Cryonics and Immortality

It's quite possibly the best investment you can make. Yeah there's a chance the company storing your body goes out of business, but it's better than the alternative. A successful cryonics timeline would probably go something like:

>Die of some disease in 2050
>Consciousness leaves body
>Preserve brain in cryonic chamber for a measly 30k-100k
>Fast forward to the year 2250
>Scientists are able to resuscitate each of your individual brain neurons and also cure any disease
>Consciousness returns
>Revived brain is then put into some awesome cyborg body
>Enjoy a future where science is now indistinguishable from magic

Seriously, what do you have to lose? If you die and go to the afterlife and then get revived, they can just kill you and send you back if that's what you want. However, if when you die you're just thrust into the infinite void, wouldn't it be nice to be able to crawl back out?
>"NOOOO!!! you need leave that money for your kids to inherit!!!"
If that's what you want then go ahead. I'm sure that letting your kids blow all that money on dumb shit is totally better than eternal life.

Maybe it's a scam, but who fucking cares? It's the absolute best you've got.

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I agree it's the best shot we have right now, but as I age I'm not sure I even want it anymore. Problem is, even if it works, we have no idea what's going to happen to our consciousness if we get revived. I would like to be spared the "I have no mouth and I must scream" shit

>Seriously, what do you have to lose?
Some rogue AI that's taken over the planet reviving you then torturing you for all of eternity.

Like I said, this. It's like a reverse Pascal's Wager

Read Transmetropolitan to find out what that would be like.

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you can do a test of 1 month first

Semi serious jokes about malevolent AI aside, what I've never understood is why would people in the future even care to revive us? Seems like they'll have plenty of people to content with, so what's in it for them to revive some geezer from 200 years ago? And that's assuming the world doesn't just collapse under the strain of overpopulation and technologically never advances that far.

If you propose that this will actually allow someone to die a normal death and come back from the afterlife, that requires a certain view on mind-body problem that is kind of gay.

Also, Jesus will bring back our bodies one day in the future anyway, user.

Not saying it won't ever be possible, but current tech destroys the cells in the freezing process.

Better luck to clone yourself from birth and trying to implant your memories.

>wakeup in a hardcore dystopia that uses you as a slave for eternity
>wish i was dead
sounds risky OP

THIS. Even if they actually advance the technology so far society will be even shittier.

At point three cells rupture and you will end up with unrecoverable brain damage.

seen this movie already

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Wouldn't it just be someone else walking around with your memories and appearance?

Think about it like this: if we had a chance to revive someone who lived in the 1700s now, would we? Probably. Would we revive millions of them? Probably not

>why would people in the future even care to revive us?
Novelty perhaps? Imagine if we had the tech to revive people from 1800. Would be cool as fuck to have conversations with them.

>you will end up with unrecoverable brain damage.
Unrecoverable to current technology

already on it
i already have contract with them.
if i get any terminal disease, i just let them store me.

>slave for eternity
Wouldn't make sense to bring someone back just for that.

Kek they will take the money and throw your ass in an oven the next day They allready don't give a shit about goy why should they give a shit in the future.

>Kek they will take the money and throw your ass in an oven the next day
You planning on taking your money with you?

its a contract you made. with a law firm.
so they will be force to honor their contract and revive you.

>video related

It's a big leap of faith that they'll respect the maintenance of the frozen bodies and an even higher one if you believe that it would ever be possible to restore your body and brain to its previous condition when you were still alive.

>Maybe it's a scam, but who fucking cares? It's the absolute best you've got.
Most Jewish thing I've read so far today. It's only 10 am though so show me what else ya got.

>permanent death while taking 130k to your grave
>leap of faith

From Alcor's website
>"This idea continues to be promulgated by people who should know better. First, the question is moot for systems that are vitrified because they have no ice crystals. Second, when tissue is frozen, and when extracellular ice does penetrate cell membranes, it does so by either: a) trans-pore ice growth, b) osmotic rupture, or c) surface-catalyzed nucleation (Cryobiology 45, 213-215). "Spearing" is not a recognized mode of cell damage in cryobiology."

Goo goo ga ga law contract blah blah
Implying they won’t just tear up whatever papers you signed

t. cryonics device salesman
P.S. Your grandchildren will just discontinue payments for the service the moment they receive the first bill and the jew who sold you this service will be disappointed he can no longer make bank on that corpse he buried in a mass grave decades ago.

