What's even the point for trans person like me to exist in such a viciously transphobic society...

What's even the point for trans person like me to exist in such a viciously transphobic society? Nothing will even improve. Everything will just keep being awful forever, you people will make sure of that.

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Dont be trans problem solved.

Yes. The only solution is suicide.

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You are a human experiment. Your survival benefits the state as a guinee pig. Just have fun.

Kill yourself faggot degenerate I weep for your bloodline

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If you're cute and trans just make the use of your ephemeral beauty and take as much cock as possible, practice kundalini and have fun, go out there and be somebody.

Don't be a transphob bigot, problem solved. Everything would be so much better if you just chose not to be an awful person.

I'm not. My body's awful. The base features had potential, but I've wasted it.

you have a penis
you are a man
you are being ostracized because you are retarded enough to think you're a woman

there's a very easy fix here

Yeah, seriously considering it.

Yes. Now 41% yourself.

Fuck off. I'm no "man" I NEVER had ANY interest in being "manly", and what you're asking me is to live a life of psychological torture in which I'll NEVER be happy.

Seek help. You are ill.

I'm okay with you existing, but when your "improve" makes things worse for the rest of us the public will push back. I'm not going to call people they/them EVER. The place I work with recently added lines for "gender identity/legal gender/identifying gender" and those extra lines push down important health information where it's more likely to be missed. All for like 3 people who made a fuss about it.

there's always been effeminate men, you are one such

still a man

go be a priest or something

There is no such thing as a trans person. You're a fag in a dress. A dickless fag in a dress.

We don't want you or anyone else like you to suffer.

If you felt that your hand isn't yours, you'd have a mental disability. Your doc could make a lot of money cutting it off and making you take meds for the rest of your life, but we rather see you get counseling and overcome. They don't. Thats why you see so much revolt against you- because we want people to wake up and realize that you are set for a world of hurt for the benefit of others who pretend to care but really have no morality at all. That's why.

exactly! you should kill yourself

Nothing we've ever pushed for ever made anything worse for cis people, you just stubbornly refuse to exercise basic fucking kindness and decency.
>The place I work with recently added lines for "gender identity/legal gender/identifying gender"
Yeah, and it's simple accomodation. None of which is a thing where I live, and none of which is enough to make a substantial change, but clearly enough to make you lash out.

What if I told you that the issue isn't the rest of society, but that the issue actually is you. Trannies kys

This. You're mentally ill. We don't help the mentally ill by feeding into their delusion, we get them in an where they can receive treatment.

We didn't tell Terry A Davis that he was really hearing the voice of God, and we aren't going to tell you that you're really a pretty girl on the inside. We're going to tell you to fuck off, or livestream your suicide.

>We don't want you or anyone else like you to suffer.
Yes you do. You want to be "punished" for not abiding by your primitive worldview, and boy if it doesn't work.

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>trans make up as much of the population as the goths did 20 years ago.
I dont really recall we mandated them to be adressed as "Darknessmoon Daggerblood the III" on their ID`s

So stop being trans, go back to being normal.

You don't know SHIT about mental health, what you're doing isn't about my mental well-being, you're just trying to put me in line.
Your transphobic abuse is ACTIVELY DETRIMENTAL to people's mental well-being, and you fucking know it.

Not an option, as stated in

Maybe what is causing harm is chemically trying to make into being a "social construct"

Maybe being happy isn't the point. Ever thought of that?

because there are people like me who aren't transphobic?
because our numbers are always growing, while theirs aren't?
because no matter how "normal" you are, you can never actually match society's specifications and desires for a reason?

perhaps existing in society isn't such a good thing, when the candy bars you purchase permanently pollute the planet and buy governments missiles to murder civilians?

Who turned you, knew that.
You have manipulated into a psychological trap where you'll be constantly submerged by a persecution complex, lack of acceptance, and fear.
This condition will turn you into a rabid revolutionary. A natural subversive. And they knew that.
This condition will make you suffer and wish for death. Of yourself, and any other person they tell you to hate as a release valve for your suffering. And they knew that.

You have been manipulated from the beginning. Snap out of it. Please.

Do it

>Yeah, and it's simple accomodation
Except for like I said, when the sheets get folded in half, and those extra lines make the difference between possibly missing things like allergies or prior examination history because of those 3 damn extra lines. Not a huge deal, not lashing out, but it actively made it worse and since we've had that change, we haven't seen a single person who would have actually benefited from it

>Nothing we've ever pushed for ever made anything worse for cis people
They are not huge deals, or widespread issues, but shaming people for gender mishaps when people have had cut and dry gender social norms for hundreds of years is making it worse for a public that wants to keep things simple. Trying to get people fired for deadnaming. The burden to taxpayers if these extra medical costs become considered "non elective" for the sake of political correctness. Telling parents they are bad if they don't start hormone treatments at age 8.

