What do we about the balding epidemic plaguing young white males

What do we about the balding epidemic plaguing young white males

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Shave it all off and grow giant beards

Gas the jews and have a race war

Is there a underlying cause of it?

Something fishy is definitely going on and I'm saying this even though I took my schizo meds this morning

I sunburned my scalp yesterday washing my boomer dad's rv. Who fucking cares if you lose your hair.


Thank god I look good bald

Chicks do.

Men his this mini wall in their early/mid 30's, but heres the interesting part, the wall can be scaled to reach peak power levels in the mid 40s.

Stop fapping.

Not really

men have gone bald since time began.

sorry you lost your hair, OP.

try working out or something

Fat, short and bald are all Jew phenotypes.
There is a total solution.


The skin cells which got incinerated on your bald head probably cared

This and eat meat

Stress, what do young white males stress about? Who knows

become a lefty faggot or just get on with your life seeing as looks only matter to narcissistic social media users. Is this the new black men with white women demoralization post? baldness only matter to those who it affects.

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Too much stress

vitamin d3

Wow his looks went from semi-Chad to basedboy real quick. Shame

It's your genetics. Blonde, red, and brown hair are weaker than black hair. Black hair starts deeper in the skin layer, allowing it to keep the follicles inside the skin when hair gets pulled so it can regrow.

If I was white, i wouldnt touch my head at all. A tight fitted hat or a strong wind could pull your hair out

Balding has evolutionary fitness. If it didn't, it would have been bred out millennia ago. Nothing to worry about.

t. Bald 30-year-old

All of the men who continued to have great heads of hair as they age have two things in common: sleep a minimum of 8 hours every night and consistent (5+ days/week) cardio. I'm thinking the sleep plays a good part. Just my anecdote

Hair transplants should be funded by the government.

Nothing. Happens to most men I their lifes. Flag this faggot thread. Nothing to do with politics. Fuckin nu pol


i'm sure our ancestors working in factories for 12 hours a day didn't have any stress

Yes, I read that lack of sleep causes testosterone levels to rise slightly.

Why don't you at least proof-read your retarded slide threads? This post couldn't have taken you more than 20 seconds to make, how the hell do you expect any meaningful or entertaining responses?

>Hair transplants should be funded by the government
If this happened you would get a garbage quality procedure.
Quit being poor and get a quality transplant, you get what you pay for

can't do much about it
it's not a new thing. men have been balding since forever ago
i got my balding from my grandfather and i also always wear a hat

>starts balding in teens
>thinks pretending to be a woman is the right response
If my lovely female breasts became even more voluptuous, I wouldn't think about turning my perfect coin slot pussy into a dick. Besides, I have the cutest feet!

People have no idea how badly we got fucked. Atrazine and xenoestrogens are the reason that white men are, on the whole, becoming more frail, not developing correctly, balding prematurely and experiencing sexual problems; all of which is a first for a generation this young. It is due to the epigenetic, in-utero, and environmental assault on our masculinity, a purposeful plan.

What do about it?
>Dominate Jews
>Government subsidized hormone therapies for all young men
>Take epigenetic eugenics seriously from then on

Then do it again in five years. Plus enjoy your scarring.

>But but my testosterone levels
No hair lose isnt a sign of high testosterone. High testosterone isnt even a good thing. Having hair is a good thing. Bald men just have shit genetics. A sign of inbreeding and people breeding when they really shouldnt have.

Why is it only whites who start balding at 18 and go bald at 25yo? Shit genetics

men are going bald earlier and more often. this is not even debated in mainstream science. it isn't normal

Ban Porn?

Dont understand why Yas Forums still thinks hair transplant technology hasn't changed in decades

>High testosterone isnt even a good thing.
Lmao ok moshe

The real question is how do we wake up the Africans so that we can join together and finally be rid of the jews and chinks.

You wouldn’t see bald celebrities if surgery were worth it.

Kill men who are balding for having lesser genes.