In the hospital

I have Covid-19


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Try to snap a pic of the nurse’s fat ass

any tiktok dancing?

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>going to the hospital because you have a cold

The absolute state

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I think I have seen your eyes before. get well bro

Nigger that’s a dentist office. Fuck off and I hope he rapes you when you’re under, faggot.

Hiipa violation

Not so far but all the nurses sit around doing nothing

you look british

>Hiipa violation
The nurse isn't a patient, faggot

did you catch it from sucking a dick?

What is the treatment being given to you? Be as specific as possible

How is that a HIPA violation lmao.

>Hiipa violation

OP is lying, there have been several threads with that exact op image in the past month

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>Hiipa violation
dear diary, today OP was really gay

you wrote Hippo wrong
so how much longer do you have to live?
socialized hellcare or private chadcare?

There are other patients here

Well I'm not

Thank you

It's legit corona virus not a cold

Pic related, not a dentist.

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If train A leaves Chicago traveling 100MPH and train B leaves New York traveling 150MPH and the distance between the two cites is 600 miles how far from New York will it be when the two trains meet?

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What are your symptoms bro?

What's your temperature? Are you having shortness of breath? Will you need oxygen?

I have tricare

There are other patients here.

>There are other patients here
God forbid they see you using your phone

High fever heavy cough no oxygen needed yet tho probably soon will need it

>literally in a storage and/or staff room with work boots on
Yeah nah.

Coronavirus IS the cold numbnuts

Is your nurse black, user? Is that why you don’t want to take a pic?

Work boots on, cloth mask. Posting on chan "It's serious guys. Legit Corona, not a cold". You're a fucking pussy

Op is a fucking janitor on his lunch break

COVID is not real, stop Larping

ah, dunno how it's over there but most countries really do give a shit about the healthcare they pay for their directly or indirectly employed
so you have a mandatory stay independent of symptoms or ended up there due to semi serious symptoms?
for how many days have you had symptoms yet?
what did you do in the 2-3 days before symptoms were noticeable? (corona seems to take a bit longer to incubate and like other corona is most infectious right before symptoms set in/it's wandering down the nasal cavity to throat and lung)

Shit dude. That's bad, but don't worry, you'll probably be OK. The symptoms will be uncomfortable but you won't die.

Someone posted this same thread with same pics in March. Fuck off faggot

The lungs work normally in COVID patients, it's just that the red blood cells are not carrying enough oxygen

>hippa violation
He's the pt not the medical staff and none of his info is exposed you fully realized rartard

>It's legit corona virus not a cold
aka the cold


Real bad. So bad they leave his work clothes on and work boots. Casually using his phone. Wearing those useless masks you can buy 50 PC for $20


Report and sage faggot larp threads

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That sucks dude, i hope you get better

Do you know how you got it.

Fuck that hospital for covering up your TV
Feel better soon, user.
Also you're a handsome muthafucka, you'll do fine

>I have SideWays Image Disease.
SWID is a terrible thing to have.