Get Alex off the show or I'm done

get Alex off the show or I'm done

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What he do?

Big agree. I don't even remember when he joined, but there has to be a better co-host.

You don't like cold takes, repetition of what Mike said but dumber, a baby crying into the fucking mic, and random train horns?

Borzoi is better. BTW does anyone have any of their twitter handles or is that a big secret?

Mike P's Juice Squeeze

That's the least of it. I dropped my membership and stopped listening because they insisted on talking about tv, fags, and trannies. How is that different from Jew programming? Four years ago the show was genuinely funny and entertaining, now it's terrible. I blame Sven.

They'd just replace him with another retard, as he replaced Ghoul.

He's alright. You gotta have your grug. He talks like 5% of the episode anyway.

Get Doomguard and Vic Mackey.

Alex is relatable for whites who mutilated themselves in their libertarian phase. He’s a symbol of their redemption. May be dumb but worth tolerating. He’s also a fucking medic so have some respect #EssentialAF

Lol I think it’s be cool to get James on there once a month or so. Maybe more. He’s good at staying focused on a subject and I appreciate his takes


Is every one of their shows behind a paywall now? Or are any of them free to listen to?

I've always found their website to be a mess.

Most things are still free. A second FTN, the Friday TDS and Strike and Mike are behind the paywall. Probably 1/3 of their content. I don't go to their main page but this one that has the episodes hosted:

Get Mike out of there, you mean, to start his own thing.

This is the best stuff. Mike #1 Nazi. Not sure how I feel about his new stance, of Jews just following the same everyone else. But it's actionable, and hits them where they live.

James LeFond? Or Allsop? Lemons is entertaining ad (third rail).


>find TDS in 2015
>it's fun and funny and makes me do a big think
>even when I disagree with them, they lay out their arguments reasonably amd humorously
>great guests like hatefulheretic, ghoul, toiletlaw
>lulzworthy skits like chateaux autiste
>comedic use of drops
>drops pretty much stop entirely
>no more comedic skits except for the giga-cringe stories morrikau tries to tell
>don't even use echoes meme anymore
>only Alex McNabb on
>now boring but still listen because occasionally informative or thought provoking
>they have incredibly shitty Weinstein take
>dont actually debate the matter or lay out any arguments for why at all, just use gay liberal snark to Straw man, block, and ban people who disagree
>highly disappointed but keep listening because my commute is long
>havent learned anything new or had a big think from them in over a year now
>in literally fucking May they are STILL trying to triple down and do all kinds of goalpost moving amd mental gymnastics to try to claim that corona is a super deadly virus that can reinfect you six million times
>straight up refuse to discuss any numbers or data at all, you get downvoted and banned if you bring it up
>basically their only foray into politics now is saying that if Joe Biden wins it will be good for white people somehow

What happened to these guys? The e-fame went to their heads and changed them somehow.

What? There are still people listening in 2020?

There used to be 5 people on the show. Bulbasaur left after the Antifa doxxing; and Jay-oh left for fuck knows why.

>>they have incredibly shitty Weinstein take
they were spot on about Weinstein

>What happened to these guys?
They are back to being blackpilled, like they were prior to 2015. When trump came along there was a lot of excitement that some WN policies would actually happen but after a year or two of Trump in office they saw, rightly, that Trump was a 100% shabbos goy and we weren't going to get anything we wanted. So I think they lost a lot of their energy. They were also dealing with lawsuits from the Charlottesville rally in 2017 and 2018. Which broke a lot of momentum.

t. Jew rat

I only watch fash the nation

Can you believe they didn't stand up for the perverted rich jew? Yeah what a shitty take my fellow racist. Think of the precedent this sets goy I mean guy.

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You will consistently see these types of criticisms because this is one of the few reliable ways to stop an entertaining show. Shills posing as fans and demanding Alex or even Sven must go, like nigger are you serious? It sounds absurd to an actual fan of the show, but they don't realize how dumb it looks not being actual fans.

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Don't forget JIDF/ADL constantly trying to assert that Mike is a kike.

Alex is an acquired taste, like Limburger cheese. I didn't like him at first, but now he's my favorite on the show.

>they have incredibly shitty Weinstein take
Fuck off (((Anglin)))

Or the people trying to pretend like an excerpt of a Rooster Teeth podcast about some guy being pegged is actually audio of Sven admitting he got pegged. I expect far better from the JIDF.

I don't know why you think you're going to learn anything from white nationalist podcasts after listening for five years. Five years is like a bachelor's degree in white nationalist podcasts.

It's time to start reading books or listening to audiobooks.