>Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's "meltdown" interview with MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski made its rounds on social media last night after the 78-year old denied all allegations made against him by accuser Tara Raede.

>The interview took on an almost comical veneer as Biden, 78, began the questioning by coughing into his hand, a practice condemned by himself only days earlier.


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heh, classic Joe

>vet the candidates!
>unless its joe biden, keep that Delaware record sealed no matter what.

>we must believe all women but we must verify their accusations but you're not allowed to look into my past to verify her accusations
biden just roy moore'd himself

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>you're not allowed to look into my past to verify her accusations
Look, any damaging info could be used politically fat. Settle it with pushups like a real man.

Why is there no Senate clown show over this like they had for Brett Kavanaugh?

Why does he keep doing it?

The look on Joe and Mika's faces was priceless. Even they can't sell this clown

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Mika, how many knuckles? Was it fisting action?


who is joe?

Because he is a democrat and a deep state best buddy.

Kek, I knew It'd be bad, but holy shit

my guy got his knuckles wet, its not the end of the fucking world, people

Pedo Joe was touchy about what is inside his records at the University of Delaware


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What's up with the interviewer? She's taking really slowly.

Biden is innocent. Fuck Trump.

I hate to say it but I believe Joe as far as the finger banging is concerned. Yes, he probably sniffed her hair, that goes without saying.
I wonder...who could be behind this?

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play him off keyboard cat

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He would have been 50 years old at the time

is there a video of her getting fisted or something?

I agree. Trump raped many women and he got elected anyway. Hypocrites!

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Why would he even keep records of himself doing something bad? Why not destroy them?

gotta talk slow so grandpa understands

Shilling funded by THIS GUY no doubt!

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Probably because there is Ukraine stuff in those papers.

>search the National Archives
Sandy Berger the former Clinton Administration National Security Advisor, said he made a "mistake" and was just "sloppy" when an FBI investigation revealed that he had stolen Top Secret memos and documents from the National Archives relating to the events surrounding al-Qaida attacks on America during the 1990s and in the year 2000. Archive security notified the FBI when they discovered documents missing, and saw Berger stuffing papers into his pants, socks, and a leather briefcase. Upon investigation, Berger admitted that he had "made a mistake," and took them. Unfortunately, Berger says he "lost" some of the documents, but that he returned some of them after his the FBI searched his home. Amazingly, he even returned some documents that the Archive hadn't yet noted were missing! He apologized and said he had just been "sloppy." This, from the former "National Security" advisor to the previous President of the United States, and security advisor to the current Democratic candidate for president.

IKR! BIDEN 2020!

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Wow, good on her! She went in hard on Joe!