Which one are you, user?

Which one are you, user?

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>"the Jews and feminism are why I can't have a 12 year old gf!!"

reminder 90% of these incel posts are created by a tranny discord group

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I have long hair, a beard and no glasses.

Looks like I hit the spot

Why do they all roleplay as Private Joker?

none, my mother is from Oslo and my father is from Somalia, so it's okay for me to call niggers for niggers

Don't talk to me or my son ever again.

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So did he

They are all McLovin

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Just take the nofap/semen retention pill and SIG comes natural.

I'm good looking, but insane.

ar rook the same

LOL Im moreno and dont give a shit

yes. just like calling everybody racist and nazi until the term lost its meaning. I predict no more than 100 incel threads on Yas Forums until your tranny discord gets bored and falls apart

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There's no way anyone uses the term incel without projecting. Fucking cringe. OP is probably a nigger who can't get laid because of his shitskin. Sad really

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Well link the server then. You guys are all talk but never show any evidence baka

Does anyone have that image of Pepe killing the tranny in full resolution?


So if I am a white guy with glasses I’m an incel?

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>make thread
>get replies
jannies let this shit stay up but whistleblower threads are deleted and purged from the archives
why would that be?

>countless years of unbridled feminism, jewish workings and subtle communist social engineering in the the west have turned western white men into domesticated, unmasculine wretches
>the forces mentioned above then proceed to go and shame the aforementioned victims publically or with threads like these; akin to kicking a person who's already on the ground
i'm apalled by how disgustingly dishonourable this whole conduct is, but since i'm jewish, i'm also so turned on by it

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I got laser eye surgery and it vastly improved my life, nigger.

lol they all have spectacles.

Thhhh. Thhhh. Incel? What are they in prison or sumthin? Thhhh FAWKIN NICE ONE CHIPPA!

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2nd row, 8th from the right.

tahts me

This one

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I don't look like any of these. Do you have one with more variation? Everyone in your pic just look like slavs.

Most trannies are balding ugly men in their 30s and are also incel but incels that want to turn into their cartoon twitter profile pic.