There's your problem, you assume everyone is afraid, really we're just concerned. Your failure to understand your ideological opponent is your own, and you will be wrong by default until you do.
If we don't get to dictate how you think and feel, you don't get to do the same to us, and suggesting that you do, or dictating solutions which imply so, only make you seem more unhinged than you already are. Tell someone to go fuck themselves, and they say it back, what a surprise, right?

No go peddle propaganda somewhere else.

You know what's the worst about all of this? You fuckers are all UTTERLY IGNORANT UNEDUCATED DUMBASSES, you have NO IDEA about ANYTHING you're talking about, and yet you still INSIST on deciding the rules and restrictions, and punishing people for not abiding by them. Your ignorance is actively killing people, and something should be done about it, but no one does shit about it, because the society doesn't give a shit about us.


you could try not being trans and acknowledge you have a destructive mental disorder that people do not have to support or enable.

I also forgot about the sports issue. I don't give a fuck about sports, but having all of these trans athletes that were men for 20 years and then have transitioned 3 months ago competing against cis women is kind of bullshit.

Why should we normalize mental illnesses, sexual obsession, and sexualization of literally everything that you people come in contact with, including children? Downsizing the moral fabric and foundational elements that creates a stable country is what you're inherently advocating for. Unacceptable.

>t you still INSIST on deciding the rules and restrictions,
Will to power brah.

Pic related. The choice is yours

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There is no point. Kill yourself.

Not "afraid", just bigoted, dumb, ignorant, primitive, limited in thinking. That and illiterate, seriously, "-phobia" doesn't exclusively describe fear.
Your "concern" is worthless, it's unecessary, it does nothing but harm people.

bruh it's hilarious how this post applies to you, and the right wing on Yas Forums period


“oh noes you are a victim oh gawd how awful blah blah blah” sounds about like every conversation you have right?
can’t be bothered to fake it anymore sowwy

"primitive worldview"

-says the individual who makes up for a disproportionate amount of drug-usage, degenreacy, STDs, and mental issues. Accepting such primitive tendencies would be, indeed, primitive.


Why don't you just fucking let people be who they won't to be? Seriously. Why can't you just let people be true to themeselves?
Just because it goes outside your limited, primitive thinking?

I mainly just play vidya. You people are trying to ruin that for me.

but you know nothing about me, you made it up in your mind right now.

You're preventing him to question his own condition, snap out of it.

Listen man, I don’t really know how long this thread has gone, but I got some news for you.
Stop coming here. Get off the internet. Enjoy your life. Yes, 99% of this board hates transgender people. So why are you actively seeking it out? I don’t get this new idea that everyone has to like what you like, and if there’s a large group of people who dislike it, you must go there and try to subvert it. I don’t understand massive shill groups and operations. Because at the end of the day in this fucked up polar world, this behavior isn’t gonna make transphobia go away, it’s actually going to make it grow because of the laws of counter culture. Take a basic sociology class, enjoy your life and your gender or whatever, and get the fuck off the internet. I don’t know what you think you’re accomplishing. But it’s only gonna lead to even greater depression.
Sage btw.

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Might as well an hero then faggot.

A phobia is literally irrational fear, that is the only definition. We are not afraid, nor irrational. These things describe you. Why are you so afraid of accepting the physical realities of your body?

>RRREEEE why would I change? You change
That's why. You take everything so harshly. Stop giving a shit at what (((society))) thinks of you and live your life like a human not a social media robot.

No one care about trans people. The days of attention whoring and unwarranted self importance are over. You are no longer “special”, you are just like everyone else.

because you mentally ill dick cutters don’t shut up about it, you Fucking make everything about your imaginary world and force people to play tea time with you when they’ve all grown up.

As if anyone is ever really happy these days.

are you genuinely of the impression that a person who feels like they were born into the wrong body and will actively take steps to mutilate their body to fit their their skewed perception of themselves is NOT mentally ill? seek help.

You know nothing about them, yet you've made up your mind
How am I any different?

> does nothing but harm people
> defends ideology of mutilation with 40% suicide rate

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Seethe cope dilate

>Enjoy your life.
There's nothing to enjoy. Even my own parents won't refer to me right, and I don't have the energy to press the issue. I don't have the willpower to the things I'd like to do, and even if I did, none of it would make enough of an impact to matter.
It's all just pointless.

Turning everything into a question shows how incapable you are of formulating complex thoughts or responses



>that is the only definition

It was originally, but it has long since evolved past that. Unless you think oil is literally afraid of water when it is described as hydrophobic.

The definition is "irrational fear OR AVERSION", you illitarate chode. Why are all of you so fucking uneducated, hung up on semantic that you're not even correct about, seriously.

i hate trannies so much

If only that were true. If only I could just about my life the way any cis girl can.


the jokes write themselves

What does it mean to "feel" like the opposite sex? This isn't a thought that comes from a rational place, anymore than someone short knows what it "feels" like to be tall.

Where did this idea that you can "feel" an experience you will never have come from? You can romanticize and fetishize that idea -- which is the reality of the situation -- but it will never manifest because it's not possible. Unless, of course, you have some magical ability to transfer consciousness to another body, which would both be a medical and philosophical breakthrough.