*on some goy's corpse*

No pas it on to my children and you wouldnt be revived anyway canuck.

by that logic, any contract you already made with anyone is already null.
think about it:
if you go and make a contract (lets say oil contract) and go to a law firm. couldnt they just go and tear your contract? i mean your only defense is your contract and its gone. how you gonna defend yourself.
its because you are and idiot and probably poor.
what you do is
A) make a trust : so family can get money after you are dead
B) contract with law firm, so they can monitor the company who store you, and your trust can monitor them for safety
c) enjoy a short 2 min sleep (relative to you) before waking up to literal heaven

>Inject anti-freeze
>then freeze
Truly, the technology of the future.

Once your neural connections disassemble they cannot be put back together in the right structure. The plan for your brain is not provided with your body. Only if they do a full brain cartography and keep that around for any future technology to reconnect everything properly can they wake you up as the person you were. Without it, you're just a clean slate brain to use for experiments in bio-computing.

fucking idiot.
german education gone to shit
the entire purpose of anti freeze, is to decrease the tempeture for freeze. it doenst mean literally impossible to freeze.
they do this, so the ice crystals wont form (they form at -4) instead it freezes -20(with fuck less crystals)

Osmotic rupture is still bad news dude. It's literally the cell expanding until it bursts.You can't fix that shit.

neural connection (which are literally work with chemicals moving around) wont change, since its frozen.

They are rights and laws don't exist especially for dead people like good Bush jr said so nice it's just a goddamn piece of paper.

>cryonically frozen
>wake up centuries later in Brave New World dystopia
>forced by state to pilot starship to terraform planets
>ignore mission, go on joyride
>time dilation sends you millions of years in the future

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>totally wont brain damage you
Also who the fuck wants to live forever? do you not want to join your forefathers in the next life?

The grave robbers will probably steal the urns before they have the right technology to cure you.

Even tutankhamen can't keep his body until future

>yes, thats why we have death ceremonies.
literally anything that happen to dead, depends on family of the dead, and if you follow my guidline, your grand children or grand grand grand children will revive you (you already been protecting them with that trust you made 200 years ago)
its for rich guys only though

it's silly. while possible that it might work, it's almost guaranteed not to. Why?
Does meat rot when frozen? Answer is yes.
No matter what temperature, unless it's absolute zero, there's still entropy causing matter to decay.
You're also assuming that the rival process won't be really expensive. It's more likely that the company you pay for this process will go under and terminate everything very early on in.
And lets say for somehow you got revived. Why would anyone just let you go free? If for some reason there's a brain shortage, they'd more likely plug you into some war machine and give you a lobotomy in which you don't have free thought. I don't really see this being a possibility because they should be able to grow their own brains.

>fucking idiot.
>german education gone to shit
Shut up, burger. Last time I checked, you faggatrons imported our scientists, not the other way around.
>fuck less crystals
>still crystals forming
What is the point? If crystals form, there will still be tissue damage.

yes. but he slept peacefully for atleast 1000 years.
we max need 200 years for transhumanism to kick off.


It's more realistic to expect Jesus give you immortality if you pay the local church measly 30-100k.

I'd take that risk just to high with a spider Jerusalem equivalent

But you could get a qt cyclops gf

>albert en-stain
>fuck less crystals
yes enough less that your brain and body kept relatively damge free for 200 or 300 years.
also, you just got fucking BTFO'd by a burgur education. guess you guys lost your master race card long ago.
>retard think anti freeze means impossible to freeze
anyway, fuck the jews

You're still dead. You died of something and that something is still there. And even if removed, you will always die of something eventually anyways. It might be something if you die very young, but most people don't.

That is assuming anyone will bother to pay for you, bother to revive you, or the technology to fix whatever killed you is invented etc etc. And of course, all signs point towards the immediate future being anything but bright.

So overall, it's seems like simply another thing for people desperately afraid of dying to cling to. Just a bunch of fantasies. Your life will end, grow up and accept it.

excpet that jesus will share my immortality with all the niggers.

>Also who the fuck wants to live forever?
Not forever, just maybe eleven thousand years or something.

>>Scientists are able to resuscitate each of your individual brain neurons and also cure any disease
and don't do it because there's no reason to