These doctors blew the lid off the Coronavirus manufactured crisis

The video was going viral, at 6 million views before youtube took it down and took down all the re-uploads. The next day their were obvious hit pieces being written about them. This was the video that convinced Elon Musk to take the anti-lockdown position he is taking right now. The tide is turning. And people who are fully committed to the Corona-cult of quarantines and lockdowns are getting emotional over it. Im seeing it in real life more and more. What are they trying to hide from us anons?

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daily reminder for the npc subhumans

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They did make bad extrapolations for from their data that would paint COVID as less lethal, so that problem needs to be acknowledged. They made some good points like why are they being pressured to report COVID but that can be explain by some stupid means tested relief package. But their basic stats error makes them look dumb.

>bad extrapolations
How? Ive seen this argument so many times yet nobody explains how their extrapolations were bad. They took data from thousands of people and extrapolated them to the larger population. That doesnt even touch all the other points they made. Also, why would youtube censor them?

>But their basic stats error makes them look dumb.

ya if they conditioned it by saying that it is not correct but representative that it is far deeper in the population than predicted, it would have gave them more credibility. they said alot of shit that was very true - like how much the CDC and those orgs over predicted everything.

but since we are in information war, if the jews can find anything wrong they will delete you

They did say it was representative. They went over this. They cant test everyone in the state. They said they want to do more testing in the video but the sheltering in place laws are hindering that.

Seriously. They all just say "their math is wrong", and will never expand on it.

Because there isnt anything wrong with their math. Erickson spoke the truth against the Corona-cult narrative. Thats why youtube took it down.

Non-retarded link

Thanks user. Sorry for the retarded link. I dont understand why this isnt blowing up on Yas Forums right now. Youtube censored whistle blowers and there are no threads about it. What the hell?

>uhm, sweetie, all of that is actually problematic and debunked

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no, those jackasses exposed how unbelievably scientifically and statistically illiterate they are. they are absolute unmitigated dumbfucks who do not understand the most basic statistical principles. room temperature college students could tear their claims to shreds after attending their first statistics lecture.
thjos faggots just destroyed their eeputations. how scientifically illiterate are you for not knowing this?

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Yet nobody has refuted them yet. If they are such retards youtube wouldnt have to censor them. Kill yourself immediately

(((6 million)))

>waa i don't understand because i'm fucking scientifically illiterate
>waa i don't understand because i'm fucking statistically illiterate as fuck
okay dumbfucks. they refuted their fucking selves the minute they opened their stupid as fuck pie holes.
>Step ZERO
>random representative sample of the population
FAIL. that's right faggots, they FAILED utterly and hopelessly at step fucking ZERO. it is so stupid that those docs should suicide out of shame for their stupidity.
>but it's the best that we have
and it's ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS for extrapolation to the population because...
see step fucking ZERO
>absolute unmitigated display of stupidity
huurrr... take a sample enriched for people who will be infected and project
I'm sorry that you dumbfucks are so fucking stupid but this really is basic fucking shit. this is as basic as 2 + 2 in the statistical world. what they did was FAIL of the most embarrassing and revealing kind.
>nobody has refuted them
neck yourself retard. nobody needs to refute the idiot on youtube claiming 2 + 2 = 6 either.
you fagots are an embarrassment even for this shithole of a board -- I suspect that each of you are likely known as the village idiot in your respective backwaters.

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Never forget the 6 million flu bros.

If Covid 19 is the disease that kills the boomer, then here's an idea: Next time try and maintain some credibility and trust instead of actively subverting manipulating and psy oping everything in sight. Then maybe people will trust you when the sociopathic girl that cries wolf gets serious and now you can trust her on this one issue.

COPE. Yet you trust these bogus models with no peer review that have been wrong by the millions? Pure retardation. Its a fucking virus that spreads quickly and easily moron. We had Covid19 in our country for months without any mitigation taken. Taking a sample size and applying it to the larger population is perfectly reasonable. Again, why did youtube take them down? Answer that question.

What is your conclusion? That we cant lift lockdowns until every single citizen in the country gets a test? Thats insane. Quarantine-fags are on suicide watch right now

>What are they trying to hide from us anons?

I'm convinced that this whole thing is just about Trump and the election at this point.

jesus fuck there is no hope for you. absolute fucking stupid and probably marginally retarded. why did youtube remove the video, probably because people as stupid and easily manipulated as you exist at all.

this isn't about my conclusion faggot. this thread is about those statistically illiterate incompetent idiots in blue shirts that think they understand anything all outside of their specialty. and yes, you are one stupid silly motherfucker.

Can you teach me how to write so much yet say so little?

You need to cope harder faggot.
>Muh establishment media doesnt want people being manipulated
>Muh establisment media would never lie and manipulate the public with lies
Kill self.

>predictive models were off by several million
>anyone who doesn't believe these models is statistically illiterate
Retarded much?

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No retard, the thread, as you can read in the title, is why Youtube censored these doctors.

>okay dumbfucks
>that's right faggots
>you dumbfucks
>neck yourself retard
Your Yas Forumslack impression lacks a certain effortlessness. Too much and too quickly.

Me too. Every retard who bought into this retardation and wont admit it is either a coping /cvg/ faggot or a libshit that doesnt want to admit that Trump had the right stance from the start. Although its a shame Trump took the bait. He tweeted recently about how Sweden was dumb for not locking down.

>heh, you just think im a shill because i disagree with you
>It has nothing to do with how out of place i appear to be
I hate these shills

Don't waste your time user. They extended our lockdown here in Washington and this stated is adled with Drug addicts and faggs.

On Wednesday, Gov. Jay Inslee announced that he would be extending the order past May 4. That said, doesn’t mean that some measures won’t be lifted in the interim.

“Over time, he’ll dial the restrictions up and down depending on how many people are getting sick and how well people are following the physical distancing rules,” the DOH described.

Lol these NPC faggs don't get it, these fuckers and state governments are making shit up as they go.

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this video is far more interesting, it's not even corona virus and it's just a cover up

Shills bots trannies boomers summer kids shit posters and sadly shit like this is par for the course. I'm 0% surprised that a truthful video telling ppl not to panic was deleted. This is clown world after all.

I live in the west side of NY. Cuomo has the deadline at May 15th. Im thinking of taking actions into my own hands at this point because nobody else here is going to do it. I was thinking of taking my stimulus check and using it to partner with a local business owner to open up prematurely against Cuomos dumb ass lockdown laws. I havent looked into what fines or consequences a business will face for doing that, but im willing to put all my Trumpbux towards it. My job was never effected so i never needed it anyway.

With testing kids the inventor says must not be used for infectious diseases testing late stage cancer patients that die and write it down as covid 19 and get grands for it to boot all tested with unreliable test kids. Just take Billies shot boy he loves you.

I have a feeling that Cuomo is going to extend this lockdown lift deadline within the next couple days. Im getting tired of it being ok for 100s of fat boomers to pile into wal mart but the local small shops in my town are deemed to dangerous to stay open.