How to fuck do we go on as though nothing happened?

A reminder that we let this happened and will continue to let this happen.
>Drop redpills on waco and ruby ridge

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daily reminder for the braindead npc niggers

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Michigan made you glowies really nervous, huh? :)

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Pay debts


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Reminder that they enjoyed killing innocent people and took photos flexing on their charred remains

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I assume this was an overreaction by the Feds. After the Civil Rights movement (communism) many right wing fundamentalist groups popped up. Almost none of them weren't aggressive but the Feds wanted them gone nonetheless.

Ruby Ridge was carried out because the owner of the house was friends with a man who was in a Neo Nazi gang, even though the owner had pretty much gone off the grid and reduced his contact with the outside to near nothing they still thought he was a threat and killed him and his family. Waco was the same thing, as soon as they heard they had firearms on the property they got a hard-on and went in there and killed them all.

gun nuts and religious nuts are the biggest pussy cuckolds.
you wimps will never do anything LOL

Did we?

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>Almost none of them were*

A bunch of dangerous armed cultists got shot, so what?

checked for cuck

>watch Netflix series
>expect it to be moderately to severely pozzed
>actually almost as sympathetic as it can possibly be to the Davidians, practically romanticizes them in some cases

How the fuck did that happen?

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Dont forgot children too

>glownigger glowing

They didn't kill them all zoomer. Randy Weaver won 3 million dollars in the lawsuit afterward.


>be feds
>attempt dynamic entry against bible thumpers in texas
>get assholes blown the fuck across the yard
>set up perimeter with military hardware
>harass and psychologically torture the men women and children inside
>burn all the evidence
>kill a hundred witnesses
>25 years later still try to shill yourselves as heroes
Only the most pathetic of low intelligence faggots can side with the feds on this one.

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3 million dollars means nothing if you lose your entire fucking family

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>Shoot at cops

Why the fuck do you care about a Christ Cuck sex cult?

I agree was a pretty fair shake. After it was all said and done here are the important mistakes the producers made.
>weak attempt to absolve Janet Reno and Bill Clinton of responsibility
>made it look like the feds were sad when they burned the compound
>in actuality there is proof the feds were shooting people who tried to escape the fire
>made it seem as though getting trapped in there was unfortunate accidental collapse of structure here and there
>in reality they went around and crushed exit points with the tanks which they portrayed partially when the women couldn't exit through the storm shelter

Where can I find a decent torrent of the Waco show? Everything I find is in shitty quality

Gee, it's not like they didn't give them fucking weeks to walk out..

I know. As I was pointing out the whole family wasn't killed. Weaver got 100k and his 3 surviving daughters got a million each. Still bad though I'm not disagreeing. Goddamn trannies get that much now by suing the Christian bakery.

It buys you a much nicer off grid shack, and at least he won't have to sell sawed off shot guns for cash anymore.


>Not shooting at cops who shoot at you first
I didn't know all those women and children shot at the gAyTF too! BASED kids!

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The grassroots has shifted MASSIVELY to the right since then. In the 1930s we had Father Coughlin garnering weekly listeners of 1 in every 3 Americans dropping red pills left and right. By the mid-1990s, our most popular truth teller was Bill Cooper and he was only garnering the attention of perhaps 5% of the population. Now, everyone on the planet who is internet capable comes to Yas Forums during happenings, where heavy hitting red pills are dispensed at high velocity.

We have achieved distributed, critical mass awakening independent of leadership. We are become the many headed hydra, an unstoppable force that will bring about the Day of the Rope and end the lives of every traitorous federal agent there is.

No better than muzzies hiding behind kids when they shot at Americans. Or hiding weapons under schools and hospitals.

If you want to protect your children, don't endanger them in the first place.

>it's not like they didn't give them fucking weeks to walk out
>just come out of your house because we say so we're sorry for killing a bunch of you for no reason but we promise we're the good guys
Davidians played their cards right. They got lawyers and were going to go for full acquittal with the Texas Rangers securing the compound as evidence. THAT is when the feds did the big sweat and ultimately burned the evidence and killed the witnesses. HMMMMMMMMM.

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>played their cards right.
>died in a fire that they set.
You know the lawyers would still have worked if they just came out..

I guess they didn't know when to fold them..

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