Because I'm in favour of establishing a civilized society for healthy, decent and functionable people who contribute to society. Those who attempts to dismantle this society shouldn't be permitted to roam around freely. It deteriorates every societal sector.

maybe I haven't completely made up my mind?
always talking in statements leads to unending confirmation bias and both sides

>There's nothing to enjoy. Even my own parents won't refer to me right, and I don't have the energy to press the issue. I don't have the willpower to the things I'd like to do, and even if I did, none of it would make enough of an impact to matter.It's all just pointless.
That's how a lot of men feel these days.

He declared himself as trans, shown his beliefs and his instability. Also, I watched the patterns of these "conversions", and know the kinds of activists who do and advocate this kind of shit.
I was VERY deep into left-wing activism, years ago.

You saw my post and superimposed your delusions from the get-go, ignoring the substance of the argument and outright denied the presented pattern and hypothesis, which is observably true for any insider.

~ tranny, tranny, still just a man-ny...
Sucked off the janny...
40% suicide, your only planny...
All for the pleasure of peeny in your fanny. ~

Typos are still less of a problem that literally not understanding the basic meaning of simple words.

Screw your parents. Stop looking to other people for validation. You’re the one who thinks you’re a gender other than the one you were born with, right? There’s a sociological backbone quote that I like:
“if a person perceives a situation as real, it is real in its consequences.” -W.I. Thomas
The belief of your parents, peers, and the internet are completely fucking irrelevant. Would it be nice if everyone agreed with you? Yes. But it’s not gonna happen perfectly and certainly not going to happen if you just get sad and go all over the world asking “why won’t you accept me why won’t you accept me?”
If you don’t accept yourself, you’ll never be accepted period. Now just go. I’m out this thread.

>. Everything will just keep being awful forever

keep giving blowjobs to CIS men, and after swollowing their load tell them you're actually a dude. that alone makes life worth living

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Well at least you respond in earnest, can never tell when it’s shitposters or anons anymore

have you considered suicide?

If you want to be a girl, just live as a girl.
If you want to be a boy, just live as a boy.
No one cares. No one is going to bug you about it.

But here's the problem:
You want to be known as a 'trans'.
You do this for attention and to always have some sort of lever to use to manipulate people around you and illicit sympathy and special privileges from them.
You aren't actually transitioning from anything to anything. You are just buying clothing and body modifications like any other asshole who gets a facelift or a tit job. The difference is if the world at large doesn't share your particular sense of style you get to call them 'transphobic'. It's a cheap ploy to intimidate people into doing what you want them to do (kiss your ass, tip-toe around you).

You're worst nightmare is that you get treated like everyone else and no one notices anything particularly special or unique about you. Then you lose the special status of getting to boss around others draw attention to yourself and illicit sympathy from people who are terrified of being branded as a 'transphobe'.

No one wants to have to think about your particular mental problems and sexual hang ups. It's fucking irritating. They definitely don't want to accept your hang ups as normal or natural or virtuous.

There is no such thing as a transphobe. There are only other people who think you are an annoying asshole for throwing your crazy shit in their faces all the time like it's some sort of interesting personality.

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>not understanding the basic meaning of simple words.
like "man," "woman," "penis," or "vagina?"

things would be less shit if people weren't such cunts about trans people.
but the trans condition, i don't think it is as black and white as the trans lobby paint it to be
many trans need help with mental health as well as gender dysphoria. too many trans think transition will cure it all and then find out it doesn't.

I ask again, then, why do you have a phobia concerning the physical realities of your own body? Why are you avoiding the question? If you were the arbiter of what is clear and rational, surely you would want to explain this patiently?
Sorry, no one is buying what you're selling. As I said, peddle your propaganda elsewhere.

>Unless, of course, you have some magical ability to transfer consciousness to another body, which would both be a medical and philosophical breakthrough.
Would be great. Would also be great if we could alter bodies at a molecular level.
All it takes is a bit of creative thinking and societal and scientific progress, all of which you people are trying to shut down.

illiterate definition by cambridge:
having little or no education, especially unable to read or WRITE.
join the 40% please.

Asking honestly, why not just be a feminine man who doesn't care about gender? I'm sure there's some psychology that I'm not aware of but if "gender is a social construct" then why are you so insistent that you have to be a woman? Is the mere presence of a penis that distressing that your genes are screaming that it has to go?

normally we could, but when it starts negatively affecting civilization, causing people to harm themselves, and destroys lives, why of course we're going to push back. that's what you don't get. your lifestyles are destructive and selfish and they cause you nothing but misery and we know that and we know you don't get that and the people like me who see you as human beings and don't want to kill you for being different ARE genuinely concerned for you. i know it conflicts with all the propaganda you've taken in and your world view but we're all people just trying to figure out what's best and we just happen to disagree on that. once you start seeing your political opponents as people, then you can find common ground and find the best way forward.

Don't worry, you can always become a transvestite as well.

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answer his question cock cutter

You need psychiatric help.
Not surgery