I'll drop some redpills here that I think everyone should know

I'll drop some redpills here that I think everyone should know.

>Soul is real, but it's not what you think it is
Basically your consciousness is your soul. As soon as you are aware of yourself, you have a soul. In this sense, hell and heaven are also real because your existence can be trapped in your own consciousness, this being something good or bad.

>Every religion is right, wrong is being agnostic or atheist
Religions are different means to the same end. They all teach the same thing, however the Gods they worship are not the same. God is not even a being.

>Meditation is best way to connect with God
Make it a habit, meditate everyday, clean your mind and God will come to you. You don't have to do anything, but open yourself to God. The more you do it, the better person you will become.

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>Religions are different means to the same end. They all teach the same thing
This is where you are wrong with your masonic BS.
Try questioning the motives of "things" you come in contact with during (((rituals))) and psych trips.

>this post
I was not ready for this truth

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does NoFap help achieving this state?
not larping.

it's good for the mind, skin and for your memory. It probably does.

Masturbation is a waste of sexual energy, so yes nofap will help you.

Your body is just your soul in the physical realm. Take care of it.

nobody cares what you think cuck

>Good or bad
The spirit is above morality. There is no good of bad, heaven or hell, yin or yang in the ether. That is a social construct to keep you from being a retard.
>Religions are different means to the same end.
Not at all, many are there to lead the masses like the sheep they are. Occult secrets are not for smoothbrains. Also all gods are emanations of the one, same as you and i.
>Meditation is best way to connect with God
It is not the best way, it is the slowest way. There are more dangerous shortcuts like pharmakeia, and ritualism.

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Dont make fapping a priority. If the moment hits you great, but dont make your life revolve about getting off. Thats how you get stuck. One thing thats make an addiction different from just having fun is if you plan your life around it.

Does listening to tones help with meditating? Is it literally just sitting there not thinking about anything?
I’ve tried concentrating on breathing but everytime I do that I become hyper aware of my heartbeat and it’s kind of distracting.
Is wim hoff technique legit?

Do you ever question the fact that your made up theorie/s are among thousands of other theories and the fact that they have no substance in anything besides your imagination ?

Ive been to the portal but even after going into it its just a void. How do I leave this body when I get to the void? Or get to a place once in the void? there are far off stars within the void but nothing near.

Learn the chakra words and chant them in resonance with the different chakras. It’s a cool feeling that relaxes you while tuning your body to properly receive the currents of the universe

There’s a million ways to skin a cat. One technique isn’t necessarily better than any others, it’s all relative to what works for you. Some practices emphasis that you should objectively observe your heartbeat as well if you can hear it.

The Wim Hof method is legit, but it’s not anything groundbreaking, it’s just repackaged Anapãna, but if it works, it works.

t. Vipassana enthusiast

The void is what everything is manifested from. There is nothing beyond it except for the infinite realities that can come out of it.

ah, so once there again try to build?

Go back to /x/ faggot, nobody cares about your energy crystals and feel well pyramids

do you think I could build outcomes on this plane from there?

shut up slave

There is no soul, there is no self. There is only the experience of the world around you. Your brain extracts certain aspects of your memories and uses them to construct the elaborate illusion you call "I", but in reality the self is a lie.

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t. Unenlightened

Btw loving all the enlightened pol threads recently
Internet culture is downstream of Yas Forums. Only good things are coming friends

Of course, this is the basis of the law of manifestation.

Jokes on you, consciousness is unexplained to this day.

I've seen a post, not too long ago, about some breathing techniques and a few books were mentioned, I they were about mysticism.
I brushed it off, however I am somehow compelled to seek and at least review them. Anyone got a clue of what I am talking about?

Even in just this thread there is 3-4 theories on what the soul is and you all think your right and know the truth.
Holy fucking shit people are stupid.

Absolutely necessary you watch these guys videos, they are Yas Forums approved based redpillers


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Consciousness doesn't need to be explained in order for what I've said to be true. All that matters is that you have it.

Exactly, what greater proof do you need? Consciousness is divine.

k bud