay.

The Christian man smokes american spirit organic tobacco. Fagans blow their little jewce box

Remember this was a trend a couple years back. Not sure if I want even more mid east shit in Europe tho...

Why don’t you like salts?

I hate hookahs. I smoke a pack or two a day, never get sick. Maybe fatigued if I over do it. Nearly every time I ripped a hookah back in the day, I got sick as fuck and started spinning out.
>inb4 "cuz ur a little bitch"

Brand/link please, trustworthy shit's hard to come by here because our EU overlords don't want us to buy bulk. Pic related is how you're supposed to buy your nicotine here: 10 mg per bottle, commonly 18mg/ml...

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We need wypipo to be alive though, stop inhaling plant matter

Unless you’re Pakistani, then smoke up

Juul was bought by big tabacky and they're actively trying to sink the company now.
Idk why you'd call it Jewish when it is obviois ((they)) hate vaping. There was a clear misinformation campaign last year trying to take down the vaping industry. It didn't work because zoomers don't give a flying fuck what MSM has to say. Before Corona Chan a bill was on the house floor to ban all flavored products.

Why would you not inhale?

A lot of the major brands make salts juice now, like Naked. There’s also some company made by a redditor, Lvl Up I think, which has a good reputation/ I think they’re specifically designed for people refilling juul pods but they’ll work with any salts (low wattage) device.

common in US. White people love this stuff, but cigarettes are king