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► Detected: 3,331,164 (+26,944) ► Died: 234,702 (+952) ► Day: 113 (-12:15:00)

— 5.1 billion people under lockdown —
— 212 countries and territories infected —
— 11x more confirmed deaths than swine flu —
— 83 vaccines and 312 treatments announced —
— 4,147 strains have been sequenced —


Maryland Gov. protective of his state’s coronavirus tests

Experts predict up to two more years of pandemic

North America's livestock will be euthanized because of supply chain disruptions due to coronavirus

Russian PM Mishustin Diagnosed With Coronavirus

New York let coronavirus-infected nurses work in upstate nursing home

Doctors In Europe Warn Of Link Between Covid-19 And Toxic Shock Symptoms In Children

WARRING CANNIBAL RATS emerge in US cities as food production crashes from Covid-19 closures

Vitamin D Insufficiency is Prevalent in Severe COVID-19

Remdesivir does not speed up recovery from COVID-19 compared with placebo

EBV acute infection was found in COVID-19 patients

CCP notice to destroy or send them coronavirus sample vials

Coronavirus may lurk deep in lungs after patients recover, study suggests

Self-reported symptoms of covid-19 including symptoms most predictive of SARS-CoV-2 infection, are heritable

Long-term persistence of SARS-CoV-2 and its ability to maintain infectivity in aerosols for up to 16 hours


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daily reminder for the mentally handicapped subhumanoids

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Countries are opening back up
Initiate stage 2 soon

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Half of Moscow’s Critical Coronavirus Patients Tested Negative, Mayor Says
>Half of Moscow’s Critical Coronavirus Patients Tested Negative, Mayor Says
Half of Moscow’s Critical Coronavirus Patients Tested Negative, Mayor Says
>Half of Moscow’s Critical Coronavirus Patients Tested Negative, Mayor Says

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here is what the Danish government considers as low to very high risk:


6th to 10th classes: High
High schools: Very high
Colleges: High
High school education except graduates and ASF classes: High
Vocational Training: High
HF single subject: Medium
Universities: Medium
Professional Colleges: Medium
Business Academies: Medium
Artistic higher education: Medium / high by physical activity and / or singing

>Culture and faith

Libraries: Low
Museums: Low
Theaters: Medium
Cinemas: Medium
Churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.: Medium / high by physical activity and / or singing
Amusement parks: Very high
Zoos: Low

>Partying, eating and shopping

Restaurants: Medium
Cafes: Medium
Nightclubs and discos: Very high
Venues: Very high
Bars and taverns: High
Hookah cafe: Medium / high
Outdoor areas: Low
Shopping malls, department stores, arcades, bases: Medium

>Activity and sports

Youth clubs: High
Activity and daycare for socially vulnerable children and adolescents: High
Water Park: High
Playground: High
Swimming pools: Medium
Gyms: Very high
Indoor facilities in theme parks: High
Skating halls: Medium
Sports halls - with physical contact: Very high
Sports halls - with physical distance: High
Physical distance outdoor sports facilities: Medium

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Are they testing them useing coin flips?

>small business stays closed and get some government gibs
>open business and assume 100% overhead again but with max 25% revenue
These partial re-openings are going to be more crippling to small businesses than the shutdown.

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Imagine she invites you over to her house to try some TaStY BAT SOUP that she cooked with love especially just FOR YOU!

What do you do?

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Chinese test kits

>Bogdanoff, it's happening.
>"They opened up?"
>They are getting desperate.
>"Increase atmospheric pathogen density by 200%."

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they're not

I wonder why.

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I don't want to see people I love dying bros

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literally a nothingburger but can someone please stop bolsonaro?

Does she have hairy armpits? Because I would fuck her hairy armpits.

Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro says WHO encourages kids to be gay, masturbate
>Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro says WHO encourages kids to be gay, masturbate
Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro says WHO encourages kids to be gay, masturbate
>Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro says WHO encourages kids to be gay, masturbate

Most people already had one strain in January, wouldn't surprise me if we're talking 80% or so. What some of us have got this time is another strain, providing different symptoms due to ADE because there are so many fucking strains going around.

As well as recombining, and wouldn't fucking surprise me if this virus has some kind of juiced up recombining going on.

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my favourite poster


Man that subr*ddits gonna be blowing up in the next month
Based Coofsenaro

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poco a poco


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Study confirms White people created Virus as an attack against Black people. China unavailable for comment.

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I hope you're happy for opening those schools.

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Just looked this up
>6 weeks of symptoms
Lines up perfectly with spring break 7-8 weeks ago since it takes 1-2 weeks for people to start getting symptoms
Normies BTFO

>she mentioned there are a lot of other viruses around right now too

We only test people if they’re really bad
Expect R0 to be at least a factor 10 higher

Its never going to end is it? People quarantine for two weeks, feel better, go out, get sick again later, and infect loads of people

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75 days and counting is the longest I know of

Corona-chan is truly powerful.

Many have been KEKED by Covid... youtu.be/3JS8CW6dq1I

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>should i still quarantine?

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Wow these threads sure have died out...guess this virus was a big nothing burger after all. Hopefully all you disgusting schizophrenics neck yourselves for spending your life savings on “survival supplies”

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Fucking media types sperging about death totals. Is it just me or is being in a pandemic a pretty bad thing that means people are going to die. Also will be interesting to see what happens in NZ after lockdown. They're already into autumn.

My friend had this and still can’t take a run without nearly dying. It’s been 4 weeks since she was “cleared”.

roll for corona chan inmortal

It's been 4 months now. Why don't we know absolutely everything there is to know about this disease? Scientists would want to pull the finger out. We have barely learned anything. Either they know and they won't tell us or they're fucking incompetent.

How much food do you have?


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Most scientists are actually retards.
Every moron can graduate from university and become a scientist.

>daily reminder

that borders won't be opened any time soon, it makes absolutely no sense. Look at it this way: IF a country were to get a low R0 and the virus is mitigated, that means the virus is mitigated within that country or even only a region within that country. If the borders will be opened, only 1 infected person needs to enter and EVERYTHING was for nothing. Also, every country and even regions within these countries have different strategies. There's no EU strategy. Impossible. Moreover, track & tracing mechanisms are only country specific, hence when people come from the outside it's impossible to keep track. There's no EU-wide track & tracing software.

Until there is an unlikely vaccine or some remedy the borders will stay closed. If not, you know the governments officially want us dead.

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Germany is already starting to dial back after seeing infection rates rising after opening back up, and It hasn't even been three weeks yet for them.

lmao shits opening up across the states USAnons gotta go out and work for mr shekelberg can't be posting on the vietnamese pottery enthusiast forum

>New Jersey partially opening
Oh boy literally nothing is changing outside being able to go hiking again, clearly everything is fine now, why must (((media))) lie by omission I'd rather than just straight lie about things.

Maybe 99% are useless with a booksmart degree
I expect the 1% to get results

Trump is not going to do shit and leave it up to the states and my state like Florida is already hiding deaths and won't do shit either.
Its going to be a blood bath once it really gets going

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Add infected imported goods to the list as well.

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Cause if they told the truth, normies would lose it not being able to live normally anymore

Hello fellow Floridanon. Ready for boog?

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the 1% are culled by the 99% who don't dare to draw conclusions before they have all agreed upon what is allowed to say is correct